Why we can’t have some lotions and cosmetics?


I don’t understand why we can’t have some lotions and cosmetics? I thought you would have to actually ingest gluten in order to have a problem. Please help!

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  1. Some people have issues if they use topical products that have gluten. I can’t use dish detergents, cleaning products, or lotions with gluten. My hands become a very sore itchy mess. I have recently started having cuts that look like paper cuts form on my hands.

  2. Because some people (?‍♀️ don’t judge) have a tendency to get them in their mouths. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten my moisturizer in my mouth. I have a bad habit of chewing on my nails. I’ve gotten shampoo in my mouth. It just happens.

  3. Only if I’m certain it won’t get ingested do I not worry about it – mascara, eyeliner, eye cream. But I’m sure i ingest my hand lotion or hand sanitizer at some point. I know it sounds gross but it happens

  4. I’m also allergic to wheat, so staying away is a must.

  5. I have no idea why but when I use lotion or shampoo or makeup (especially eye makeup) I get a rash and my skin starts itching like crazy. Maybe not everyone gets that but for some reason I do. So for me it’s just easier to avoid!

  6. I break out into really bad and sore hives!

  7. When I apply foundation, it sometimes gets on my lips and accidentally licked off. If you use hand cream with gluten, you can’t wash it off right away cause that defeats the purpose of the lotion. So then it’s on your skin if you’re gonna eat something. Shampoo can sometimes get in your mouth when rinsing, etc. It’s really just anything that can be accidentally consumed. Mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, etc – I don’t worry about those. But lipsticks especially need to be GF, and for me, foundation as well. As long as they don’t contain any gluten ingredients (and I include oats in this – avena sativa is what it’s usually called on lotions and stuff) I’ll use it. I don’t need those kinds of products to be certified cause even if there was a little bit of CC in production, the amount that would be accidentally consumed would be microscopic and not enough to cause any kind of reaction.

  8. Many good answers here!! Thanks y’all. The only products that screw me up is OLAY. Not sure why though. Don’t know if it’s related to gluten or not

  9. I itch from topical gluten, sometimes causing swelling and burning eyes. I even react to gluten free products sometimes especially if they are thick lotions or shampoos

  10. I react but most people don’t. Don’t drop prodcuts unless they bug you personally. People on the internet are nutso some times.

  11. I have DH & wheat allergy therefore I only use gf,chemical free,scent free,dye free.

  12. What lotion must we used i used Nivea

  13. What lotion must we used i used Nivea

  14. But my skin is dry

  15. You can Contaminate your food.

  16. Some of us have topical reactions. If you do not, then there is no need to change any of your personal products.

  17. The skin, scalp, and lips (any mucus membranes) all absorb what they come in contact with. Think of items containing gluten, like applying something containing poison ivy.

  18. I’m just careful with hand lotion and lip products because the touch the food I’m ingesting.

  19. Thx y’all!!

  20. The ‘infamous they’ say you shouldn’t put something on your skin you wouldn’t eat. It all goes into our system one way or another;)

  21. I can use gluten containing products to a limited amount. Shampoo seems ok but not anything that sits on my skin for any length of time.

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