Will following this protocol help chelate mercury also?


What are thoughts on ridding oneself of heavy metals like mercury here? Not long before I joined this group I had all my metal fillings replaced by a holistic dentist. I know that’s not recommended here but it’s too late now ? Will following this protocol help chelate mercury also? I have stopped all the STOPS and started the protocol…just going slow.

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  1. I need to know details as well. 2 Huge fillings in the first molar that is breaking down and I'm dragging my feet to get it dealt with. It's 43 yrs old. Worries me and it's been sensitive so I think there is a crack. A few months after I got it back in the summer of 73 my ear started ringing. Then the other. I think it was mercury.

  2. Why is removing mercury fillings but recommended here?

  3. Because if it's not done properly it can cause more problems than it solves

  4. Morley encourages nourishing the host rather than attacking the guest. My high mercury levels came down to normal range on the protocol

  5. I believe DE and an increased selenium intake will help. Also bringing all minerals into balance, bio-available copper, proper glutathione levels, etc = follow FULL protocol and incorporate sea foods where selenium content is higher than mercury content

  6. My thyroid issues got better after I had a mercury filling removed.

  7. Interesting that you mention selenium as I just threw mine out as Morley said in his video to throw away anything that supports the thyroid; he briefly mentioned after stating to stay away from zinc that supports the thyroid?

  8. Getting zinc and selenium from foods is an entirely different story 🙂 Sea food is one of the only recommended sources to selenium in here as yes many would destroy their thyroid with these supplements

  9. Thank you for clarifying Heidi; thank you for posting; I'm glad I threw my selenium & zinc out then; in addition, he did state that the only supplements we truly safely can take is magnesium …which supports your statement further 🙂 Now because of you Heidi I know that eating seafood will support my thyroid 🙂

  10. Check out Andy Cutler Chelation Think Tank x

  11. The root protocol will get the detoxification pathways working properly.

  12. Balancing minerals helps the body to return to its healthy state (homeostasis) which then allows for natural detox.

  13. Methionine and coriander aka cilantro for detox. Magnesium and a littl iodine to build up immune system.

  14. Spirulina, I've heard.

  15. For those of you recommending herbals such as spirulina and cilantro should be aware they are very mild mobilizers of mercury meaning they stir it up BUT are not chelators since they do not have enough thiol … The last thing anyone wants to do is to displace harmful metals without having adequate minerals to take its rightful place in the receptor sites .. This is exactly why you have accumulation lack of the mineral that is suppose to be present , finding your imbalance and correcting it will allow the body to detox

  16. Several articles and YouTube's say that DE remove metals.

  17. Andy Cutler Chelation protocol

  18. AC is way off base ..

  19. Ive still got loads of old metal fillings what is it its bad to get them removed?

  20. I had mine removed by a holistic dentist after I was applying this protocol for over a year .. I actually found it was beneficial ,

  21. Morley’s take on removing mercury fillings…..that it may produce severe dettox reaction in a weakend, mineral imbalanced body….. “Mercury is MOST toxic in a body that is “Copper Deficient” AND “Iron Overloaded………I’m well aware of the rogue & profoundly destructive nature of this Heavy Metal that weighs 200, vs Mg @ 24 and Copper @ 63.5. It is a Suma Wrestler of the highest order. And it’s intriguing that Mercury has both Estrogenic qualities AND an affinity for Copper-dependent enzymes. It’s ALSO intriguing that there are several homeopathic approaches for clearing Mercury — ALL of which are based on the energy of Copper……..And while it’s tempting to “Attack the Guest…” my overriding preference is to “Strengthen the Host,” esp. the Adrenals that have worked throughout Millennia to CLEAR Hg….removal….warrants further consideration, and application, in light of the dramatic Cu<>Fe imbalance that is RAGING in the Global populous and our collective Livers & Brains……..” …..Personal “informed” choice ….and ensure you get the best of the best when looking for a dentist who can remove them safely.

  22. We all have such different stories.. I believe chelation with DMSA was a huge factor in literally saving my life.

  23. Andy Cutler Chelation group on Facebook have lots of success.

  24. This group is about "The Root Cause Protocol" by Morley Robbins the owner of this group……..NOT to be confused with other groups like the one mentioned above !!

  25. I am using infrared saunas for mercury detox. And taking selenium.

  26. Can totally relate to you Judith.
    I had four mercury fillings removed four years ago, first time by normal dentist, Second time by holistic dentist as was getting spasmodic vertigo prior. After removal got major numbness in hands/feet which I still have very night.
    regrets that maybe this has made things worse.
    Now I also have bad insomnia, deafness in left ear, tinnitus, strong anxiety/depression, head spams, numb tongue, lips, inflammation in gums. Feel exhausted
    No longer working.
    Doing blood tests tomorrow.
    Prayers for a recovery
    I have also done stops and started on starts

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