Why do they not tell share that information?


Why is it that most hashimotos sufferers have adrenal issues as well? Did anyone ever have an endocrinologist mention that to them? A lot of our symptoms come from adrenals, inflammation, food sensitivities etc.. why do they not tell share that information?

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  1. I don’t know, I recently brought it up to my new endocrinologist. She said that it was seemingly a “fad” and that only one person amongst thousands actually has an adrenal issue. Safe to say I am not thrilled with her…

  2. I do not have adrenal issues or food sensitivities. I find your statement to be untrue.

  3. I have adrenal issues that I believe cause most of my symptoms. \nI take an adrenal pack of vitamins/supplements that I get from my dr. Makes a huge difference. I have been out for about a week and a half now and all my symptoms are coming back really badly.

  4. I did a saliva adrenal test… I have moderate adrenal fatigue and taking a great supplement for it… now doing a 30 day hormone saliva test…

  5. Great to know, seeing my Endo later today on F/U labs..I’ve been curious about the adrenals. Hmmmm..Following

  6. Science based studies do not support you statement. Most thyroid patients do not have adrenal issues nor food sensitivities.

  7. How would I know if I have adrenal issues?

  8. I went to a holistic doc, hoping for some help. Got diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and he put me on a ton of supplements. It didn’t change anything or how I felt after taking them for 8mos. I quit that. I am sure that my adrenals are affected by stress, but can’t quit or change jobs, can’t quit my husband or family that I love. So I try to exercise and get away on my own for a hour or so once in a while.

  9. There have been no medical studies that prove this so far. That is why they don’t say anything. I think there needs to be more research done as well. Because I don’t feel I have either of these and I do have hashimotos. Even though I have done my own experiments and found nothing that points to gluten intolerance. Everyone that’s not a doctor tells me I need to not eat gluten. I say I’ve done that and they tell me “oh it must not have been long enough.”

  10. Just a note that if you take the adrenal supplements/”boosters” or low-dose steroids or whatever it is that the alt-med practitioners are recommending this week and you don’t really have an adrenal problem, you run the risk of actually developing adrenal failure which is a documented condition.

  11. Because it keeps us sick which keeps us paying out for their care.

  12. Wait until you find out about EBV and Lyme. Have you read medical medium? I haven’t but heard a lot about it.

  13. I am told that some physicians do not even recognize adrenal fatigues as a actual illness. Sadly, some doctors just don’t even know. They fail to educate themselves on the latest findings and training.

  14. This conversation inspired me to do a quick search in my university’s library and I found this very recent journal article, August 2016. It’s a systematic review of over 3,000 scientific articles and they conclude that adrenal fatigue is not a condition recognized by any endocrinology society. From the conclusion:

    To our knowledge, this is the first systematic review made by endocrinologists to examine a possible correlation between the HPA axis and a purported “adrenal fatigue” and other conditions associated with fatigue, exhaustion or burnout. So far, there is no proof or demonstration of the existence of “AF”. While a significant number of the reported studies showed differences between the healthy and fatigued groups, important methodological issues and confounding factors were apparent. Two concluding remarks emerge from this systematic review: (1) the results of previous studies were contradictory using all the methods for assessing fatigue and the HPA axis, and (2) the most appropriate methods to assess the HPA axis were not used to evaluate fatigue. Therefore, “AF” requires further investigation by those who claim for its existence.


  15. A systematic review of 3000 refereed journal articles found there is no such thing as adrenal fatigue. How exactly does that prove your point (that doctors haven’t educated themselves about your mythical condition)?

  16. Hostility is unnecessary. Good night all

  17. It makes me so mad that they don’t say a word about it

  18. I have Secondary Adrenal Insufficency due to going on and off Prednisone for asthma. When I first went on Levothyroxine I felt ok. But as Levothyroxine was increased I got sicker and sicker. Now being treated for both issues.

  19. I’m glad I have a functional dr instead of a medical dr… I’ve went to more than enough medical drs that said I was fine… for 3 years all I did was sit in my couch no energy to do anything!!! I have 3 small children to take care of thru all this… finally found a functional dr that listens to me and has finally did something to make me feel better and being proactive… my husband said he has his wife back… it’s been a battle daily but well worth feeling so much better and have energy to function and more now to workout and actually run around to do errands all day long… so don’t tell me this doesn’t exist… I’m proof it does!!! And also lost almost 50lbs…

  20. Adrenals go with hashish symptoms this disease sucks

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