Why it’s bad to take hormone D without mag?


Can someone explain for me in simple terms so I can pass to my grandma why it’s bad to take hormone D without mag? Thanks

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  1. It's not a debate. It's biological. The body uses magnesium to convert D to the usable form. I am not guessing, this is fact. As for you not believing it and need further proof other than this forum, try Google.

  2. Proper testing of D levels, mag and calcium levels are needed and advised before any discussion of hormone D supplementation is discussed. Morley Robbins will NOT give advice until proper testing has been done and the results are posted. Conventional doctors only test storage levels of D. They don't test the active levels and that is what contributes to misinformation. Doctors tell their patients to load up on D without even knowing their patients true levels. Mega doses of D, regardless of its effects on magnesium, is toxic.

  3. I am somewhat skeptical as well abot Carolyn Dean. She is known to at least have had questionable business practices which includes her supplements. credibility?

  4. I look at people like Bill Davis MD, Kriss kesser and Robb wolf. Well read and reasonable

  5. 10 seconds on Google produced this article on how D is processed and what role magnesium plays in that production.


  6. I had quit all supplements because of this site it got way to confusing and convoluted. I used to take VitD, Cal-mag, food grad Vit C and fish oil. There is always someone else's research to contradict the other I had no clue if what I was doing is right anymore or what supplements to take together. With our busy lives now a days it is way easier to get some exercise, eat right and screw all of this confusing crap. I did manage to get Mag RBC tested and its normal even though I had supplemented with Vit- D for a couple of years, Iron is also normal can't get the rest done and don't have time to be running around trying to find a doctor that will do them as I am very sure is the case with more than 1/2 the people on this site. It makes it hard to trust a site that does nothing but push mag without insisting on Kidney testing and knowing your situation but wants to know your situation and test before you take Vit-D which yes, you can become toxic with over saturation. Than there is the added benefit of picking the right brands and where the fish oil comes from with all the poisoning in the oceans and certain berries and fillers that have the potential to make me very sick or cause death so have to research all these ingredients as well . This site gets frustrating with some people criticizing and making you feel stupid, upset because your question is construed as negative toward magnesium, have answered the same question too many times from other people, it's about a vitamin other than mag, or saying search and read all the attached pages (which I have done but forget a lot of it).

  7. Magnesium has been well- studied in many research trials and these show that magnesium has an extremely low number of side effects and an AMAZINGLY good safety profile with virtually the only people ever reporting Magnesium Overdose are those with kidney problems or those who have received inappropriate dosing by the intravenous route in hospitals.

    Read more: http://www.side-effects-site.com/magnesium-side-effects.html#ixzz3PxYn5OJC

  8. This is the man who advised me and my "incurable" barrettes esophagus was cured!…I trust him because he looks at research studies sees if it's was done in a logical way…if the logic adds up…they have helped me and I believe what they advise…they are not new at this.

  9. They work together.

  10. Many sites now are just plain blogs. At first they sing the praises of a Certain food or vitamin. Then, a few months later, they come up with an article with the headline Why I stopped eating or taking that food or vitamin. In the article, they bash it and start singing the praises of something else. It's all about the money. The company paying the highest commission gets to be in the lime light. That's why I don't trust many sites. Even if they're written by doctors, many times it's just a product they endorse to make a buck. Doctors do get kick backs from the pharmaceutical companies too, that's why all they do is prescribe meds. Got high cholesterol? Here's a prescription for Lipitor. Nothing about changing diet…just take the meds.

  11. Not all blogs are by people getting paid to promote products. Many are honest people who may be misled by the information they find.

  12. I didn't say ALL blogs are just promoting stuff. I said MANY of them are. Let's face it…most of them are trying to make money. Stay at home mom's looking to make extra cash. Some of the more popular ones take in 5 figures a month.

  13. Maria Dolores Chagas Oliveira Parathyroid Glands and Hyperparathyroidism: Amazing Animation.: http://youtu.be/sD9st1ZPFrQ
    This is a answer for calcium in the blood causing havac…I would not blame vitamin D.
    I understand and believe my mom my have this !!! This page as much as we do not agree on the D thing or ascorbic acid thing!…has been extremely helpful to many people when someone posted this I was like YES…that's why my mom has calcium issues…it's very under diagnosed!

