Why does taking Calcium get so much controversy?


Why does taking Calcium get so much controversy here? Working with a results oriented good nutritionist…i am starting an eating and supplement program to address my methylation and obesity issues. My history consists of a hysterectomy with ovary removal, bipolar diagnosis, life long weight and addiction problems and hypothyroid. Magnesium has helped me feel less nervous and I am sure has addressed other things I cannot “feel”, but my calcium needs are high. I do not drink milk nor eat most cheese. It has helped my inflammation issues to eliminate most dairy. Now I embark on a healing journey using only food and certain supplements and calcium is highly recommended due to my history and food consumption. I will be taking it in hopes of good results…but really, one cannot patently say, do not take calcium unless a COMPLETE HISTORY of that person is taken. It can be both confusing and dangerous to comment that calcium or other suppliments, should not be taken unless a thorough examination is done of an individual’s profile. Just sayin…

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  1. The average Western Diet has an overabundance of Calcium – 70% of people lack Mg

  2. Someone posted an article the other day that the common calcium supplement, cholecalciferol, is poisonous. As in, actual rat poison. I am new here and still learning as I go too. The other thing that stuck out to me is that the excess calcium can't travel where it is needed go without the right cofactors and ends up deposited in odd spots.

  3. Calcium is one of the easiest things to get from food without even trying, supplementing it can cause more harm than good.

  4. Beverly Wood
    1. dark leafy greens and broccoli are excellent food sources of calcium.
    2. you will not correct an imbalance of calcium and Magnesium by increasing calcium which depletes Magnesium. Many folks end up with calcium in unintended places including the arteries.

  5. Taking a History does not tell you what your calcium or other deficiencies are. Not even a through history.. Did you read the files section?

  6. So MJ Hamp, does that mean one can take magnesium and calcium to get balance or what? Saying what NOT to do while not saying what to do still doesn't help. And at this point, I do not get as much dark leafy due to food intake issues…and Linda Stoeckmann Hansen, reading the files, yes i have thank you. But I still have questions.

  7. Sesame seeds and tahini are an excellent source of calcium with the cofactors for absorption.

  8. Beverly Wood Well, do you have a full history? HTMA? All of the appropriate blood work? Are you saying you know you need calcium without all the proper testing? If you do have the proper testing, and your knowledgeable doctor recommends calcium based off of a true need, by all means, great. However, if you don't have that testing, don't you think that seems like you're the pot calling the kettle black?

    As for MJ, she's saying take magnesium to get balance. Taking calcium drives magnesium down, which will create imbalance all over the place, especially in your all important sodium and potassium ratio.

    You say your calcium needs are high. What are your calcium needs and why are they high?

  9. Oxalic acid blocks calcium (think spinach) also, if you are deficient in Vitamin D (D3), you could eat a lot of Calcium but you won't absorb it. Have you had your micro and macro nutrient levels checked?

  10. Scott Harres..not calling any kettles black…unless u use cast iron then that's a good color to have. As for my nutritional needs, I am now discovering what they are. Come the 1st of the year my insurance kicks in and my Dr and I will be addressing what tests are needed etc. Until then I will continue to investigate and question just about everything so I can learn more.

  11. It would behoove you to read "The Calcium Lie 2" by Dr. Thompson. You can get the book free + the cost of shipping here: http://www.losethebackpain.com/calcium-lie-m115.php?leadsource=8627

    Or you can purchase it for your iPad or Kindle or get the paperback on Amazon. If you want to know the truth about calcium, and how to achieve balance, READ THIS BOOK.

  12. It would also behoove me to read it, and if worthy, share with my health care peeps….

  13. Dark leafy greens have their issues also – goitrogens and oxalic acid. The only thing safe for me at this point is lettuce. And yes, sesame seeds have calcium, but how much of those per day can you really eat?

  14. Sesame seed paste (Tahini )can b used instead of butter , nice on apple slices

  15. Your nutrition professional while filled with good intentions is a bit behind in her recommendations. Invite her to the group!

  16. Cook greens and cabbage family foods and the goitrogen issue dissipates.

  17. And if you do nothing else please read The Calcium Lie II. The book has bonus material on the myriad of other lies, the ascorbic acid lie, the fat is bad for you lie, the cholesterol lie ad nauseum.

  18. be careful with soy it has a pseudo estrogene. lol…so does plastic what sucks. anyway. with the soy, nothing gets cooked out, even if organic. and they arent all that nutritionists say…no go…..hurts many areas in people like us, esp endocrine, your thyroid, ect…..

  19. Misty Humphrey…i will be sending out an email to do just that this week…along with more mag related info.

  20. And as is advocated here with Mg a complete history that includes bloodwork and an HTMA should compliment your complete dietary history before you take Calcium or other supplements just because a nutritionist 'thinks' you don't get enough Ca in your diet. As mentioned, its in many other foods, not just dairy, hard to not get enough, and potentially deadly to get too much.

  21. I just looked at the basic food list and the calcium content… I must say I do not eat much calcium rich food. I used a list similar to this one. Honest, I don't plan on changing much except eat more salmon + nuts. Do not eat dairy much at all even use coconut milk instead of regular for baking etc . chhthttp://similarwww.healthybonesaustralia.org.au/how/calcium/calcium-content-of-select-foods/

  22. 1/4 cup of broccoli has LOTS of calcium. You do not need go eat dairy or take calcium supps to get your calcium.

  23. Beverly Wood
    Simply put, practitioners make a "killing" by pushing Calcium… Please read:
    o http://www.mgwater.com/gacontro.shtml

    And if you want to learn the FULL Monty, I would highly recommend you dig into Robert Thompson, MD's seminal book, "The Calcium Lie: II"
    o http://www.amazon.com/The-Calcium-Lie-II-Imbalances/dp/0988386658

    Regrettably, you've been "Misled and Misfed!" your entire life…

    A votre sante!

  24. Calcium is needed just take the necessary supplements to not let it accumulate in unwanted areas– K2 and silica are needed in addition to mg and D– that's simple and I am one who needs calcium and D and yes I did ionic calcium test including Htma and both D tests.

  25. Dalia,
    Not that you need to do it with me…

    But in April, 2013 your HTMA showed a notable excess of Calcium, a decided SHORTAGE of Mg and even greater deficiency of Sodium & Potassium… Given that you're taking Calcium & Hormone-D, I would advise a repeat HTMA to see how well your mineral levels and ratios are accommodating this protocol.

    And I must have missed your 25(OH) and 1,25(OH) posting… I'd love to see that ratio as well should you be willing to share, again…

    Hope you're continuing to do well, and I wish the best for the New Year!

    A votre sante!

  26. Many people here have been taking 1,000 mg of calcium per day for years, plus whatever they get from diet. When they hear about taking magnesium, they start on a supplement containing 1000 mg of calcium plus 400 or 500 mg of magnesium. For most people, that's the wrong ratio, even without a body that's already saturated with calcium and deficient in magnesium.

    The typical person stumbling upon this group will benefit from cutting out calcium supplements and adding magnesium supplements. Those with specific reasons to think they need extra calcium will often post specific questions.

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