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  1. You know, out of the suggestions, none of them seem to carry a high risk.

    Why not try them out and see if there's a difference!

    Now i know why my doctor has me on mag glycate dose "to tolerance".

    If youre just barely not shitting yourself, that's the dose. Lol.

    I'm exaggeraring, of course. But only slightly.

    These added measures could be economical though.

    I take an alarming number of very expensive mag capsules every day.

    A 90 count lasts me less than a month.

    My angina has improved. Still very symptomatic. But I just started (crosses fingers).

    Also, that list of foods sounds tasty! Finally! A foods list that doesn't feel like work!

  2. Thing is, the article doesn't touch on other support things for hypothyroid people – adrenal support should include potassium just as much as salt, etc… while it may not harm, if people look at a little bigger picture (eg what Morley has presented within his recent podcast) and the general idea here of improving ceruloplasmin levels so that it supports the body at all levels better…

    Yes it probably appeals because it talks about eating chocolate (lol) and other foods, and its simple… but realistically, they are getting people to download their protocol, which I'd be roughly guessing includes some way of getting them to subscribe or otherwise provide income to the website owner… great… but… he has a vested interest in it somewhere along the way… he wants people to buy-in…

    Also he lists coffee as something with magnesium in it… ummm… there's apparently 3mg of magnesium per 100g consumed….!! Infact I'm sure I've read information that says that coffee INHIBITS magnesium & other minerals (I have a recollection that its suggested it can help reduce iron load, so maybe he is getting his wires crossed??)…….

    The following website suggests about 7mg in a cup of coffee – then goes on to mention potassium too, but what about its diuretic capacity?

    Some quick googling (not that its exactly a certainty on accuracy)….. this is the magnesium content of the foods he suggested:

    Orange is only about 11mg per 100g of juice…
    Chocolate (dark) – 146mg per 100g
    Chicken – 23mg per 100g
    Beef – 21mg per 100g
    Lamb – 23mg per 100g

    Those with hypothyroid issues could easily have the following rich sources of mag

    * Many nuts and seeds (eg sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pepitas, almonds, etc)
    * Fish – oily fish such as mackerel are high in mag and then have good oils too
    * Possibly brown rice
    * Not sure if avocados are ok – maybe?
    * Bananas
    * I'm sure there are some dark leafy greens which are safe.

    Soooooooooo yeah, I think this just shows just how much people need to read a variety of sources for information before making a decision on what they do…

  3. Cindy Biancalana

  4. The author of the article promotes hormone replacement drugs to mask symptoms. How is that a natural cure?

  5. Naomi N Mikie

  6. I just turned on my notifications for this thread…..hope it works

  7. Christi Fieselman

  8. I was on dessicated thyroid because of low thyroid function. I started to use topical mag oil on my throat over my thyroid – particularly when I felt tired or was cold. Not only did I completely get rid of my thyroid symptoms, my numbers came back to normal on thyroid tests, and I have been able to stop all medications. How's that for a positive story on magnesium oil and thyroid?

  9. Only Kristan Kershaw mentioned ceruloplasmin. Just shows the lack of understanding of ceruloplasmin and iron dysregulation in this thread. Congrats Kristan.

  10. I will read this with interest. I will say that magnesium supplements have tremendously helped my migraines. So unless there's a very compelling reason not to use them, you'll have to pry them out of my cold dead hands. 🙂

  11. What about people that do not have a thyroid gland anymore?

  12. Nezz Tackleberry that is awesome

  13. Carla Whitson

  14. It's interesting that he tells us we must identify the cause of magnesium wasting, before addressing it, then his solution to estrogen dominance is supplementing with progesterone. If you are estrogen dominanant and just blindly supplement with progesterone, your body will convert progesterone to estrogen. You need to identify the cause of estrogen dominance and address that. Why does this not occur to him?

  15. What are your proportions please Shauna for 100ml bottle? I get so confused with all the quantities, and then people lose patience with me!

