Why I need TIBC and UIBC?


Why i need TIBC and UIBC? Is the transferrin saturation not enough?

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  1. UIBC is TIBC minus serum iron. Tsat% is serum iron/TIBC. So the only "real" measurements are serum iron and TIBC. Moderator/RCP Consultant

  2. Ok, other question: where is the difference between TIBC and Tsat%?

  3. Basically, TIBC is a measure of the proteins that can carry iron to different parts of the body. %sat is the percentage of those carriers that have iron attached. I don't believe transferrin and TIBC are directly related. Transferrin is the actual protein and TIBC is the amount of iron it is capable of carrying.

  4. % saturation = % transferrin Iron saturation.

    Serum Iron divided by TIBC = %Transferrin Iron Saturation

  5. So TIBC is no longer necessary if i have Tsat%?

  6. High TIBC correlates with high Transferrin. The lab values here in the group confirm that. Why TIBC is still necessary, I do not understand. These are outdated lab parameters. Here from a study: "There was no difference in diagnostic performance between transferrin and the 2 TIBC formulations." https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17376421

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