Why would you or why wouldn’t you? (alongside natural therapies)


Radiation – why would you or why wouldn’t you? (alongside natural therapies). A friend has stage 1 breast cancer. She just had a lumpectomy to remove the lump & check the lymph glands, and is doing many nutritional things to help support her immune system etc (juicing/raw alkaline diet/supplements/live hemaview/Rife machine/high dose Vit C etc). The doctors want her to do radiation but she’s not sure about it – it seems less of a terrible thing than chemo (which she’ll say no to), but she’s not sure. Thanks for any advice on why you would or wouldn’t do radiation!

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  1. Radiation not only burns the surface area, but also the internal tissue bones and organs. It is a bad treatment all the way around.

  2. It was the toughest time of this whole journey I'm on. Radiation for seven weeks, 5 days a week w/chemo for Inoperable NSCLC Stage IIIb 7.3cm tumor upper left lobe. And that was over 2 years ago. Still have 7.2cm tumor that I seem to be keeping in check with CO (cannabis oil), along with diet, supplements, and so on. No chemo since January. Feeling better than I did while going thru treatment for a year and a half. I choose quality over quantity for many reasons. But I think that also helps, because how you feel has a lot to do with how you heal. People you surround yourself with, etc…I know none of this really answered your question. But know this, she will feel as bad as she ever has, and then some! I have never been so messed up in my 55years on this planet! Peace, Love, and Cannabis

  3. its a hard decision. I had mastectomy so I didn't need radiation. cancer came back in the spine 8 years later. I just had rads to the spine and was grateful to get it. hadto travel 1000 miles. it was a different kind though, meant to kill the cancer and its not likely to return in that same spot. only 5 days and very precise, super high dose. (comparted to standard 6 weeks with a larger fiels and more damage to healthy tissue. I would want to know the grade of the cancer and if it was er/pr/her2 before deciding. if it turns out she thinks it wouls help, look into newer types. I don't know what its called but there's a new one out where they use a catheter to direct the rads right at the tumor bed and its only a few days. standard radiates the whole breast.

  4. I am no expert; but if my breast cancer were stage one, I would NOT do chemo or radiation. Just a ton of healthy stuff and close monitoring. My breast cancer happens to be stage 2 with heavy lymph node involvement, so I am choosing to do both radiation and chemo. I have a naturopathic oncologist to help me with side effects. My 'regular' oncologist and I are calling mine 'chemo-lite' (haha) since he is using a mix known for much less toxicity then the usual 'red devil' mix….Truthfully, if I had NOT had all the lymph node involvement, I likely would not have chosen to do it either….I guess we all make the best decisions we can when going through all this tough stuff!

  5. I was put under radio with a 17cm tumour the cancer started to grow to about 20cm then they said "sorry it's spread go your breast bone, two tumours on tongue and 18 tumours in right lung. They gave me a monoclonal antibody that worked in a way they wasn't expecting it nearly wiped out the primary tumour. However, it's now came back and they suggested pallative radiotherapy even telling my mum I would get much longer. a complete lie! I'm in so much pain never experienced anything like it and they want to send me to hospice for symptoms control the pain relief on offer methodone and ketomine I'm absolutely disgusted!!! will be doing neither. xxxx

  6. I did radiation too but now wish I would not have since I have heard so many horrible things about it

  7. Creates "Super Cells !"

  8. One of my biggest regrets…would not do!

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  10. Radiation isn't fun either.I would hold off on that as long as possible and check the progress frequently – keep the raw Vegtables going etc.

