Why does magnesium oil tingle when applied?


Hello. Another question. .. why does magnesium oil tingle when applied? Will this subside once the body gets used to it?

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  1. Is it a bad tingle?
    Many say when your body gets more mag it will stop, but for others it never stops.
    Mag-a-hol seems to have less effects (less tingling or burning)

  2. Uncomfortable tingle. I didnt wipe it off though. Is that the reason

  3. We use ancient magnesium

  4. Maybe.. some wipe it off after 20 minutes, others apply coconut oil.

    Mag-a-hol doesn't have to be wiped off after because it dries a lot better.

  5. Thanks Brandon Evans

  6. Dilute it with lotion or coconut oil. Or even distilled water

  7. What is mag a hol

  8. Thank you Brandon Evans

  9. I saved the recipe

  10. If your very deficient it tingles?

  11. Antony, for some. But for others, not low in mag at all (Like MJ Hamp) it still stings.

  12. It tingles because it's a vasodilator.

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