Why baking soda is added to the epsom salt bath?


Does anyone know why baking soda is added to the epsom salt bath? This is the first I’ve heard of this after knowing about epsom salt baths for years…

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  1. The bicarbonate is a co-factor of Mg. It helps Mg get into the mitochondria according to Morley. Mag water serves the same purpose.

  2. And it helps make your feet nice & soft!

  3. Um, I wouldn't know about that.

  4. I believe baking sod helps balance tour bodys ph levels

  5. And its a good detoxer

  6. I have read here that the bicarbonate soda negates the chlorine in the water.

  7. What sort of baking soda is it? Not the one we use for cooking?

  8. Where are the measurements for these to use in bath ?

  9. Tonya yesterday I read to use 1-2 cups epsom salts to 1 cup baking soda

  10. So we need borax and baking soda with the Epsom salt is it optional? I have a filter for chlorine already

  11. We cannot find real borax here in the U.K. (Only borax substitute). What can we use instead?

  12. I soak in epsom salt without using baking soda and borax.

  13. Has anyone on here ever been told by Dr they need a magnesium iv??

  14. It declorinates the water.

  15. Thank you for clarifying Amanda!

  16. Ive read here that magnesium chloride is better than epsom salt. My question is, do we need to add baking soda to the magnesium chloride?

  17. Used it for the first time last night. After soaking a while, seemed to me the water had a brownish tinge. Was I imaging that?

  18. I add it to soften the bath water and it's great with the Epsom salt.

  19. It softens the water

  20. It's an extra detoxifier and balances ph

  21. To lower the ph

  22. Very alkaline

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