  11. Please let your friend know that I also had Stage 1 breast cancer in October of 2000. I was told a lumptecomy plus radiation was the statistical equivalent of a mastectomy. I WAS NOT told there was a high likelihood (85%) that I'd never have a recurrence — even if I skipped radiation and chemo. But I went ahead with radiation, believing I'd prevent further breast cancer (I didn't do chemo). Fast forward 11 years to 2011. The irradiated breast was diagnosed with another breast cancer … an entirely different one from the first. And then three years later (2014), another entirely different breast cancer was found in the irradiated breast. So radiation DOES NOT prevent further breast cancer. In fact, there's at least one study (name unknown, sorry) which indicates that women who go through radiation are likely to develop more breast cancer 10 years out. If I'd been told that in 2000, I wouldn't have gone anywhere near radiation. Breast tissue that's been irradiated doesn't heal like normal tissue, so my breast is now deformed from the 2nd and 3rd lumpectomies and there's pain around the scars. In short, radiation turned out to be a nightmare for me. That said, I'm a firm believer in doing what your body seems to be telling you … we're all different. I wish your friend the very best.

  12. Radiation c a n make the cancer stem cells more malignant. Article GreenMedInfo.com.

  13. First of all radiation ONLY helps to reduce the chance of 'local' recurrence. No ONE dies from that. I had no radiation and indeed had local recurrences – to the tune of 25 tumors on the left side. Doing the natural approach after surgery, every single tumor after the first, grew more slowly than normal cells. Docs told me NOT to do chemo after that. I did not take radiation because I feared the vascular damage, heart issues, lung problems and weakening of the bones. Your friend is welcome to talk to me or look at studies posted on Annie Appleseed Project, the nonprofit I started to share the info I gathered.

  14. Radiation to that area can give heart problems later on. There is an ongoing study in Norway on patients who have had radiation treatment for bc. An American heart specialist has written a book on the subject, I fail to remember name.

  15. My mother did chem and radiation song with multiple natural treatments. Her "terminal

  16. My sister did chemo and radiation and the radiation damaged her heart and started having heart attacks then the found cancer in her liver and died within a few months of finding the liver cancer. I will choose not to do radiation myself personally.

  17. A year and a half into healing stage 4 naturally I got into a car accident and fractured my spine …. the scan also showed what they thought to be spots. The pain was so hideous I said yes to the radiation because they said it would alleviate the pain. After the second treatment I started getting sick but was assured it was not a side effect of the treatment. By the third time I was admitted to the hospital …. And five times after that …. a scan "showed" it spreaded everywhere. It took 3 months of pushing natural therapies to get back to a stable state. I would think twice about doing it.

  18. Every case is different my husband had 41 radiation in 2005 and had no side effects of course they say if cancer returns it usually happens in 5 years. PSA did rise so he takes Lipron injections about one time a year. Works for him

  19. You'll die sooner. Check out naturalsolutionsradio.com take vitamin D3 10,000 unit & iodine is a must. Cancer loves sugar cancer hates oxygen ch out his LiveO2 system.

  20. Lots of iodine..research it..I use Iodoral

  21. Dr Tent has found that radiation can actually trigger viruses which can cause various disease states even cancer. From patient histories he has determined that many of patients problems have come from viruses found in vaccines. The radiation can switch them on or make conditions worse. Google his Youtube video on ;auto-immune'. I'm sure you'll find it interesting and he has some suggestions as to what to do too.

  22. Just lost a family member to breast cancer. Did natural stuff as well as lumpectomy was told per a pet scan she was free. 4 months later she had horrible headaches……multiple brain and breast tumors. I surgery on the brain and 1 lung biopsy to determine origin. Both breast Mets. My point is that what ever treatment you choose have a brain scan just to be sure. She was unable to use certain natural meds due to the size and number of brain tumors.

  23. Side effect of radiation therapy= Cancer.

  24. Realize that radiation causes secondary cancers. I personally didn't need any further reason than that when choosing my healing path. The doctors love to put a spin on it as if its 'no big deal' but indeed its a huge deal. The diet and supplement therapy she is doing along with releasing resentment and finding forgiveness is far more powerful than radiation will ever be. Especially with Stage 1! I am healing from breast cancer as well and caught it early (never had a lumpectomy so it was not staged) She'll need to follow her heart with whatever she chooses to do, but check out Chris Wark's page on why he opted out of doing radiation- he posted a video on this that I found very helpful in my decision making process. Now that I have learned as much as I have I am so thankful I have done all natural. its an amazing wake up call and with the proper support our bodies are wired to heal! Good luck, love and light to you both!

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