Why it is recommended to eat liver once a week?


Can folks help me understand why it is recommended to eat liver once a week? I tried looking in the pinned posts but couldn’t find anything which is not to say it isn’t there.

Also, can folks comment on what type of liver they eat like chicken, beef, calf and why?

Also can folks comment on dessicated beef liver capsules versus food liver.

Please accept my apologies in advance if all the above information is somewhere and I’m just not seeing it. TIA

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  1. Fresh beef liver once a week or the capsules. For iron, vitamins B n A i think it is. The aim is whole food supplements so our bodies can use them effectively.

  2. Also, my mom and grandma ALWAYS made liver and ONIONS. Were the onions just for taste or is that part of lost Ancient Wisdom like the onions did something for health or there was a synergistic effect when combined? They ate it once a week. I can remember that kitchen and whole house smell to this day.

  3. Beef liver is rich in bioavailable copper

  4. Morley re copper…..

    Take a note pad…. enjoy


  5. Dear Kris

    Remember we need healthy ceruloplasmin to transport bio available copper…

    Get that copper moving.. check iron status and enjoy your liver casserole

  6. Fwiw you don't have to eat liver straight up. I add it to ground beef or stews. There are plenty of ways to "hide" it if you don't like it.

  7. I dislike liver. My mil said she will make me bacon wrapped liver with dates. Sounds yummy 🙂

  8. Some Ancient Wisdom here I bet. Especially the dates!

  9. Retinol, iron, copper, B-12. I use Perfect Supplements. No taste, just DO NOT stick your nose in the bottle.

  10. Chicken liver is the only one I can actually eat… So I hope its OK!

  11. I take the pills. As a former vegetarian, liver is really hard for me.

  12. Oops I thought it was either bee pollen OR liver. I guess we need both.

  13. What if you are vegetarian?

  14. Excellent source of vit a and copper needed to make ceruloplasmin. Iron too yes.. And b12 which so many us lack. I combine it with raw milk to ensure uptake b12 and iron transport.

  15. Chris Masterjohn has a lot of good info
    on liver. Find him on Google and You Tube.

  16. There are recipes of beef liver, contributed by members, in
    Photos > Albums > Recipes- Food folder.

  17. What if I have too much copper? Is liver still recommended?

  18. Can I eat raw beef liver ?

  19. I saw in previous posts that beef liver is restricted in pregnancy down to one capsule per day and I could never find an explanation why. A pregnant mother needs more nutrients not less which is why I'm at a loss. Does it have to do with vit A? I thought only synthetic vit A was a cause for concern, not food derived (unless you eat way too much of course)

  20. My understanding from Morley is that beef liver is the perfect, bio-available source of iron copper and zinc. Morley talks about this in the live to be 110 podcast # 92 copper deregulation. Hope this helps

  21. I believe that liver tablets do not have same benefits as fresh beef liver.. Tablets are processed and vit A is really sensitive to oxidation.. It is really that hard eat 150-200g portion of beef liver once a week? I mean really? It is like convincing kids to eat vegetables. Ridiculous and silly..

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