Why is the baking soda needed for ?


When doing Epson salt baths with baking soda. why is the baking soda needed for ? What does it do?

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  1. alkaline

  2. Thank you

  3. Co-factor for magnesium… adding 1 tbsp borax will take care of anothr co-factor. Then you just need B6 as the last co-factor

  4. Ok great! I just need the B6 any specific brand ? How do I know its not synthetic and how much B6 do I take?

  5. Bee pollem for Bs

  6. 1 tsp of bee pollen, but start out with just a few granules and then increase

  7. Ok perfect I have those too.

  8. How much baking soda and Epsom's salt do you use?

  9. How can baking soda be a cofactor? I mean I don't doubt it would help absorb the mag, I just like to understand the reason why I'm doing things.

  10. So you put the baking soda, Borax, AND the bee pollen in the bath?? What if you get anaphylaxis from bee stings, can you use bee pollen?

  11. 2 cups epsom salts and 1 cup baking soda. costco has big bags for like 7.00 a bag.

  12. I just bought Epsom salt for baths. Is there any after effects on skin or period of time you should sit in it for?

  13. Many are allergic. Is there a co-factor substitute for the bee pollen?

  14. Don't think I want coconut oil going down my drain.

  15. How much bicarb do you add to a foot soak? Is it OK to do the foot soak without the bicarb?

  16. I've had Epsom salt baths since early childhood. I've never put anything else in with it.

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