Why is vitamin D3 frowned upon?


Ok next question: why is vitamin D3 frowned upon? I have a deficiency (verified through blood work) and when I stop taking it I feel it. Also my psychiatrist wants me on it for depression. I take Garden of Life

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  1. It deplete magnesium, calcification of the organs, potassium wasting via the kidneys

  2. Please read the many post from the previous few days

  3. What is she supposed to do then for vitamin D esp if the weather is cool and the sun's not out much…?

  4. I feel better when I take vitD too

  5. Heather Quail Lister – get the four "D" blood tests done and then you will really know your "D" status.
    Read this page

  6. Sherri Vandewall – What is your Magnesium RBC value?

  7. Magnesium will increase d levels. Plus cod liver oil has food based a retinol and d. Eggs and oily fish and portabella mushrooms

  8. The vitamin D I take is food based. Huh good to know that magnesium increases D…..maybe in time I can reduce or stop. Right now I take 5000mg. I see my hematologist in January & I'll request the proper tests

  9. Also I just started taking 400mg of magnesium glycinate

  10. @ MJ Hampstead.
    MJ, I want to thank you for reposting. It dues help. I pulled up one of your posts yesterday to show exactly what tests I wanted. Thank you, MJ Hampstead

  11. I take garden of life as well. But I take an extremely high dose because I'm so severely low

  12. My sister has graves and she had an RAI also. My D numbers are finally acceptable to my doc now I have to work on mag. I struggle a lot with sleep. Horribly so. Since starting on the glycinate at night and the malate during the day I sleep. Like I slept till 10 today. That is unheard of for me. I wonder if a magnesium deficiency can cause restlessness or mild anxiety?

  13. I hope so cause I'm tapering off a klonopin which I take for anxiety. My psych recommended magnesium so I just started a few days on mag glycinate

  14. Oh I hope it helps you. Klonopin is no joke

  15. Remember, blood sugar issues and gallbladder issues will prevent your body producing producing D regardless 🙂

  16. Isolated D3 supplements are frowned upon. It's fine to get D3 from foods such as cod liver oil. This is because foods also have vitamin A and other cofactors in the right proportions.

  17. As long as I avoid simple carbs my blood sugar stays stable. However there is a possibility that my gall bladder is struggling because I have issues like low acid and a hiatal hernia. Neither bother me if I eat right. I'm considering adding bile salts and iodine because I'm severely deficiebt

  18. I think its important to remember that we are all different….not everyone is going to have the same biochemistry going on

  19. So true Kerry

  20. Vitamin d3 will only calif organs if you over doing calcium suppliments . Do not suppliment calcium you are getting enough in your food. Soft bones are not a calcium issue they are a viral in d issue along with low magnesium et al. If you have a thyroid issue you need a multi vitamin and a good mineral suppliment . If you are on statins and metformen or antibiotic therapy, you need b12 and d3 suppliments. The drugs use up d3 and b12 when the drugs are metabolized . I learned this when I got lyme disease with my diabetes and hypothyroid.

  21. I get terrible pains in my shin bones if I stop taking my d3. My d3 was only 20 I now have it up to 55… just do jot take calcium suppliments they are not neccessary if you eat a balanced diet.

  22. Heather, do you take vitamin K2 to help direct the D3 to the appropriate places or do you just do the D3 alone?

  23. No d3 at all

  24. I'd like to know more about the link between a lazy gallblader and low D absorption…

  25. Take cod liver oil instead.

  26. I'm very low on d as well and suffer from anxiety and depression. Even d3 drops are frowned upon?

  27. Yes all d3 deplete magnesium. Magnesium will increase d levels so does cod liver oil

  28. Cod liver oil seems to have so little d in it

  29. CLO has little D in it, but it is natural, not synthetic, D and comes in the right balance with several other nutrients if not fortified.

  30. I pretty sure my d deficiency is part of my many problems

  31. Judy Oxley a good thread on Vit.D

  32. I had to stop my D and k .I was getting kidney sand with a few stones thrown in for fun….I thought maybe I was taking to much mag ….no it was the D sucking out the calcium thus the problem..

  33. Think of it this way….those who live in the North (Scandinavian countries, where most CLO comes from) have tons of cod available to them, but little to no sunlight, so that they will get their D that way. Our Creator knows best 😉

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