Why is it impossible to lose this weight!?


Halloween is my favorite holiday. So I was devastated when last years costume doesn’t fit. Then last night at work I specifically asked someone not to take video or pictures of all of me. And well they did. Because my feelings about how I feel about myself don’t mean shit to them.

Why is it impossible to lose this weight!? I’ve tried everything. Everything but surgery.

I am. Not an over eater. (Actually I rarely eat. And not because I’m starving myself, but I’m not hungry)

I’ve gone to the gym for months, all while eating right, (I have a healthy diet on a normal basis) for months on end. And not lose a single pound.

Sometimes I just want to take a cleaver and lob parts of me off.

Why does this have to be so hard!?

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  1. I religiously tracked my food and exercised and lost 3lbs in 4 months.

    I wanted to get my tubes removed but to do that I had to lose 17lbs. One of my doctors suggested trying a ketogenic diet as a last ditch effort since literally nothing else had worked for me my entire life.

    I lost 40lbs and had my surgery. Now I’m back on it to lose another 40.

    Talk to your doctor or dietician to make sure you aren’t contraindicated for a lchf diet and if you aren’t you may want to give it a try. It is work to track net carbs and calories but for me it’s been worth it.

  2. I’m in the same boat as you, just much more advanced. I get the not hungry part. I don’t eat much (some days lucky to get 500 calories in because I’m just not hungry) because of it and have already destroyed my metabolism (200 extra pounds later). The only warning I can give you is to push through it and force yourself to eat more and more often. I’m still trying to fix mine and I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel I’ve gone so far in the other direction. My doctor has literally said that my body has found a way to add pounds on with air and water.

  3. Jennifer. This post could have been written by me 6 months ago. I promise. Look into AIP diet and if you follow it 150% for 4 months (not a single cheat) you will be shocked. I promise.

  4. Same here. I lost 30 pounds in a year with A LOT of effort. Now I maintain my still 20 pounds overweight frame with no more than a 1000 calories a day, sometimes less. I’m GF, paleo, and reasonably active. It sucks. I basically undereat just to MAINTAIN being overweight.

  5. I know exactly how you’re feeling. I’ve always had issues with how I looked, and now after gaining tonnes with this damned illness, I can’t even bear to look at myself. I avoid mirrors. I won’t let photos to be taken off me and I’ve practically stopped going out because I don’t want anyone to see me. It’s awful. I’m on NDT now and I’ve also gone gluten free. I’m on this regime about four weeks now and see no difference. It’s soul destroying. I’m sticking to it though and hoping to see some changes soon. Sending hugs to you. Xoxo

  6. Eating regularly is extremely important! My dear friend who doesn’t have a thyroid problem starved herself ALL the time. Rarely ate….for years! She never lost an ounce. She would get ill and feel horrid if she ate regularly. She had surgery (I forget which kind; her stomach is less than half of what it was after) and now she is forced to eat and has lost tons w/no problem. I do not recommend surgery to lose weight and that is not what I’m trying to convey here. I am simply stating that even folks who don’t have thyroid issues who don’t eat enough often can’t lose weight. It puts your body into starvation mode and holds onto every bit of fat you do have. An app that tracks macros and or calories can help you keep track of everything easily to make sure you are getting the right amount of food to stay healthy enough to lose weight.

  7. I did everything I could I was lose and gaining back, I ended up having wls 2 1/2yrs ago I have been able to keep it off

  8. I’ve been where you are. I’ve tried everything to lose weight. I weigh over 300 lbs. so people look at me and think it should be easy. I’ve heard the negative stories about surgery so I will not go there.

    For the month of September, I followed a book that changed my life. I dropped 25 lbs. in 30 days. In the book, Following The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse book, I learned that dairy and I don’t get along. I gained back some weight when I added back dairy after the 30 days. But, I’m now down 30 lbs. in about 1.5 months. I had to learn to listen to my body. Good luck with your journey.


  9. Jennifer, I am a holistic nutrition coach and can tell you this for sure…every person is different. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. What one person can eat with no issues maybe poison for another person. Living with Hashi for so many years and always hating on myself for how I looked and why I could not lose weight, inspired me to learn more and more about what the heck is going on in my body. I love these groups because it allows me to learn about other symptoms that may not be mine, as well as, it allows me to know that I am not alone. What I have learned so far from schooling and helping myself is that following any diet that is promoted may not work. The one size fits all does not work at all if you are looking to reduce inflammation and/or lose this weight forever. You have to do what you have never done to get different results. Losing weight is possible with our condition. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You just have to find what works for you and your chemistry. If you don’t mind me suggesting, find a functional doctor who can help you determine what is causing inflammation and preventing weight loss. If you want to lose weight temporarily, you can follow a diet =short term results. If you want to lose it forever, then you have to change everything you do, fitness, what foods to stay away from and evaluate what else is causing you stress in your life. Yes, nutrition is not only what we put on our plates and eat…it also includes what we feed our minds and spirits. Bad relationships, stressful jobs, bad sleeping habits etc etc…will prevent you from getting results. Just know that you CAN lose weight, you just have to do things completely different. Good Luck.

