Will 12 days be long enough of eating gluten?


Quick question, was diagnosed by dermatologist as soon as I found out, I went gluten free. Was gluten free for about 2 weeks then found out I need to eat gluten before the endoscope. Will 12 days be long enough of eating gluten? Or should I cancel and reschedule? ? sigh….. Thanks

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  1. Wait what? You got a dx from a dermatologist?

  2. Yes, I went in because I had been having skin issue for like 3 plus years. Dx was DH and he did biopsy (removed a chunk of flesh) and I did blood work.

  3. IMHO, diagnoses won’t change anything. If you feel like crap eating gluten then just avoid it. Having an actual diagnoses won’t change anything. 🤷🏼‍♀️ that’s just my opinion though

  4. Call your doctor and ask!

  5. My son hasn’t been officially diagnosed, Dr said she wanted him to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy to check because his blood work was normal but high enough to almost be positive. I didn’t want to put my 4 year old thru a colonoscopy so I just took him off gluten and he hasn’t had any issues since. I have celiac so the Dr is pretty sure he either has a high sensitivity or was just starting to develop celiac

  6. I think its horrible to expect someone to start eating gluten. Obviously the dr isnt bothered by gluten or he wouldnt suggest it. Before I went that route, I would have the test for genetic testing. In my case. I had all the markers, no need for a biopsy.

  7. I think you’re okay. I was eating gluten for 2 weeks before my upper endoscopy. My doctor told me one slice of bread a day would suffice, but I took advantage of never being able to eat those foods again & ate like 3 or 4 pizzas from Lil Caesars, a bunch of tacos & burritos from Taco Bell, not gf pasta, etc. So I had a lot in my system & the doctors were easily able to tell that my upper endoscopy was abnormal. 12 days should be fine.

  8. Brand new member: I’m pretty sure my son, over the past couple of weeks, has developed CD (it’s in the family). I’ll be setting up an appointment on Monday. Does this mean I shouldn’t slam him completely on a gluten free diet while we wait for an appointment?

  9. Official DH diagnosis is celiac. DH is the skin manifestation of celiac disease. No scope is necessary.\nThat said. If you were only gf two weeks, that won’t make a difference for the scope. It’s not long enough to heal enough, especially if you go back on Gluten before the scope.

  10. Why bother with the endoscopy? Just don’teat gluten.

  11. I think you’re fine if you just stopped eating gluten-they will see the damage. Eating again for 12 days should be fine. I think some recommend eating for a week, but your gastro doc will tell you too.

  12. I had my endo done 8 weeks after starting a gluten-free diet and had a positive biopsy. You can’t heal you intestine in 2 weeks. But if you were diagnosed with DH then that’s a diagnosis of celiac disease. You don’t need the endoscope. That only shows the level of damage…if they even find anything as the test has a high rate of false negatives.

  13. I was gluten free for three weeks and I still had a positive blood test and biopsy

  14. 2 weeks gf isn’t going to harm anything. Damage can’t completely heal everything. But you don’t need an endoscopy

  15. Do the blood test

  16. I agree that 2 weeks isn’t going to compromise the endoscopy. Make sure tho that they go all the way to the ilium AND take 8/10 biopsies scattered thruout.

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