Why is hashimoto so common?


Please help, why is hashimoto so common?? This is crazy??? I have it since 2009 and now trying to fight off infection from my extracted root canals they think is my root cause

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  1. Maybe because there is better testing – the TSH test didnt exist before the 70s and Drs had to go by symptoms \nAnd I havent bothered finding my root cause – I take my meds and Im good

  2. I do not see how root canals can cause your body to attack your thyroid.

  3. I agree, a root canal would not cause hashis. I have had a few with no problems. Now if you had a bad dentist, that would cause a lot of problems.

  4. You all must be nuts I live it !!!! Google toxic root canals and is your root canal killing you

  5. You tube Hal Huggins !!!! It is a dead tooth that harbors infection and is systemic through body causing hashimoto.

  6. Well no a bad root canal will cause problems, but how will that cause hashis?

  7. Danielle LaCour, that was one of the first questions that my endocrinologist asked me. What dental work have you had done up to this point. Trying to find a trigger that started my Hashis. Turns out mine was triggered during a pregnancy.

  8. Lol. I have Hashimotos and have never had a root canal. In my 20 years of dental assisting I have never had anyone request we pull their root Canal teeth cause it caused their autoimmune disease. Sorry I don’t mean to sound rude but I just think it’s ridicules and I feel bad someone told u to get them pulled. Now u have to worry about replacing them.

  9. ^^^ well that was a backhanded comment. I would never laugh at someone’s situation. You have no idea unless you are living through it.

  10. I just think it’s funny that some doctors think root canals cause hashimotos. That’s what the lol was about. I feel bad for Danielle that she had teeth removed

  11. It isn’t the root canal themselves, it’s the infection at the root that weakens the immune system over time.

  12. I have just been through removing of all junk metal & mercury in my teeth. Now, chelation for detoxing my body. My health has improved. Put up with bad health for 4 decades. Love feeling better. Will have blood work done after holidays.

  13. Probably from all the increased radiation we are exposed to. We do have a hole in our ozone layer not to.mention the fucashema melt down

  14. I’m sorry you felt you needed to pull your teeth.

  15. Come to think of it, I have felt crap ever since having a root canal done.

  16. Most people with Lyme disease also have Hashi’s, along with low vit D and often a lowered immune system shown by low CD57 test numbers.
    A lot of people with fibromyalgia really have Lyme that is undiagnosed or was undertreated. Sooo……
    With the number of new cases of Lyme at about 300,000 pet year, that’s going to make for a lot of cases of Hashi’s.

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