  10. I’m vegan, gluten intolerant, and have hashimoto’s and am also overweight. I feel for you Jennifer.

  11. You need to figure out your basic metabolic rate then create a plan to eat under that level. If you do, it’s statistically impossible to gain weight. It’s basically a math equation. Put less energy into your body than you expend. If you eat meat and veggies and avoid carbs then you will feel fuller longer. I’m not big into the strict diet plans but it’s important to make healthy choices and monitor your intake.

    I also like light exercise like walking/hiking. I’ve been hypothyroid since I was 13 so it’s been a long road! I’ve noticed that when I exercise heavily, my body becomes ravenously hungry and I undo all the good I did by exercising.


  12. Do AIP or at least gluten and dairy free. I lost sixty five lbs in four months with no extra exercise.

  13. I’m in the same boat. I have been GF for almost 3 years, work out, lift weights, track all my food in my fitness pal. I lost about 5lbs and now stuck at the same weight. Haven’t gained any weight which is good because when I was diagnosed I had gained 30 lbs in just a few months with no changes in diet or exercise. Dr said I had Hashimoto’s and said weight would probably never come back off. So frustrating. I have tried Whole 30, Paleo, and others with no success.

  14. Diagnosed hashimoto disorder 23 years ago,my then Dr laid eyes on me and said,”YOU GOT FAT”, just like that laughing. I worked 2 jobs,the second,I worked harder,always parking further,using the stairs,when everyone else used the elevator. I took the hardest set up,work,and tear down,making more money,but the only time,I remember I lost 29 lbs,the Atkin diet,no carbs. It was amazing,then, being from n.j. and part Italian,I think after my first sub sandwich and another couple of ” items”, my 29 lbs was back in about a week and a half. Now 56, postmenopausal,I had 8 teeth pulled out about 18 months,I I gained about 100 lbs in less than 3 months. No,you can’t get it off that I’ve figured out yet,was told by cardiologist without a weight reduction surgery, because my heart is dry and weak,I am going to die. I missed a test,$2,000. from his office,well,the nurse kicked me out of the office,ranting,when I went for my appointment with him,until then,he was so nice and referred me to 2 different weight reduction surgeons, being promised my insurance company’s would cover. NOPE,A TRICK. $3,500. out of pocket for PROTEIN PROGRAM. I’m on SSI,that’s not an option. Dr ranted at me,complaining I missed that $2,000. test. I explained,I had plans for a woman’s cristian retreat,the time was different by 3 hrs.,how long the test was. He said,you better find a rich man,all cavalier. I said ,what the HECK does a rich man want with my FAT BUTT. He then shook his head and said, you better call all the churches ,your going to die without it! He made that statement about 5 times,abrasive. I knew his nurse riled him up about that test ,and I was on his s…t list. Reported him to Medicare,trying to get a Dr through insurance,or I will surely die. Have cut out 90% of my intake since 7-28-17, endocrinologist visit,f/u on 11-09-17. He said my body was attacking my body. Have learned it’s like little carriers that catch floater,build,and don’t leave,hardly for nothing. Isabella Wentz has a couple books,I have her protocol book. It’s very informative,it’s all different and confusing,good luck with the best wishes for a resolves,still learning after all these years!

  15. Try taking T3

  16. If that’s cytomel,I take 2 5 mcg everyday with 125 mcg of accidentally Synthroid,was corrected 3-4 days ago with my regular levoxyl,oh how I had to fight for that. Took a month and a half, finally got them for $1.20 because pharmacist went to bat for me, explaining I had a good case. Otherwise,they wanted $67.00, it was $1.20 almost all my life,now it’s BRAND NAME, SYNTHROID USED TO BE BRAND. I THINK IT IT IS WITH THE WAY THE WIND BLOWS THROUGH THE YEARS.I only recently found out hashimoto disorder isn’t a thyroid disease,it’s a autoimmune disorder associated with the thyroid,making it it’s a thyroid condition associated. Never knew that til recently,learning and not happy.

  17. Keto and intermittent fasting has worked for me and the right meds made the difference

  18. Yep, my doctor made me feel like some huge cow. He said it was either too many calories in, or not enough calories out through exercise. Uh, no. Can’t loose a pound, no mater what. All I eat are allowed vegetables, and small portions of meat. I’m not eating any junk at all. I exercise most days. He has no mercy because he had Hashimotos, too, and he has reached his ideal weight.

  19. Vitd3, t3meds, KETO

  20. Nacsent iodine it helped me get pregnant and it helped me lose weight

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