Why I am gaining weight?


Why I am gaining weight after starting the Jigsaw mg and adrenal cocktail? I don’t eat any process food and sugar. Any ideas???

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  1. Maybe it's the sugar from the adrenal cocktail?

  2. But I take adrenal cocktail with lemon juice not with OJ..

  3. Is it weight or water retention?

  4. I think it's theweight.. I don't have any swelling like we do in water retention

  5. I have started taking jigsaw and adrenal cocktail with lemon juice last week. Last week, my weight was 123lbs. I checked my weight today and I weighed 126.8lbs..
    So, I am little worried

  6. To me that sounds more like fluid retention than weight gain
    Try cutting back in the salt and see if that helps

  7. So, I should do adrenal cocktail with less than 1/4 tsp of salt??

  8. Thanks Nicole!! I'll try that way 🙂

  9. I've put on 10 odd since started taking mg. mine isn't water weight it is fat!

  10. I'm the same. Am baffled. Just piled on about 8 pounds in 3 months and I'm eating less food than I was before!

  11. Same here Abigail!! I don't eat much. No processed food at all.
    I have stopped taking adrenal cocktail. I am eating more potassium rich food and prunes for Boron.
    I have a hypothyroidism. I take Armour Thyroid. My weight was in control. Ever since I have started Magnesium protocol, my weight is out of control. I am not doing anything different.
    Maybe my body is not liking magnesium :))

  12. Apparently my thyroid is fine but I know I did have an abnormal liver result 8 weeks ago which needs retesting. I do like my food but I've been eating less rubbish with magnesium and the adrenal cocktail as my blood sugar is a bit better. My daughter is also sleeping better at night too but I'm still nursing and I just don't know whether my body is just stressed out as it's all gone on my lower abdomen and I've never carried fat there before. Have turned 40 though. Maybe that's it!

  13. My TSH to free T4 is 2.32.
    Looks like my doc didn't order reverse t3

  14. It says TSH W/reflex to FT4 2.32

  15. My Sodium is 138 and potassium is 4.1

  16. That's all I can see for TSH results. I guess I have to request another thyroid test.
    But how is it linked with Magnesium?

  17. Thanks Vicki!!
    I'll get the lab work done again and let u know.

  18. Just a quick question…
    But why i have started gaining Weight with magnesium?

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