Why is bicarbonate a needed cofactor?


Why is bicarbonate a needed cofactor? What foods contain it? I can’t find any doing a google search, should I be looking for something else, a compound maybe?

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  1. Need the same info please

  2. Baking soda. It aids in absorption

  3. Bicarbonate helps Magnesium get into the cells. Drink mag water. My-magnesium.com

  4. How do we take it and how much? I do put approx 1/2 c in my epsom bath but I'm guessing that isn't enough

  5. Drink mag water. It has it in it. Recipe in link above

  6. Does the sparkling water have to be unflavored?

  7. Sparkling water (which I love) really irritates my tummy. I wouldn't mind normally but the extra gas irritates my vagus nerve which then sets off PVCs 🙁 With Zantac and digestive enzymes, I have finally gotten rid (for the most part) of the PVCs. I'd hate to disrupt that.

  8. It goes flat

  9. So I take it, baking soda is just an ingredient for the mag water? I can't see how it is "needed" for the cells if its not found in any foods, or am I missing something?

  10. Not an ingredient in mag water. It is magnesium bicarbonate. It helps get magnesium into the cells. Not baking soda

  11. Mag water is milk of magnesia and sparkling water

  12. Ahh, got it thank you. this explained it a bit more http://drsircus.com/medicine/magnesium-bicarbonate-alkaline-water-2/

  13. The foods high in bicarbonate are also the ones high in potassium, mainly fresh fruits and vegetables. Plus your body makes its own bicarbonate when digestion is working efficiently.

    I drink mag bicarbonate water.

  14. Baking soda lowers stomach acid ( hcl) if you're Low in hcl and mag, do you still take baking soda?

  15. Not baking soda. Magnesium bicarbonate

  16. Cheri where do I get mag bicarbonate besides MoM?

  17. Is mag carbonate the same as mag bicarbonate?

  18. The marriage of MoM to plain sparkling water yields Magnesium bicarbonate, also known as Mag Water.

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