why the heck does everything have gluten?


Thanks for adding me!! So happy to have a group the gets what I’m going through!! I’m only a week into going gluten free and I’m amazed at how much better I feel!! So nice not waking up with a gluten “hangover” every morning. So crazy to think about all the years of suffering I’ve delt with unnecessary.

Couple of questions does anyone else get an insanely itchy and swollen ear/throat almost instantly after eating gluten? I do, it’s an instant warning to me that I just screwed up and ate something bad. This is how I discovered even some gum has gluten (why the heck does everything have gluten?!?)

Breakfast…. I don’t eat eggs/pork, and don’t like sugary stuff first thing in my day. What do I eat now??!! This has been a dayly struggle, and the hardest meal for me to deal with so far.

Looking forward to reading everyones posts and suggestions!!!

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  1. I’ll eat strawberries and yogurt for breakfast. I’m the same way. Just watch certain brands of yogurt.

  2. Gf oatmeal with walnuts and berries is my fave!\n\nI get throat irritation after cross contamination. It’s pretty minimal but I do notice a swollen feeling and a need to keep drinking cold water.

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