Why is Magnesium with B not recommended ?


If someone hast MTHFR mutation then why is Magnesium with B not recommended ? The Jigsaw magnesium with B vitamins are methylated form which is what a MTHFR mutation person can handle. Please advise.

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  1. Depending on other genetic issues, some with mthfr cannot even tolerate any b vitamins from supplements. I have to get mine from food and bee pollen.

  2. I am homozygous for 677t mutation and I've done just fine on the jigsaw srt with b vitamins. No issues at all. I mean I have a lot of issues…. but none from this form of mag. Lol

  3. I have COMT and have issues with B.

  4. Magnesium and mthfr


    Have you ladies read the pinned post on the main page of this group and watched the video? Check out the links too.

  5. I was wondering the exact same thing. My understanding is that if you havevMTHFR, you need the methylated forms if B vitamins (which I take separately anyway).

  6. Curious is the MTHFR genetic?

  7. If we want to get tested, what symptoms would convince my doctor to order the test?

  8. I have mthfr and sleep better on the dreaded natural calm than jigsaw. I have no idea why or what a better alternative might be. Seeking answers too

  9. The synthetic vitamin B is toxic to those of us with the MTHFR gene, so the name is appropriate.

  10. Morley’s, Gene and Epigenetics.
    thought process of MTHFR



    Here’s more of a stream of consciousness than an answer.
    An uber bright MAG-­‐o-­‐phile research clinician
    (MD/PhD) had a poignant conversation w/ Dr. Watson of Nobel fame
    in the early 80’s re the immutable nature of genes…” Dr. Watson burst
    out laughing and said: OhRuss, genes are changing ALL THE TIME, we
    just said that to sell DNA to the public…” Hmmmm…Changing ALL the
    time?…What’s needed to make genes turn on/off?!? It’s proper
    methylation, right?…And there are 150-­‐200 methyltransferase (MT)
    enzymes I’ve studied 10 carefully (eg, MTHFR, COMT, HNMT,etc)
    and these are all Copper-­‐dependent.. And what makes Copper bioavailable?…
    Being properly attached to its anti-­‐oxidant protein, Ceruloplasmin( Cp).
    And what affects Cp production? Stress!”: Stress!”
    >>Mg Loss>>Inc ACTH>>ACTH KILLS Cp>>Low Cp>>High unbound Cu!!!
    So what’s the BIG deal of High Unbound Cu vs Low Bound Copper?…High
    Unbound Cu >>Inc Oxidative Stress>>Inc OH Radicals…( These are HIGHLY
    destructive to nucleotide bonds…)Low Bound Cu>>Low Cp AND LowCu,Zn-­‐SOD1
    Morley’s Gene and Epigenetics thought process
    Low Bound Cu >>Dropin ATP production in Complex IV of ETC…Why’s that important? If Cu’s NOT present COX don’t work. They BREAK nucleotide bonds
    perfectly…BOTH Unbound Fe & Unbound Cu can CREATE OH groups at will via
    the Fenton Reaction…ALL DAY LONG… Bioavailable Copper is ESSENTIAL
    to make Iron Bioavailable… Yes, it takes healthy Copper to make healthyIron…
    It’s the way MTHR NATURE designed our unique biochemistry…What’s
    KEY to neutralizing ROS, esp. H2O2, O-­‐, AND OH? Cu,Zn-­‐SOD1( Cu,Zn
    needed) GSH Peroxide(Mg, Se& S needed) Catalase (Cu,Fe &Mg! needed)What
    bathes genes ALL DAY LONG under optimal,”Stress-­‐free!” settings?…Zinc Mg
    B-­‐Vitamins (esp. B6!) What nutrients LEAVE the body under” Stress!”?…Zinc
    (Aldosterone!) Mg (Catecholamines & Aldosterone!!!! B-­‐Vitamins And who’s job
    is it to REPAIR these nucleotide breaks in theDNA?!?DNA Ligase 1 for” nicks”…
    DNA Ligase 2 for “single nucleotide breaks…”DNA Ligase 3 for “double nucleotide
    breaks…”And what mineral is ESSENTIAL to make & activate the DNA Ligase Family?!? None other than our sponsor, Maggie!!! And there are other repair enzymes
    that involve Zn& B’s,but I’m not fully aware of them, but I KNOW there are others…
    So, optimal levels of Maggie: keep” Stress!” Response healthy…( Keep Cu bound
    & keep energy flowing w/ the help of Maggie…And if Mg-­‐ATP CAN’T be made
    that’s just another, but MAJOR, cellular” Stressor!”keep anti-­‐oxidant pathways
    working optimally…keep the DNA Ligase Family in proper form& function. That’s
    a windy & random response to an excellent question…
    I welcome questions,push-­‐back& embellishments as this is as much as I’ve gleaned
    with limited study.
    Hope this helps…

  11. It was explained to me this way, depending on all your mutations, you have to work in a specific order. Adding B's is like adding traffic to the freeway. If there are other mutations on the surface streets, you just are creating too much traffic for the system to handle. It's a complex puzzle methylation

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