  14. Sierra Hayes how do we know it's December that mobilizes calcium? Couldn't it be this? Parathyroid Glands and Hyperparathyroidism: Amazing Animation.: http://youtu.be/sD9st1ZPFrQ????

  15. When ingested, synthetic vitamin D products mobilize calcium from the bones into the bloodstream, producing hypercalcemia, kidney failure, central nervous system depression and heart failure – all signs of parathyroid dysfunction. When taken in by the sun your body will only take in what it needs. I hope that makes sense.

  16. This is how I get mine.


  17. Sierra, Your point is well taken on the synthetic vitamin D products. With the exception of raw cod liver oil all of the vitamin D supplements on the market are synthetic. Getting your vitamin D from the sun is ideal. For those living in northern climates, dark skinned, obese, working/schooling indoors, use sun block, etc. getting adequate vitamin D from the sun is a challenge. In Northern Norway where the winters bring 20-24 hours of darkness getting vitamin D from food is essential. A traditional Norwegian dish called mølje consists of fresh cod, cod roe, cod livers and cod liver oil. When researchers studied vitamin D levels of a population in Andenes (a village in the Vesterålen district of Nordland county, Northern Norway), they discovered that they actually had equally high levels of vitamin D in the winter as they had in the summer thanks is large part to the consumption of mølje. If you are going to supplement with vitamin D take raw, fresh cod liver oil from wild caught cod.

  18. II agree with you 100% Archie Welch 🙂 I'm Canadian and cod liver oil, milk, eggs and off course we still have many sunny days we can take advantage of when possible 🙂 I would NEVER take D from a bottle 🙂 Keep warm Archie Welch .Oh, I must give credit to the very knowledgeable Chris Boyce for the Vitamin D reply 🙂

  19. is the Vitamin D in Milk synthetic? How about raw milk?

  20. Just tell her that practically everyone has been deficient in magnesium since the mid 1950s and it is one of our most important minerals, Between the mid 1970s and the mid 1990s the level of magnesium in foods went down by a third and who knows since then because the USDA stopped publishing The Nutritional Guide to Foods, probably out of embarrassment. .Vitamin D is low too since sunscreen is in everything and we eat less liver and stay indoors. Vitamin D needs magnesium among other cofactors.

  21. Sierra Hayes I had calcium tested on high dose d and no hypercalcemia. Hypercalcemia is defined by a calcium level higher than normal I was told by this group that with my high D intake that my calcium would be high. It wasn't

  22. This is scary…I take around 1000 mg of mag.i Take no D. I am in the desert sun about 4 hours a day. My d levels are 20.

  23. Hi Jeff Rehrauer, it's great that your calcium isn't high. Honestly, I don't take any supplements in pill form, I drink Mg water and that's it. I'm learning through what's presented here on Vitamin D and would never consider it anyway. I know there is always exeptions to everything though.

  24. Unfortunately this group puts the fear of God in you that if you take D that you will be hypercalcemic. A bit chicken little if you ask me. Maybe I'm just fortunate

  25. The group recommends testing to make sure that is not happening. Mine was high and I would not have know without testing. My doc surely never suggested it.

  26. Jeff Rehrauer, I believe the more informed we are about all takes on any subject the better off we all are. 🙂

  27. I Agee but I had testing and I was ok. Some in this group insist that with d YOU WILL HAVE HYPERCALCEMIA!

  28. Interesting that people PM me about dissenting views because they fear speaking alternative views. This group needs to be more accepting.

  29. Maybe someone can explain to me what happened to me when years ago (before I got into a more holistic approach) I was so so so low on vitamin D that he prescribed a once a week pill of 50,000IU. I later found out this was Vitamin D2 when another doctor saw my Mom's prescription. We had the same pills, so I assume mine was D2 as well.

    I took the pill on Wed. I could not wake up till along about Saturday, & I was groggy. & foggy headed till about Monday. I felt like I was hit by a Mac truck! Thought I had the flu. I took my second pill that We'd.. REPEAT! I threw them in the trash!

