Why does it seem like Benedryl helps that?


Question: I have been told that there is really no such thing as a “gluten allergy.” I do have diagnosed CD. But quite often, I feel like I have an allergy. If I accidentally eat gluten or use products with gluten I have different reactions and not always the same thing. Sometimes it’s intestinal, almost always I get a migraine, and sometimes I get red all over and get a horrible blistery rash that sometimes is in my throat as well, giving me the feeling like my throat is closing. Often I will hurt all over the next day. Is your reaction to gluten always the exact same, or do you get different things with different foods (I think I read there are different glutens)? If it is not an allergy, why does it seem like Benedryl helps that?

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  1. I have very similar reactions, like you. Usually a migraine is my first sign. But I do break out in rashes if I touch it as well. I just try to stay away from it all around.

  2. CD is not an allergy, it’s an autoimmune disease and yes your symptoms can be all over the place. Which is why it’s so hard to diagnose. There are some who think it’s all in our heads, it doesn’t exist but let the naysayers spend time with someone like me while I’m going through a reaction to gluten! It’s swift and violent!

  3. I’ve met people with gluten allergy – celiac is not however an allergy. You can have both though.

  4. If you truly have CD and “quite often” feel you have an allergy, you are being exposed to way too much. If you have CD, damage can be permanent and cancer causing.
    I have CD. Last year my allergist tested me for gluten and wheat because I touch it for family and work someitmes. Yes, you can be allergic, intolerant or have celiac (or combined).

  5. I’m intolerant not allergic to wheat but I feel like I’ve been poisoned my skin joints etc hurt I get a fever I can’t eat plus a ringing headache

  6. I am intolerant to gluten. A new nutritionist decided I shouldn’t be gluten free, so I tried eating her way. After throwing up 3 times in 2 weeks, my husband said to me: “You were doing fine, eating gluten free and lactose free, go back to that.” I have returned to gluten free, and the nausea and vomiting has stopped. (By the way, while traveling recently, I had a yogurt. He was reminded why I am lactose free.)

  7. I have also read the there is no gluten allergy. Gluten is the protein the antibodies attack in celiac disease. When allergic to wheat it is an immediate alergic response to being exposed.

  8. Mine is always the same. Had a burger yesterday with regular bun. Today I’m eating Imodium, Cramps last night, staying close to bathroom today. This sucks

  9. You can be allergic and have CD. You might also check about EOE with the throat thing. It’s a totally separate diagnosis from CD but you can have both too. I have EOE and it is an autoimmune response in the throat and can react to various different foods.

  10. Just found out gluten sensitive tues after years of being miserable still all new to me on what I can or cannot eat. Lady in front of me gave me rice krispy treats she says it has rice krispy, butter and marshmallows can I eat it?

  11. More likely a wheat allergy than an allergy to the gluten itself.

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