Why I don’t soak in sea salt instead of epsom salt


Someone questioned me why I don’t soak in sea salt instead of epsom salt. I had already mentioned that Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate and not a salt. To my understanding they are different. I don’t want to sound snotty can someone help me explain this one – here is their comment. ” Why not a salt? It is by the true definition of a ‘salt’. Table salt is the combination of two minerals, just like your Epsom ‘salt’.”

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  1. Because you want the Magnesium in Epsom salt. Sea salt is mostly Sodium.

  2. You also want the sulfur in Epsom salt instead of the chloride in sea salt. 🙂

  3. Great question. Great answer. Thank you both.

  4. Although both are made up of two elements, the building blocks are different- therefore their effect is different and not interchangeable.
    You wouldn't want to sprinkle Epsom Salt on your food!

  5. A salt is a geral name for inorganic ionic compound, epsom salts is a salt, so it table salt and sea salt. But yep sea salt will have some minerals mostly sodium and chloride and won't help with mag.

  6. some people bath in HImalayan Salt and get trace minerals etc.

  7. Sea salt contains a better chemical called Magnesium Chloride.

  8. We make mag a hol from magnesium chloride but soak in Epsom, baking soda and borax because it's more affordable?

  9. I've used Epsom salt for baths until recently purchasing Mag Chloride flakes. Will using the Mag Chloride for baths still help increase my Mag level?

  10. Magnesium glycinate is actually an magnesium salt of the amino glycine, thus Epsom salt is a magnesium salt

  11. Sea salt has more sodium than Magnesium, Hemant Trivedi

  12. MJH, True.
    I was just mentioning a fact about sea salt.

  13. Thanks everyone. It seemed so obvious to me but honestly forgot why in a moment.

  14. why not both? and some scented oils while you're at it

  15. I hear ya Astrid Fox

  16. Lisa Brown Gallagher I do think those recipes are for economic reason

  17. Wait…which one has sulfate? I'm allergic….

  18. Read the thread.

  19. I thought Magnesium chloride flakes were the best choice overall no?

  20. No. Epsom salt ad Mg chloride are differet. Each has it's benefit.

  21. hmmmm…..didnt know that.

  22. As a side note, I live near the ocean and when I 'soak" in the ocean I feel great that day – its better than epson salt! I actually bring home buckets of sea water and soak my feet in it at night. Sea water is mostly magnesium. I wonder if reef salt from an aquarium store would be effective as a soak for people who don't have fresh sea water??

  23. Chris Arzadon besides the magnesium and minerals in the water you were probably benefit from the healing affects of "earthing" even though you are in water. The healing power of nature is irreplaceable

  24. Sorry it open and posted theses 2

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