Why iodine can’t be taken?


Can I ask why iodine can’t be taken until mag and selenium RBC is optimal? What would happen if someone started iodine before those tests are at ideal level?

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  1. Katie, I'm taking iodine and have been for 2 years and my magnesium is below the Australian rAnge. I can't get it up with all that I'm doing. Where didyou read this?

  2. It's in the files written by Morley for how to treat cooper dysregulation.

  3. I haven't seen that file… I will have a look later o the computer. I assume by your post it dies t state what happens is you take iodine without ootianlmwoth mag lecels. Will be interested to see.

  4. Hmmm I better go take a look too. I've been on both iodine & selenium for a few years . I'm awaiting HMA results at present

  5. Im on 62.5 of lugols… getting aback to my 100 dose lol. I can't live without it. I can't access files Patricia can you let me know. I'm guessing it doesn't say what happens though.

  6. I read that somewhere too… but I scrapped the info and jumped in. I am on 100mg Iodine now along with the cofactors (selenium, b vitamins and c). I do maggie internally and transdermally. I can tell you, my life turned around when I added the iodine. I honestly feel its a miracle. I also began with 1 drop of the 5% and within a week began increasing my dosage dramatically. I know my body, and I was willing to listen to it and take the risk. Its been 4 weeks and I am feeling amazing. I am actually working out with energy to spare. I have had detox issues (mostly cystic acne on my breasts and lady parts – very painful) but its nothing to how great I feel otherwise and I am willing to push through. I do the salt loading and it seems to help.

    I posted this 9 days ago: "Seems things are starting to turn for me health-wise. I've actually had the energy to work out every night this week. I cant tell you how good that makes me feel, and it didn't exhaust me. I'm sore – but not physically exhausted. For as long as I can remember, working out, even walking on the treadmill, knocked me on my butt for days – and i cant explain it to those who have never experienced it. What do I attribute it to? High dose vitamin therapy and magnesium has helped, but I truly feel like things took a turn with Iodine."

    And this yesterday: "Third major compliment in 3 weeks. "I'll definitely remember you Tara. And do you know why? And I say this with the utmost respect; you have the most beautiful eyes." Last week it was at Panera and when I walked up to the register, the girl stopped short and said, "My god! You have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen." My face must be happier."

    Prior to Iodine it was a lot of "boo hoo" and "poor me" posts. I felt awful and everyone kept saying "you're normal"

    Do your research and listen to your body. And then when you feel ready – do it!

  7. Interesting post. I cannot take mag w/o calcium or I will get leg cramps/weakness and zinc is awful for me. When I took iodine regularly I felt amazing (trying to get back on it). I'm a slow oxidizer, I have the 4 highs but good ratios. I have hypothyroid symptoms but the test results said otherwise and I felt awful on NDT. Even Morley said I was a conundrum, so maybe you are too! Lol!

  8. I took iodine years befor mag was more than a blip on my radar. I follow the Brownstein protocol (which does include some mag) and it did nothing but good for me. I also found I was mag deficient eventually, and probably had been for years and years. I was into high doses, too.

  9. The sont have to be optimal. Start about 2 weeks to a month before iodine then add iodine

  10. Jaye Ewing Procure i also follow brownstiens protocol and love it

  11. I take high dose iodine (100 mg), and while it has greatly improved my energy, I do have some rather unpleasant detox symptoms, I assume, from it. My mag RBC is incredibly low (4.3 last I checked). I wonder if I should stop the protocol for now.

  12. The iodine shouldn't have a big effect on mag rbc lvls

  13. Just FYI everyone the body only stores 1500-2000 mg of iodine and the half life is 54 days… So if you're just going for a maintenance dose, the top end is around 15-25 mg/day, anything more than that making your kidneys work harder. Unless of course you're playing catch up, detoxing halides, or trying to treat an illness, then you may need more.


  14. Im trying major halide detox

  15. Me too Stacy, thats why I have the cystic acne. Signs of major Bromide detox.

  16. Bromide was my major halide as well!

  17. Did u do the halide loadinf test?

  18. Rick Pell, I am familiar with the numbers, but when I try to reduce dose, I don't feel as good. And that's only relative! So I stick with the higher dose. It's possible there's something going on that I'm not currently aware of.

  19. AvaMaria Maria – as far as tsps go, I dont know. I am using the Lugols liquid 5% formula. Each vertical drop is 6.25mg and I am doing 16 drops/day along with the cofactors. I have empty pill casing that I fill because drinking that amount in water is gross.

  20. What type are you taking?

  21. There are other factors to consider, such as the form of iodine, synergists, antagonists, absorption, excretion, kidney function, etc.

  22. One reason I can think of to get mag levels right first are that depending on your individual HTMA, taking salt might not be indicated for you at this time. If you start taking iodine and need to do salt loading, there might be some leftover from your detox needs that would raise the body levels. So trying to do two different protocols that both involve salt might be just too complicated. ????

  23. I'm taking nascent iodine

  24. I only take one drop a day and I take selinum with it

  25. I love iodine! Follow DAvid Brownsteins book. Start with selenium, Vit c and the other cofactors for 2 weeks then start lugols low and slow. When you get to 12.5 mg switch if you want to iodoral. You will detox. Expect and prepare for it. You will detox halides ( fluoride, bromine and chlorine) and heavy metals. Iodine has changed my life. And Brownsteins told me nascent was too low a dose and offered no advantage over lugols.

  26. I have to get Brownsteins book

  27. Katie to answer your question, selenium and magnesium are essential to balancing iodine's roles in thyroid function. Too much iodine without selenium and magnesium will cause autoimmune thyroiditis and goiter. Too much selenium without iodine will lower thyroid function and will make hypothyroid conditions worse.

    Plenty of good information on the topic here:

  28. I am low in sodium, and potassium from my htma. Haven't got the bloods done coz it's impossible trying to get a doctor to do them.
    So maybe I'll try add in some iodine to help??
    I've got adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism and I am so sick of the brain fog and feelings of not enough sleep.
    I have a 3 year old and I want to live my life, not lay around hoping for energy to come find me.

  29. Iodine will stress your body, which will in turn stress your adrenals. Which is stressed if you potassium and sodium is low.

  30. A simple NON invasive way to Start is to eat UNPROCESSED SALT! http://www.realsalt.com

  31. there is a little iodine in my Forti-Spray (minerals) that I spray my food with. Surely that's not a big deal. My RBC mag is good at least.

  32. Copied from files. Last paragraph written on iodine.
    I'm sure if there wasn't a reason for optimal levels Morley wouldn't mention it would he??

  33. Katie- yes… there are a lot of people who say don't do anything till the adrenals are healed. And while I generally agree, nothing was working for me (I had my saliva tests done, and I was super low cortisol all day long.) In addition I had all the symptoms of hypo but all my tests were normal. I chose to take the chance. Iodine has been an absolute miracle for me. I'm happy. No more brain fog. Lots more energy. I sleep much better. Listen to your body, pay very close attention to it… no one knows your body better than you. And while all systems are SUPPOSED to work the same, they simply don't. If they did, there would be a clearcut path for every issue. Do the cofactors, magnesium, and focus of great nutrition. Only you know you.

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