Why do I get leg cramps when taking magnesium?


Hello, I have question. Why do I get leg cramps when taking magnesium?

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  1. Are you doing the adrenal cocktail?
    Leg cramps are often low potassium
    Mag lowers sodium which indirectly lowers potassium since sodium is needed for potassium to get into the cells

  2. You shouldn't. It is great for cramps!

  3. I get the same thing depending on the type of mag tablet. I am now taking one with other things in it like potassium. Seems to be working better now

  4. I get it too !!

  5. Yes, as Nicole said, probably either K or Na is lacking: you need to balance the electrolytes. For the first time in many, many years my Mg is now at a normal level; I've also been working on raising my low K. Combined with this, I had been taking sole water and felt I took plenty pink salt with my meals. But, it's clearly been no where near enough for YEARS. What became very obvious (through heart palps) is that I need much more sodium to balance the Mg and K, at least 5g. As with everything in the body, it's not down to just one thing.

  6. Which mag do people recommend to get around this?

  7. I get them too! My arches in my feet wake me up almost every night. I take optimag neuro. Use magnesium spray and drink water with NUUN tablets.

  8. I take a D3/K2 combo.
    Along with topical mag spray

  9. I had been having leg cramps, toe cramps, finger cramps back cramps. Took potassium, different kinds of magnesium .. drank tonic water as directed by doctor. . Gatorade. .. then tried iron … then haven't had one ramp in 3 days now.

  10. Taking calcium supplements caused me to have leg cramps. It takes about 6 mo after stopping b4 the cramps go away.

  11. The issue with leg cramps is usually low potassium. Potassium is found in the Adrenal Cocktail, an integral part of the full Magnesium protocol.

  12. What doctor do you go to for these tests

  13. Whenever I've had cramps I have a pinch of sea salt and it goes straight away.

  14. Great information

  15. I get cramps too, in my hands during the night.
    During the day craving for salty salty food.
    I'm taking Mag, boron, Bee pollen, B12 and Vit D, since my latest lab report says I'm low on B12 and Vit D. I read somewhere it's bad to take Vit D

  16. Just add potassium. It works fast too.

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  18. NOT JUST POtasium but the adrenal cocktail. potassium, salt, vit c.2x a day

  19. in each AC drink, 1/4 tsp has 458mg of sodium chloride,correct ? only allow 62 mg whole food vit C in each AC drink? I put 1/4 tsp (120 mg vit c) PURE SYNERGY pure radiance C+1/4 tsp celtic sea salt+3/4 tsp cream of tartar+8 oz water, is this correct?

  20. did this get the okay to post?

  21. Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer my question

  22. I changed magnesium brands and have been fine since

  23. I don't think very many people have studied how much magnesium needs b6 and b6 needs magnesium. If either isn't meeting expectations, try tweaking the balance between them.

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