Why he is suffering so much. I hate to go down that road…..


So last year ( about this time) I posted about my son ( 16 at the time) now 17.
He was ( and is still) suffering from depression, anxiety, and a few OCD rituals. I took him to a therapist last year who did a comprehensive test on him which came back with social anxiety. And made a plan to combat that.
That plan only lasted a month or so and then right back to isolation.I started him on. Mag at that time and a few other supps . Life got busy summer came and went , well here we are back at square one a year later just as depressed lots of anxiety and just an overall lack of joy. This makes me so sad.Today we had an appt with a different therapist ( lovely lady) . After talking for 1.5 hours and filling out lots of paperwork she suggests that he needs to be on pharmaceuticals( anti depressants, anti anxiety)
This is clearly not the way I want to go as I feel it is only a band aid of sorts and will not get to the imbalances in his body that he clearly has. I will be taking him to a holistic doctor shortly . I’m wondering what tests should I be asking for.we live in Canada so the regular dr. Won’t test for anything …..
I know he needs a full thyroid panel do ne.I do think he may have a thyroid issue . His hands are always ice cold and he has a very thin outer eyebrow.
I’m hoping someone can give me a list of tests that are needed.
He is such an amazing bright ( super smart) lovely young boy with such a great future in store. I just hate to see him suffering like this . It just breaks my heart! Anti depressants will be my last resort if I can’t get to the bottom of why he is suffering so much. I hate to go down that road…..
Sorry such a long post.

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  1. Francine Leigh Tabak, let us know how things progress and if you need any help or questions answered.

  2. How is your son's sleep? Does he use electronic devices in his bedroom? From other videos I have watched, electronics before bed interfere with melatonin production.

  3. My son has PANDAS/PANS and the symptoms are sudden onset of OCD, anxiety, fears, tics (vocal or physical), stuttering etc. My son got sick own Feb.2015 and after the illness went away he was never the same. We are working through it. There are other triggers besides Strep. http://www.pandasnetwork.org

  4. Many teens get it and end up in Psych wards and on meds- it's very sad.

  5. So sad when we medicate rather than look to causes.

  6. Mom your intuition is right on the thyroid it's definitely the answer

  7. Can anyone suggest how to get children to take magnesium? My 6 year old is presenting signs of social anxiety and some OCD. I didn't realize that the cause could be magnesium deficiency until this post and all of the comments. Thank you.

  8. I was just about to post, when Melissa beat me to it! Francine Leigh Tabak, you've had an awful lot of replies to your post and I sincerely wish you well for your son. However, this is Morley Robbins' group and he focusses on rectifying health issues via mineral balancing, using HTMA, specific blood tests, a symptoms questionnaire and a consultation to discuss all of the above and plan a course of action for healing. Other protocols are the product of other practitioners and may or may not be helpful, considering you do not know what the underlying imbalances are and therefore what needs addressing. Without knowing your son's imbalances, you are guessing at treatments. Mandy and MJ have already posted the links to the tests for you. I would strongly advise you get the tests and consults ordered.

  9. Order a 23andMe test kit and once you have the results download the raw data into LiveWello.

  10. Helen Charlesworth has said it all really, get Morleys recommended tests for "Mineral Status".. You can of course choose to keep chasing symptoms or cut to the chase with Morley's tests. Morleys latest on MTHFR…."the whole MTHFR psychodrama is all triggered by too much iron in the liver. What's MTHFR all about? Methylation. People don't have a good methylation pattern. Wonder why they don't have god methylation patterns……….(Iron Toxicity….162 Rethinking Iron). Re thyroid issues……..Magnesium deficency…..http://www.larabriden.com/8-ways-that-magnesium-rescues-hormones/

  11. I'm going to go in the other direction with my response. Teenagers have the highest rate for suicide in the world. PLEASE don't ignore his need for medical intervention WHILE you look for the imbalances. You will never ever forgive yourself if something tragic were to happen.

  12. Complete cleanse including parasite cleans. Consider pau d arco- herb to fight any kind of infection.

  13. This is a "mineral" group that follows the view that correcting imbalances will get to the root of much illness. I had to wait 7 years for answers for my sons major health issues, who has been ill since the age of 25 (and probably longer). Me and my adults son and daughter all have Mineral dysegulation. Karen Hall Taylor are you aware of the total inadequate support given to many teenagers in this position? The damage is often being done to them by prescribing the wrong medications, we all have to make some informed decisions about where we look and get the support from. I am not forgiving myself for putting my son through a health system that failed him…..that was until I found Morley.

