Why is his Mag so low?


So I get it that magnesium is the base here and I’m getting my son started because his levels are super bad. But why are they so bad? Is there a reason that causes one to be so deficient in Mag? He takes b vitamins and CLO and whole food C. Why is his Mag so low? What is the root cause for most people?

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  1. My understanding is that up to 80% of the population could be magnesium deficient due to the way agriculture farms the land. Does he get magnesium supplements and still remains deficient?

  2. Oxidative stress.

  3. Prob draining it trying to recover from the insane vax schedule.

  4. Has he been under stress or is he a stressed little person? I just read that stress causes you to lose it more quickly.

  5. It's not in the soils so not in our food. Nothing new. My grandparents were given Epsom salts ( in water to drink) 100 years ago.

  6. Many things in addition to diet deplete Magnesium. Drugs. stress, too much iron in the body, vitamin D3, sugar, artificial sweeteners are just some.

  7. Cofactors, they must be used to get mag into cells. 😉

  8. Also the soil our food is grown in is becoming void of essential minerals

  9. What is your mag rbc? If mom is depleted, baby is depleted and he may be playing catch up
    Copper and iron dysregulation affect mag levels too

  10. Okay so another question… his hair test shows magnesium off the charts. Like so much magnesium. But his blood shows really low. So he's dumping it?? Why? Cofactors??

  11. Judy Mikovits mentioned a primary immune deficiency in magnesium transport- MAGT1 is not working. Here is a study I found when looking over my notes yesterday- it links EBV to it.

  12. Interesting Nicole!!! I will have to read up on this!

  13. Genetic… there are several magnesium genes.. example;
    EGF was linked to isolated renal hypomagnesaemia (IRH), a rare disorder of low serum Mg2+ concentrations because of renal Mg2+ wasting. Whole-genome linkage analysis and subsequent candidate gene analysis in a family with IRH (Mg2+ serum levels ∼0.5 mmol/L) resulted in the identification of mutations in the EGF gene [54]. In addition to hypomagnesaemia, the IRH phenotype consists of moderate mental retardation and epileptic seizures.

    I personally have many mutations in the published Oxford journal.
    And had a hard time bringing up my magnesium. IV helped me.


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