Why do I need Rice Bran?


Tell me about Rice Bran…
Why do I need it? If I have copper overload but am deficient in Iron/ferritin, how does this help? I’m supposed to reduce my iron overload so this doesn’t make sense. Which means I’m not correctly understanding how this great supplement will help me.

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  1. B vitamins.

  2. Rice bran is taken on an empty stomach to take advantage of its ability to chelate iron and other metals.

  3. The objective here is to get iron stored in organs and tissues to be released into the blood and then removed.
    The Ferritin range used here is 20 to 50, the lower the better.

  4. these are my iron labs:Copper 126 ref range (70-175)
    Zinc 79 (60-130
    Ferritin 27 (10-120)
    Iron 109 (37-170)
    TBIC 361 (240-430)
    % Saturation 30% (15-50%)

  5. Rice bran will slowly Chelate iron, my experience is daily consistent use lower ferritin by 10 points a month.

    I suspect your iron is lower because your not producing enough Ceruloplasmin that transports copper and helps move iron. The Copper that is high is bio unavailable copper, not bioavailable because of the low ceruloplasmin. So you should work on raising Ceruloplasmin via the Root Cause Protocol. Moderator

  6. o.k. why is the dr always trying to get my ferritin to go up?

  7. I apologize in advance for all the questions. I do appreciate the knowledge of this group and am learning as quickly as i can

  8. Can we put our SRB in a capsule to take late at night?

  9. If taken with food or in a smoothie are the benefits lost or different? I've heard this is good as fiber also, true?

  10. So is it good to take the stabilized rice bran if one has low ferritin?

    I thought the rice bran was mainly for the b vitamins?

  11. Is anyone else lost with all this? Can someone explain this all in simple terms please ?

  12. From what I understand 0 ferritin is ideal only if all the other numbers are ideal.

  13. David Krizo: Aha that would make some sense, maybe we shouldn't be aiming for ferritin 0 no matter what our other numbers might be?

  14. I think if we aim for ideal Cp and RBC Mg, the other numbers will take care of themselves.

  15. Can we take rice bran in less water? Like 2 oz? Shld it be cold water? Would warm water disrupt any emzymes? Is it more effective to take an IP6 supplement? Morley Robbins

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