Why do we measure Plasma Zinc in the blood test and not RBC?


Zinc. I have a question that I can’t find the answer to via a search of this page: Why do we measure Plasma Zinc in the blood test and not RBC? All my results are responding well to the protocol except Zinc (near the low end of the range) – Zinc’s always been stubborn for me even though I love seafood/nuts etc and consume a lot of those foods. I have Zinc Picolinate in my supplement graveyard – tempted to dip in to that a couple of times a week but nervous I could imbalance (my now quite well balanced) Cu/Cp.

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  1. Supplement graveyard….lol.

  2. I've been doing a bit of googling… and I think I've figured this out myself. Our bodies store Zinc primarily in muscle and bone tissue; with only .01% in the plasma – hence the plasma testing I guess. Here was my source – some interesting facts about zinc in this article: https://wellnessmama.com/62354/zinc-deficiency/

  3. I feel better and sleep better when I supplement with a little zinc picolinate. I am a fast oxidizer. I know it is not recommended in this group, but I also know how to listen to my body and give it what it is asking for. The Stabilized Rice Bran decreased zinc on my blood tests. I am keeping a close eye on my ceruloplasmin

  4. zinc is an entagonist to copper. that is why it is not recommended. I'm getting a blood test done soon and watching my zinc closely. It only budged one number in 18 months. 🙁 my NEEDS to be higher. I also eat foods with zinc, so I'm in the same boat. I gave blood 3 times since last test so if it didn't budge I may pop an occasional zinc to see what happens. BUT yes, it is not recommended because it depletes copper.

  5. But if I take colloidal zink with colloidal copper in the correct ratio? Can it still deplete copper?

  6. This was from Morley on another page….

  7. Your “belief” that you NEED Zinc is fueled by the fields of nutrition & medicine that OBSESS about 3 minerals – that ALL share a common pathway for absorption, mind you – Calcium, Iron & Zinc.

    Those SAME fields IGNORE Mg, bioavailable Copper (Cp) & Sulfur.

    Case in point; we have been hijacked as a Society to “ anté t” that we “need” Calcium to correct Osteopenia & Osteoporosis! That is a BOLD-FACED LIE. The research is NOW clearly showing that it is, has been, & always will be EXCESS, Unbound Iron that activates Acid Phosphatase that enables Osteoclasts to break down the Bone Matrix. Furthermore, Magnesium is KEY to Alkaline Phosphatase & Cu/Cp (copper/ceruloplasmin) is KEY to Lysyl Oxidase, BOTH of which are ESSENTIAL to make NEW Bone Matrix.

    And despite these ^^^^ scientific truths, billions of women on this toxic Planet STILL think they need to eat Oyster shells & “D”rown themselves with a synthetic, toxic Hormone (vitamin D) while ignoring the true status of their Iron metabolism, & NEVER thinking to assess Magnesium & Ceruloplasmin status.(In a word, “D”emonic!)

    Zinc, just like Calcium & Iron are BEST obtained from a clean, organic Ancestral diet. In my experience, they are NOT to be supplemented. Period.

    In direct contrast, Mg & PROPER Copper (& likely Sulfur – still working on that…) DO need to be supplemented.

  8. So….if you have low zinc (there's a difference between an absolute and a relative deficiency, as I understand it,) it begs the question……what's your calcium doing, and what is your iron doing?

  9. So what form is a proper copper as a supplement?

  10. You can find that information on The World's First Bioavailable Copper…..and we recommend getting the testing done first and a consult with Morley to see if you need Proper Copper or not.

  11. Mytosynergy?

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