Why do so many folks SWEAR by cholacferol


Im in several autoimmune pages..Why do so many folks SWEAR by cholacferol ( synthetic vitamin D) and how it makes them feel better, Do you think its just a placebo effect?

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  1. It very well might make them feel better!
    They might not know or agree with the findings here.

  2. Just thinking out loud here but it could be a placebo effect. It's like when you have candida and eat a little sugar, it makes you feel better for a little while but it's affects will creep back in and even worse than before once you stop feeding it.

  3. Have you asked them to post the results of their four "D" blood tests so that they have a more in-depth look at their D status?

  4. No, I was severely deficient last year and very poorly. After taking vit D I improved enormously. Admittedly was also folate, iron and B12 deficient as well but certainly needed vit D, magnesium and potassium to get well.

  5. Wendy Donnan-Chapman what " form" of vitamin D did you take? Cod lived oil?

  6. No a spray as I suffer malabsorption problems. I know on here you don't believe in vit D but I can only go by my own experience.

  7. Well as I don't absorb through food I have to take synthetic. But as I say worked for me. Also cod liver oil is high in vit A which may cause problems especially during pregnancy.

  8. CLO has the 10:1 ratio of vitamin A to D which is the PROPER ratio of these vitamins. It is absolutely safe to take during pregnancy from what I understand.

  9. I think a lot of people probably do feel better…at first. What it throws out of whack over time isn't on their radar yet.

  10. They Are not imagining it? I thought synthetic D was a NO NO.

  11. Vit D is wildly important for those with autoimmune disease.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty against synthetic ANYTHING going on the body and I try to make sure myself and my family are getting as much of the natural stuff from UV rays as possible. Vit D supplements come nowhere near touching what the real stuff can do for your body.

    But since the real stuff isn't always readily accessible, especially not in the true amounts our body needs, some people do need to supplement. Unless you have autoimmune disease, and you've felt the effects of Vit D deficiency…..well, vit D supplementation can give you your life back after a flare.

  12. Yes some people do feel better, simply because synthetic D stimulates your immune response. BUT, it's not a permanent fix. It's only a cover up of the real issue which is most likely too much iron in the body and low cp counts. Vitamin D displaces calcium and forces it into your body's soft tissues (muscles, joints, etc., causing calcification). Most people won't realize things are getting thrown "out of whack" until years later. Keep in mind that low vitamin d is a sign of magnesium deficiency. Raise your mag RBC level and your vitamin D levels should follow.

  13. Wikipedia is awesome for us scientifically challenged/untrained people 🙂 Basically interferons create your immune response. Hormone D artificially stimulates these interferons when you take it, hence why some people feel better on it. BUT if the body is constantly stimulated in this way, it will get worn out and unable to fight the REAL infections. We are NOT created to have an increased immune response 24/7/365. This is just one angle of many, but it helped me understand the dangers of D a little better. I hope it's not too confusing. Here's the link


  14. It's not about "feeling" better. It's also about lab results and the drastic decrease of antibodies that are causing the attack in your body.

  15. I have several autoimmune diseases and I haven't taken any D, and yet, I've improved by leaps and bounds! I'll put my $ and faith in Morley and his research, any day of the week.

  16. Well, I took hormone D supps for years, and I thought I was fine doing that. Now, I'm in pain from the calcium deposited in my tissues. And my tests show my calcium is sky high. Taking D supps was horrible for my health, and my lab results back that up.

  17. I've seen several stories like yours Rebecca. My calcium was sky high too. I'm lucky I never supplemented with the stuff. I was on so many meds.. and was very, very sick. Just following Morley's advice, I'm now off of all of them: autoimmune, pain, sleep, blood pressure, etc.

  18. Cheri Harkness was in her 30's when she learned she had osteopenia. She had been taking both calcium and isolated D3 supplements. I hope she sees this thread and comments.

  19. Cholecalciferol = rat poison.

  20. I don't get how vit d is a mag deficiency. For those of us in colder climates, who never see the sun for much of the year, isn't it possible that the D is actually low?

  21. You can raise your D levels naturally, if in fact it is low. Testing both storage and active D will give you the complete picture. Storage D can't be released when Mg is low. Taking synthetic D, drives your Mg even lower. Your body is dependent on Mg for just about everything. Supplementing with synthetic D only increases your active levels. High active levels can become toxic.

  22. Wondering same – not only in Michigan but 24/7 makes me bedridden, hard to get dressed in winter & then drive/ & social active – spring , summer fall I go outside more in late afternoon 3-5pm-so still get low sun exposer ( I burn easily & aggravate herpes- I got from chicken/measles at same time Age 8years) so increasing Mag how does that increase natural vit D from SUN?!

  23. I think it's because vitamin D is a hormone and its acts to suppress the immune response. I don't fully understand it but I can see how if this is correct then it would make people initially feel better.

  24. Dr Coimbra and Ms patients on high doses of vitamin d amazing results , goggle it . One of his patients wrote a book about it recently Multiple Sclerosis and ( lots of ) Vitamin D my 8 year treatment the Coimra Proticol for Autoimmune Diseases. Facinating reading .

  25. Allison Day are you talking about CHOLECALCIFEROL?

  26. D3 caused my osteopenia and causes severe bone pain. Like cancer like pain. Yes I had osteopenia at 33 after 10+ years of high dose d3 and calcium supplements.

  27. What are the groups? Suffering from psoriasis.

  28. gives a temporary boost but then in the long run depletes magnesium and thus impairs your own body's ability to make the same

  29. These are the recommended blood tests to assess the true status of "D" in our bodies. Get them done and post the values here for further discussion.

  30. Hi they will feel better short term, sure. Not long.

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