  14. And remember that often antidepressants have an opposite effect on kids and teen! Search for Kelly Brogan, she does much work in this field! Best of hope and luck to you!

  15. My son is physiologically depressed NOT psychologically depressed. Every medication he was prescribed has made him worse, including antidepressants !

  16. it's important to remember how much of a factor our diet and environment play….make sure his diet is clean of processed foods, grains, sugar…make sure his air is clean of mold and chemicals…i know that's virtually impossible in this day and age but we can control our environmental toxins to some extent. I've personally dealt with high levels of mold and formeldehyde and both are horrible neurologically among other things. they cause me terrible anxiety, depression and so on…

  17. I hope you'll consider a trial of meds. As he stabilizes he may be more able and willing to work with you on the rest

  18. Not related to magnesium, but I beg you to read "Living With Intensity" based on the description of your son.

  19. Vitamin B complex so important to depressed body look for my kind organic spray made from food tastes good my son uses it throughout the day Ph water $1 a gallon

  20. I am in Canada and just went to a Naturopath as in Canada they can order all regular tests and prescribe as well. They did the whole thyroid panel and I was surprised how inexpensive it was 🙂

  21. I go to an excellent naturopathic doc as well! She does all the testing!

  22. A great resource for research on natural and holistic health practices is greenmedinfo.com

  23. Francine, I'm sorry to hear that you're having to deal with this. It is heartbreaking to see our kids go through this. I fully support you in staying away from prescription antidepressants….my daughter actually became suicidal while taking them and made the depression worse. I recently had her tested for Pyroluria and she tested positive. There is actually an article in the files about Pyroluria and they seem to relate the Pyroluria back to magnesium deficiency.

  24. I encourage you to read the information in Joan Mathew Larson's book called "Depression Free Naturally." She has an amazing background and has a lot of stories of correcting nutritional imbalances with vitamins and amino acids. Let's face it, the amount of crap that our kids are exposed to now, the number of vaccinations, antibiotics when they are ill, then antibiotics in our food system, GMO foods that are difficult to avoid, constant stimulation from tv, cell phones, etc etc, it's no wonder we have more and more young people being "offered" medications that we never intended for children/people still growing.

    My heart breaks for you, too, as I know how hard it I.s when you have a child that is in pain, not healing properly, not "behaving" the way they should or the way we would like. There are very concrete things you and your son can do without resorting to the anti-depressants and this information is in Dr Larson's book. Amino acid and supplement therapy takes longer, but does not have yucky side effects like SSRIs. I will pray for you both, as I imagine many on this thread will join in, too. Bless you and your son.

  25. Thank you so much

  26. I'm 28. I've been depressed since I could remember. All the meds were useless and usually made things worse. This past year my health declined even further as did my son's which caused me to start digging.
    I cannot begin to describe how much better I feel after a few weeks of being gluten and dairy free. I am cleaning out my intestines and working on yeast and parasites. The first five days were miserable, I thought someone was going to die. But it has been so very worth it. I am truly a believer in food being medicine and that gut health IS health.
    Also, I didn't know that I had EBV (I've never been so with mono). The labs I've had done most of my life always came back "normal". I finally convinced a dr. to do a much more extensive test and sure enough there were things going on with my liver and thyroid. Additionally, I have a gene mutation which can't use synthetic vitamins and also doesn't allow my body to detox like it should. This combination was nearly deadly.
    Don't let them hand you a RX and send you on your way. Fight. Make them listen. Or find someone who will listen. I strongly recommend a ND.
    I hope your son is feeling better sooner than later!

  27. Wow I'm so thankful for everyone's input here! 120 comments from all you knowledgeable people… I am so grateful!!!
    My action plan is to start with all the proper testing( including PANDAS)
    We will see a naturopath Dr. Very shortly . I've spoken with him about changing g his diet. He has taken it all in but not sure if he will act…..
    I will get to the bottom of this and hopefully my son will feel joy again.

  28. Francine Leigh Tabak, just out of curiosity, can I ask why you wish to see a Naturopath, rather than go directly to Morley and find out what is going on with your son's health? To be honest, I am mystified why everyone insists on recommending 'this, that and the other' instead of looking at the options available here through Morley? It seems so obvious to me, that this would be the easier option.