  16. Does it help with hair falling out?

  17. I have found premium nutrition that has helped me so much, I feel 20 years younger, aches and pains quiet, I will never be without it

  18. heres the article: supplementing only magnesium probably wont fix your thyroid problems! (who knew!!) buy my food guide

  19. Why are thyroid issues so prevalent? What is the root of it all?

  20. Sarah Rowh I found the answer in the excellent self help book called The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow. She explains how we are all being exposed to toxic halides, fluoride, chlorine and bromine, which are especially damaging to the thyroid and all of the endocrine system!!! The book gives the simple and effective Protocol for SAFELY removing these toxic halides. (y) Just supplementing randomly is not effective. I used the Protocol in the book and have recovered from debilitating fibromyalgia, pain, fatigue and brain fog! x3C3 Essential reading. 🙂 Magnesium is a vital part of the Protocol.

  21. The article assumes that everyone hypothyroid has estrogen dominance. That is simply not true.

  22. Jay Brightwater & Sarah Rowh, The Iodine Crisis is a great book, but for the love of god, DO NOT take Floradix iron! One of the great things about iodine is that it pulls excess iron out of the tissue as well.

  23. So the article is basically saying magnesium by itself isn't that great if you have hypothyroidism and mentions estrogen dominance which is related to copper toxicity which the protocols here address by increasing ceruplasmin, taking the adrenal cocktail and taking the right forms of magnesium and the co supplements that go with it.

  24. Can some pls recommend supplement that has worked for them.

  25. Melissa Oestreich iron is not part of the Iodine Protocol, so Floradix has no relevance.

  26. Well, Floradix is iron. I just checked. The brand has some other things, too, but I see Florradix Iron.

  27. GREAT POST, CAN SOMEONE HELP????? So to be short, I was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis. Labs:
    Antibodies TPO ABS 3219.0
    Thyroglobulin ABS 136.4
    TSH 1.580
    Free T3 2.81
    Free T4 0.87
    Ferritin 27
    Iron 58
    Red BC Count 3.87
    Vit D 41
    B12 467 What should I be supplementing??? Symptoms are exhaustion. head aches. body ache. dizzy. light headed. anemic. weight gain.

  28. I would have to do an HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) before just throwing any supplements at some symptom, or set of symptoms, hoping I might hit the nail on the head. Mineral balance is complex and dynamic. This is far too general for me.

  29. I too have autoimmune disorders! Sometimes the suffering is too much to bare! So I read and watch each ones text? I appreciate everything I see in this most powerful group! The greatest wish is for one of you to guide me from the start until I know enough to carry on!

  30. I live in a small area where there's no specialist of any kind? I have local doctors and a body workout place, a small shopping plaza and fast foods! So with that in mind? What's a woman to do?!! I need help and I travel around 2 hours to go to specialists!

  31. Btw, could going to the local doctor to get blood work done work? Morley Robbins

  32. Omosh, I just walked in the door from seeing my new DO for my thyroid and we had almost this very conversation! He doesn't want me to stop taking my magnesium supplement as I already cannot digest most vegetable, he wants me to include the foods that I can eat which are the ones pretty much listed in the article along with the addition of two other supplements and a natural thyroid hormone for now as I'm bringing everything back into balance! He asked me to bring the blood work order that Morley uses to my next appointment and we will work on getting that done to! I thought I'd share my two cents on this one with all of you!!

    P.S. This visit was for us to go over the blood work he had me do two weeks ago.

  33. Why can't you eat most veggies?

  34. Kate Mason

  35. So their solution to addressing hypothyroidism at the root cause and thus correcting mag deficiency is
    1. Take T3,
    2. Take progesterone,
    3. Take salt?

    I think they need to do some more digging

  36. And yes salt…low aldosterone.

  37. Oh Monique Attinger Thank you sooo much for this tip. I will definitely try it.

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