Why would my son need a 504 plan for Celiac?


Basing this question off comments I’ve seen in other posts: why would my son need a 504 plan for Celiac?

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  1. We went ahead and did one for my son. For one thing, his teachers are all made aware and REQUIRED to provide a GF, safe environment. He will be excused from things such as making paper mache from flour or science experiments that require tasting crackers (which actually happened!).

  2. They are also required to provide time to wash his hands after handling play doh, etc. and that kind of thing to prevent accidental ingestion at lunch.

  3. I am going to do one for my son. So many things will need to be thought about. Currently in kindergarten my daughter makes crafts with pasta, gets treats, candy and or baking every day as rewards, plays with playdoh, pizza day etc.

  4. My son is going into 2nd but I’ve never done a plan. I just talk to the teacher at the start of each year. I also provide a snack/treat box that he keeps at school for those “cupcake” occasions. They also give me a heads up for things like pizza parties so I can send stuff in. I never even thought to do a 504. They marked his lunch file and his records show he has celiac and is IGA deficient. Hmmmmm now y’all have me wondering if he needs one.

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