    My doctor thought I was crazy, & he never heard of such a thing. Treated me like I was a hypochondriac!

    I did a lot of research & figured it raised my calcium so high, I probably came close to a stroke.

    For years my calcium jumped around, to being too low, to almost over, but my PTH was always ok. I know calcium runs in a very tight ratio- which mine was not, it was all over the place.

    I thought for sure I had a parathyroid problem because I was low on phosphorous too–which is a 3rd world country problem. They give phosphorous to lower calcium I believe it is. I can't recall now, it was so long ago.

    Anyway— so what caused my week of foggy headedness & inability to wake up?

  30. This is the best and simplest explanation that I have read by Morley. "Simply put, there are two Seesaws with Hormone-D:
    o Seesaw #1: the balance of Active Hormone-D (1,25 Hydroxy) which your doctor NEVER tests to Storage Hormone-D (25 Hydroxy) which is what is ALWAYS tested… They ride on a rail together…
    o Seesaw #2: the balance of Calcium to Magnesium… They, too, ride of a rail together..

    Now, this is the most important part:
    o Magnesium & Storage Hormone-D are tied together…
    o Calcium and Active Hormone-D are tied together…

    So, when Storage Hormone-D is LOW, this is what it REALLY means:
    1) Magnesium is likely deficient or certainly Low…
    2) Active Hormone-D is HIGH — they are on a seesaw!
    3) Calcium is ALSO HIGH — again, it's on a seesaw with Maggie…
    And when Storage Hormone-D is low, it means you need Mo'' Maggie (& Mo' Cholesterol) in your diet…

    Worrying about Hormone-D in isolation of these OTHER critical components of your overall health is very risky business… "

  31. I believe, for the safety of everyone's individual health it's best to make sure the proper tests are taken to keep on top of things 🙂

  32. I agree 100 percent with testing but to say blankedly d will always cause problems is untrue.

  33. Patrick Boyle's research artical says take D with K is important , and important to MAG absorbion!! …if you have calcium issues take D & K with K2…the Research article also says A is important to keep all things balanced it says taking huge amounts of D (20,000 iu) is not recommended …. (no one takes that much do they? !) Most people take 600iu… Basically D is crucially important…that's what I got from it. it's bad advice to not keep all vitamins in balance …D + K add some A helps mag absorb.
    D doesn't hurt you unless you are D toxic! !! And that is NOT most people. Don't put all your faith in one man.

  34. Becky Kroeger Goodrich accordingto Patrick Boyle article you should never take even half that much everything gets off !! Your Doctor probably should never have done that Im thinking.

  35. If you have money to blow on testing that's great …most people need D+K+A+MAG…

  36. Nina Ulmer there are some interesting links in this thread that might help.

  37. Holly Lerche Mahler, ALL people need D +K+A+MAG, it's all about how we get it though. I don't consider testing blowing money, but then again I live in Canada where it;'s free lol Until you have the tests you can't say it's doing you good or not. 🙂 Let's talk Magnesium 🙂

  38. Reading all this has burned more magnesium than I care to say. 🙂

  39. LOL Patrick Boyle.

  40. Holly Lerche Mahler…Proper testing is needed to determine what minerals you are lacking. Vitamin and mineral supplements are chemical replicas of the real thing. Taking mega doses of any of them is toxic. It's like overdosing on a drug. That's why getting nutrients from whole food sources is recommended as opposed to synthetic supplements. It is irresponsible to just blindly take supplements not knowing how much you really need.

  41. Jeff Rehrauer, I think it's great that you have an open mind. It's a difficult thing to change our beliefs from one thing to another.I'd be very interested to see how much your Mg level goes up . It shouldnt take too long for you since you are alread y over the 5 mark. Don't forget those pumpkin seeds 🙂 I wish you high Mg levels 🙂

  42. I can say it's doing me good by how I feel when I take them can't i?

  43. 108 comments?? For a simple explanation? I don't even want to attempt to find the answer now, geeeesh! Ridiculous.

  44. Debbie North Williams

  45. I believe in mag so this group is definitely for me. Can't wait to get brag levels up to see how I feel

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