Will hashimoto’s go away?


Ok I finally got to see a dr he is an internal medicine dr and as I was talking to him about my hashimotos he asked how long I had it then continued to tell me that hashimotos will resolve on its own because it eats away at the thyroid till it’s gone it will be like I had my thyroid removed then the hashimotos will go away since my thyroid will be gone I don’t think that’s correct because hashimotos can attack the brain joints and other things too right so my question is will hashimotos go away or not and what can I show the Dr to prove him wrong thanks

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  1. I was diagnosed 38 years ago. If your doctor is right then I would think mine should be gone. I still have a lot of joint pain, palpations, exhaustion and sleeping problems. I’m ready for it to all go away.

  2. I’m fairly new to the disease, but I’m sure you’ll find many on here who will tell you otherwise

  3. I have for25yrs now but trying to hopefully find some medical proof to show him he is willing to work with me and help me get my meds free or reduced plus with running all the blood work so I don’t have to pay several thousand out on it I will probably stick with him for now till the blood work comes back and see what he says I was just hoping for some kind of medical proof to help change his mind if needed thanks

  4. That’s just sad… My endo gave me a bit of a lecture about hypothyroidism being a condition and Hashi’s being a disease… I don’t think diseases go away, they may go into remission?

  5. I just seen my endocrinologist and I’m having my removed due to cancer and I asked him if my hashimoto will go away he said no and I asked him if the antibodies will attack something else he said no they are generic to the thyroid.

  6. Your body kills what the thyroid produces. Your thyroid is producing fine, Hashimotos is an autoimmune disease where it is essentially killing what the thyroid is producing.\nOn top of Hashimoto’s I also have ITP and that is another autoimmune disease. My body produces platelets just fine, but it kills it too. Weird, but it is what it is.

  7. I always thought once the thyroid is dead the antibodies will go on to attack another part of the body?

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