Why d3 is bad for us?


Hopefully this doesn’t start drama.

I’m wanting to know why d3 is bad for us? I have looked through the files and maybe I am passing it, but can’t find anything on what problems it causes. Not arguing that it is bad, just wondering why.


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  1. So taking D3 and Mag together is a no no?

  2. Best organic or clean brands for mag and cod liver oil please?

  3. Just a reminder….start slow with the CLO!! I ran out so wasn't taking it for several weeks. Lots of clouds here lately so decided to buy some more! I took way too much last night….I'm guilty of not measuring it out! Never again! I had a horrible headache this morning and so much joint pain! Vit A overload! Be careful with CLO!

  4. Is CLO capsules ok to use? What brand capsules are recommended if any? I need my teenage daughter to take CLO and I KNOW she won't take the plain oil by mouth but she needs it for vitamin D. Help

  5. Vitamin D should come from taking magnesium and the sun. It's really all you need. Read the protocols in the files.

  6. Wow! I knew not to take D3 with magnesium but this is new. Taking D3 takes away magnesium from your body. Isn't most of the USA vit d deficient??

  7. Again folks….. read this summary page of Morley Robbins' position on "D" Get the recommended four "D" blood tests so you will know exactly what your status is.

  8. Group rules require that the values of the four "D" blood tests be posted in order to discuss it.

    There is plenty of previous information available….. threads on this page, articles in Files, articles on gotmag.org.

  9. It is my feeling that it should be discussed, else we don't learn. There is a vast amount of information in the files and I do read them but don't have a great deal of time to decipher. There is a lot to take in.
    It would be a shame not to be able to ask simple questions like this…. Jaxx I believe you asked a question many had despite the information being in the files…. and as ever MJ has offered links for more information… Very grateful for that too…

    So peeps – basically… ditch the D and take more Mag!

  10. I am glad for this discussion. I am new also and have been supplementing with Xymogen liquid Vit. D3 for over a year, levels have gone from around 28 to 60. I am battling ovarian cancer. This is all so concerning to me!!! I am looking in the files here of course and trying to learn. But discussions are helpful also because I am not a doctor or a scientist and it's not always easy to understand everything. Yesterday I ran across an organization with lots of vitamin D information. It supports Morley's stance on this "hormone D". If others would like to read more in depth from an independent source, here is the link. Today, I will stop my Vitamin D, but if magnesium is supposed to raise our D levels along with sunlight, don't I need to avoid that now since mine is already high?

  11. Here is the link and there are tons of other links once you start navigating around this website. https://chronicillnessrecovery.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=176

  12. There's no way you can get enough vitamin D just from sitting in the sun, especially in the winter time. What are you supposed to do if you work all day inside and don't have a chance to go out in the sun during the day? It affects our health so much if we are low in vitamin D.


  13. Like I said… I raised my storage D level with just magnesium from 16 to 26 (which is perfect) in 6 months. NO sun or CLO over.

  14. What is REALLY affecting your health is magnesium deficiency.

  15. Shanee Bichler what kind of magnesium you took and how much

  16. I have SLE so I can't go in the sun and my vitamin D level is 7. 🙁

  17. The best way to raise your D levels is to take magnesium.

  18. D is good with k2 and Mag. Some bad bacteria interfere with Vit d receptors

  19. This is from The University Of California Moore Cancer Research Center. They recently declared that Vitamin D3 is the most effective cancer preventive ever discovered. It's at 23:04 in the video.


  20. Can I take vit d and magnesium supplements together?

  21. So confusing…. :/ Is the vitamin D test the same as testing for "25 Hydroxy Vitamin D"? That is what it says on my son's blood test.

  22. Yes angela

  23. But he also needs mag rbc, ionized calcium and 1,25 hydroxy which is active level.

  24. For us in Canada, the problem is that it is practically impossible to obtain the 4 tests.

  25. My dad has stage 4 prostate cancer and they have him on mega doses of vitamin d3. All his cancer doctors are convinced that low vitamin D was a reason for getting cancer. One of the doctors believes a person should be no lower than a 75. I'm a 7. Scary!!!

  26. This is the mag form my Dr prescribed for me as well as D3. Any thoughts?

  27. Why would one choose mag glycinate or malate (one over the other)? I'm trying to decide which one is best for me to order.

  28. Glycinate is very well absorbed and is good to take anytime even before bedtime. Mag malate is great for energy and muscles! Love them both! Mag oxide is very effective to fix constipation plus with the cofactors is better absorbed than without plus it's very affordable. Mag water is the bomb!!!!!

  29. I actually took magnesium glycinate just before bed once a few months ago and it kept me up till 2 AM. For most people though, it makes them sleepy, but not me! I have heard of a few other people that it kept awake too, so I'm not the only one. LOL you just have to see how it works for you. I tried taking in the morning and that worked better for me. I am taking magnesium citrate right now though and have been since April.

  30. Have you had your ceruloplasmin checked recently?

  31. Are there any vitamins, supplements, or Rx meds that we should NOT take magnesium in conjunction with?

  32. Is krill oil actually better than clo for people with high cholesterol?

  33. I cant tolerate CLO-what else can I take for D?

  34. I'm having trouble with mental focus – does anyone know if this could be related to a lack of certain minerals???

  35. Well, I'm really a big proponent of Boron: just taking boron alone will increase: Vitamin D, Magnesium and bone density and it regulates Calcium levels. There's also info available that says low D is actually an indicator of low magnesium and that raising your RBC magnesium levels (by taking Selenium, Boron, Magnesium etc.) will thus also raise your D levels.

    Here's something I thought of recently: how on earth did my ancestors survive this place with the same genes as I do? Answer: they had access to loads of minerals in their food and water and I don't.

    Stop falling into the same trap as our docters do that everything you test for needs to be treated directly; ie. low D -> only supply D, bad bones -> only take calcium, low magnesium -> only take magnesium. The human body is waaaay more complex than that. It's time we treat it with the respect it deserves!

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