Why is it important to prevent cross contamination?


Ok, I have a question! Probably a stupid question, and maybe I’m looking to deep into this, I don’t know, but thought I’d still ask! This week I did receive my test results stating that I do definitely have Celiacs Disease :(! I have been researching stuff for weeks, constantly reading about it, and I have soooooooo many questions! First, I’m reading that there is NO food that is 100% gluten free, and that as long as the product has less than 20 ppm then they are allowed to label it as gluten free. I read that most companies may have 5-10 Ppm’s but that it will never measure down to zero. So if that’s the case, why is it so important to prevent cross contamination? I’m just wondering why People say it’s important to have your own toaster, dishes, etc….but really, how much gluten can you really get from using clean dishes, pans, strainers, or a toaster ?! I’m so scared to eat ANYTHING!

2nd, I’m not sure if fruits and vegetables are included in the foods that they’re talking about that aren’t 100% gluten free but here’s where I may be over thinking lol! If rain comes from the water on the earth evaporating and rising to form clouds, is that rain gluten free? That water could be evaporated from the part of the earth where wheat, rye, and barley crops are growing! So when it rains on the fruits and vegetables does it make those not gluten free? ?!

So Really I’m just wondering if NOTHING is actually 100% gluten free do we really need to worry so much about cross contamination? I know I’m thinking too hard, but I just want to make sure I do everything right and now I’m afraid to really eat anything ?!

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  1. Meat, fruits and vegetables are 100% gluten free. You can’t buy seasoned meats or veggies. All fresh.

  2. Fruits, veggies, meats – all naturely gluten free. Just be careful with cross contamination if you use a shared kitchen

  3. Your questions are good! Cross contamination raises the amount of gluten to a dangerous level.

  4. only a small part of the wheat, rye or barley plants contain gluten. it’s in the seed head, the part dried and ground to make flours and other food. https://www.verywell.com/seven-common-questions-about-gluten-and-grains-563153

  5. Cross contamination is>than 20 ppm. And it’s untrue there are not 100% gluten free foods. You’re reading urban myths online. Go buy”Gluten Free for Dummies “. Meat veggies and fruit are all gluten free. Beware anything in a box. Read those labels.

    Get separate cooking etc things.

  6. You’re not overthinking. Or if you are, most have been there or know someone who’s been there. So I think you’re questioning things the right way.
    Honestly, the research I did had me going down the rain water path and totally freaking. So I get it.
    Keep asking. If you have a question, 10 others did too Who were afraid to ask!

  7. Lol legit questions. First breathe. You got this! Second one crumb of bread is 50mg of gluten which is something over 200 ppm. I think dont quote me. So cross contamination is a Biggy! Clean foods like fruits veggies legumes and meats are all gluten free , naturally! It gets tricky when things are processed. Also testing can only be as specific as 5 ppm nothing lower with processed stuff because they don’t have testing equipment that accurate so can’t guarantee lower than 5ppm. Which is still safe for most to all celiacs. More than that may cause some people issues. You are in the right support group everyone here is so helpful and kind you doing everything right by asking these qs!

  8. First, There are Gluten Free/ Allergen Free facilities that will offer pure without Gluten.

  9. Second, all Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are 100% Gluten Free and Safe

  10. Most Restaurants have an allergen report or allergen statement you can find on line, you need to look for and avoid the Allergen Wheat!

  11. At any Restaurant you need to tell them You Have Celiac, they will be more aware and careful. If you simply say Gluten free, it won’t be taken as seriously.

  12. I applaud you for learning as much as you can. I am very happy you are on your way to health success!

  13. Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Fresh Meats are 100% Gluten Free and Safe. Keep things simple and you will be fine.


    I learned a lot from your question. I’ve been wondering the same thing!

  14. Oh my…you are seriously over thinking this way to much.

  15. Thank you so much everyone! I know I was probably over thinking but I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing:)! I just didn’t understand why the cross contamination was so serious! It just didn’t seem like you would get as much gluten from that but it’s good to know that you do, so I totally get it now and will be waaaaaaaaay careful! I’m just trying to make sense if it all! One thing I did read is that bananas have lectins which cause the same effect as gluten? Has anyone had problems eating them? And can you eat cottage cheese?

  16. I have another question! I’m reading that you need to have separate dishes and silverware in your home because even after washing them they can contain gluten on them. So what about in a restaurant where everyone uses the same dishes? I think I’m going to eat off paper plates, use paper cups and use plastic silverware! That’s probably the safest way I think!

  17. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, poultry are all inherently gluten-free in their pure, raw, unseasoned form. Shop the outer perimeter of the store and buy whole foods.

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