  29. For me, I love this site and am healing much through it And i'm working with my naturopathic doc, sharing this info with her along with getting her help with my thyroid, epstein barr, detoxtification, mthfr, pre surgery prep, testing, and so on… it takes a village sometimes!

  30. I agree 🙂

  31. As well as gluten sensitivity, eating for my blood type which is basically paleo, etc.

  32. working with her is also how i found out that i need to do my Naturethroid 4 hours away from my magnesium, and why I reacted badly when starting magnesium as it releases toxins so I had to start with a very low amount and slowly work to higher while adding help for my body to detox. Detoxification is much harder for people who have MTHFR.

  33. Depression can also be caused by mercury toxicity. (Probably because mercury interferes with the absorption of magnesium and other essential minerals and causes mineral imbalances.)

    Per https://chriskresser.com/could-mercury-toxicity-be-causing-your-symptoms/

    "Mercury affects every cell and system in our body
    Because of this, the effects and symptoms of mercury toxicity are different in each individual. While the variety of ways in which mercury affects each of us is too much to cover in this article, here's a list of some signs and symptoms that mercury is affecting your health:

    Anxiety (10)
    Depression (11)
    Brain fog or decreased concentration
    Fatigue (12)
    Frequent headaches
    Ataxia (decreased control over muscular movements such as with walking or picking up objects)
    Sleep disturbance in children (13)
    Autoimmune disease (14, 15)
    Allergies (16, 17)
    Multiple chemical sensitivity (18)
    Paresthesias or neuropathy
    Hearing loss
    Dysarthria (characterized by slurred or slow speech due to weakness or poor control over the muscles used for speech)
    Muscle tremor
    Movement disorders
    Hair loss (19)
    Hormonal dysregulation including abnormal menstrual cycles and infertility (20, 21, 22).
    Cardiovascular disease including hypertension, coronary heart disease, transient ischemia attacks or stroke, or other vascular diseases (23)
    Kidney dysfunction including proteinuria (or “spilling” proteins into the urine)."

  34. Francine Leigh, I apologize for my initial knee jerk response…and subsequent response. Please know he can get well and stay well. Hugs. Please know my responses were out of concern for your young man.

  35. I would get him off gluten first. If he eats meat and eggs he will be okay with only a few fruits and veggies until you can see if the gluten is a problem. When I go gluten free I start feeling better in one day. Some people do take longer, but most show improvements within a few weeks. If he is gluten intolerant, his diet may improve and he may not be as picky once you get him gluten free.

  36. The book Wheat Belly recommends going completely grain-free for three months.

  37. Maybe there are heavy metals in his system. The hair mineral analysis can tell you.

  38. The hair mineral analysis is not dependable. Mine showed low mercury but I know that wasn't true. Some forms of mercury will collect in certain parts of the body but not in the hair. It often concentrates in the liver, kidneys, heart, thyroid and brain. Unless you want to biopsy those organs you may not find it in blood, urine or hair analysis.

    Read the book Amalgam Illness by Andy Cutler. He also has another book on interpreting hair analysis which explains how to use hair analysis to diagnose mercury toxicity from its effect on other minerals (not from the amount of mercury in the hair).

  39. Check out Pyrrole disorder and maybe Candida, mold, Lyme or parasites

  40. How is his social life, friends at school and at home within the neighborhood? Is he active likes to get involved or is he just very quiet doesn't like to see people.

  41. Two things sound like my symptoms of Hypothyroid with the "cold hands" and "thin eyebrows". I'm on L-Thyroxine 100mcg for that.

  42. Hormonal imbalances = Mineral imbalances/dysregulation.

  43. His gut? Was he a c/section baby?

  44. I think there are too many off topic posts here and I am getting frustrated at the same old thing being said and issues of mineral importance not being responded to, taken seriously. Admins would you agree as you are the only ones able to stop a thread?

  45. Clare the gut is the foundation for good health. If your gut is compromised your minerals are for sure not balanced

  46. Which comes first the chicken or the egg ?

  47. Do you mean the non-existent or toxic minerals our bodies/guts have to deal with in out modern lifestyles?

  48. I don't see what the issue here is? I think suggesting different views is helpful.

  49. Morley, myself and other admins have all commented and recommended the testing that helps to identify imbalances and support individuals.

    Here is a reminder …..



    For UK members …..


  50. We are in a MINERALS group. Other protocols may be of interest to some people, but that IS NOT the focus of this group. This thread is going round in circles!

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