Will increasing mag cause anxiety to become worse?


Will increasing mag cause anxiety to become worse? I am having a full blown anxiety attack and the only thing I’ve done differently is take an Epsom salt bath with mag oil and baking soda, and rub a little mag oil on my sore calf. My heart is racing, up to 134 and my normal is 50_60 bpm. I’m freaking out here. Contemplating and ER trip.

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  1. April, I feel insane the moment I run out of mag. You should see my post from yesterday compared to today, lol. Don't worry. I think we'll all balance out. Definitely research the gut/brain connection if you aren't eating either plenty of fermented foods, or taking a very good probiotic that will make it into the gut to balance your good/bad flora (bacteria). You should have 3-5 pounds of good bacteria in the intestine. You can feel crazy and have all sorts of odd heart issues if the gut is out of whack. Seems Mag and Gut flora are the sources to just about every issue, mentally and physically.

  2. Brent A Turner Amen ^^^^^^^^ I believe and read about this all the time!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The tricky part is getting and keeping it all in balance……. WHOOOO

  4. Verrry tricky. Im still working on that. I have to stay away from a lot of Probitoics because some contain a strain called "Streptococcus Thermophilus". That strain is abundant in CFS/ME patients and worsens symptoms. I was amazed at the 3 & 5 year fermentation process of Dr Ohhirah's Probitoics, but unfortunately they both have the strain. I spoke with Garden of Life and they said that only their primal defense did not contain S. Thermophilus, and they actually were genuine enough to say they don't recommend anyone with an autoimmune disorder to take anything with the strain. I was surprised a company would admit that, even if they do make a probiotic without it (they said all of their others do contain it).

    Edit: Just so I don't confuse anyone, Garden of Life is of course not even close to the only company that doesn't contain S. Thermophilus, but simply that only one of the probiotics they sell out of all of the probiotics they sell, do not. Im still not completely decided on Garden of Life at all. I am considering it, tho. I've been researching, and it's very difficult for me to find a proper manufacturer and feel assured the flora will still be alive after passing thru stomach acids etc. The best way is through fermented foods, because the food protects the probiotics within them while going through the digestion process. I simply need to add more strains to rebuild my flora, because I had to take a specific antibiotic to wipe out the good and bad (starting over…Fun).

  5. Brent A Turner – I've been dealing with that CFS/MR double headed monster for a long time…. and, yes, we have to be very selective.

  6. Brent A Turner, you seem very knowledgeable. MJ Hamp I also love getting advice from you. Thank you.

  7. So Brent, I have fms and a couple of other autoimmune diseases, as diagnosed. Nobody has ever commented to me that I should stay away from that strain of probiotic. Does it grow in fermented foods? I don't take a separate probiotic, but have gotten back to drinking kombucha and eating fermented foods. Is there a chance I'm not doing myself any favors? I will of course also research what I can, but it would be good to hear what you know as well.

  8. What is MR?

  9. sounds like a lyme herx to me. Can you herx from magnesium

  10. Cathy Ostermayer Dickins it appears "Kefir" does (I'll look up Kombucha) but looks like there is a form that does not. I would have to research more to completely understand. I already pre-typed some things below. So you'll see me almost word my first sentence identically (sorry… Not trying to be too repetitive! :). )

    "Kefir (~56 species)"

    Im glad you mentioned Kefir (I corrected myself in the next post on Kombucha…I blame my mistake on mag deficiency… ;), because it appears it does, but I will admit this was a very quick search, and I also found a Kefir for kids that does not contain S. Thermophilus. I only (for now) am able to tolerate fermented Sauerkraut & Dill Pickles. So, thanks for asking or else I may have tried Kefir in the future as I build up tolerance to other foods. I'll quote the species (-2 of them) contained in Kefir, link it below, and try to link in a discussion where some are mentioning a specific company that makes a Kefir that doesn't contain it. Again, thank you. This helps me (my future) a lot. I would've never questioned it.

    If one link shows as an image over another, it is the link with "Kefir 101" that explains the species.


    Species Lactobacillus

    Lactobacillus acidophilus
    Lb. brevis [Possibly now Lb. kefiri]
    Lb. casei subsp. casei
    Lb. casei subsp. rhamnosus
    Lb. paracasei subsp. paracasei
    Lb. fermentum
    Lb. cellobiosus
    Lb. delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus
    Lb. delbrueckii subsp. lactis
    Lb. fructivorans
    Lb. helveticus subsp. lactis
    Lb. hilgardii
    Lb. helveticus
    Lb. kefiri
    Lb. kefiranofaciens subsp. kefirgranum
    Lb. kefiranofaciens subsp. kefiranofaciens
    Lb. parakefiri
    Lb. plantarum
    Species Streptococcus

    Streptococcus thermophilus
    St. paracitrovorus ^
    Species Lactococcus

    Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis
    Lc. lactis subsp. lactis biovar. diacetylactis
    Lc. lactis subsp. Cremoris
    Species Enterococcus

    Enterococcus durans
    Species Leuconostoc

    Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. cremoris
    Leuc. mesenteroides subsp. mesenteroides
    Leuc. dextranicum ^

    Dekkera anomala t/ Brettanomyces anomalus a
    Kluyveromyces marxianus t/ Candida kefyr a#
    Pichia fermentans t/ C. firmetaria a
    Yarrowia lipolytica t/ C. lipolytica a
    Debaryomyces hansenii t/ C. famata a#
    Deb. [Schwanniomyces] occidentalis
    Issatchenkia orientalis t/ C. krusei a
    Galactomyces geotrichum t/ Geotrichum candidum a
    C. friedrichii
    C. rancens
    C. tenuis
    C. humilis
    C. inconspicua
    C. maris
    Cryptococcus humicolus
    Kluyveromyces lactis var. lactis #
    Kluyv. Bulgaricus
    Kluyv. lodderae
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae #
    Sacc. subsp. torulopsis holmii
    Sacc. pastorianus
    Sacc. humaticus
    Sacc. unisporus
    Sacc. exiguus
    Sacc. turicensis sp. nov
    Torulaspora delbrueckii t
    Zygosaccharomyces rouxii


    Here they are speaking of a Kefir that does not contain S. Thermophilus.



  11. Thanks I'll have a quick look at this stuff.

  12. Kombucha seems legit, and I can't find anything referencing S. Thermophilus. Im sorry Posted so much info on "Kefir". For some reason I got sidetracked when thinking of a fermented food that may contain it.

    Here are species that are usually in Kombucha. I found some other links, but this was a list I could copy and paste.
    I apologize for totally high jacking this post…

    "A typical ferment may included the following strains (Not always):

    Bacteria Strains:

    Bacterium gluconicum
    Bacterium xylinum
    Acetobacter xylinum
    Acetobacter xylinoides
    Acetobacter Ketogenum

    Yeast Strains:

    Saccharomycodes ludwigii
    Saccharomycodes apiculatus
    Schizosaccharomyces pombe
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae

    Acids and others:

    Acetic acid
    Acetoacetic acid
    Benzoic acid
    propenyl ester
    Butanoic acid
    Citric acid
    Decanoic acid
    Ethyl Acetate
    d-Gluconic acid
    Hexanoic acid
    Itaconic acid
    2-Keto-gluconic acid
    5-Keto-gluconic acid
    2-Keto-3-deoxy-gluconic Lactic acid
    Nicotinic acid
    Pantothenic acid
    Phenethyl Alcohol
    Phenol, 4-ethyl
    6-Phospho gluconate
    Propionic acid
    Octanoic acid
    Oxalic acid
    d-Saccharic acid
    (Glucaric acid)
    Succinic acid
    plus 40 other acid esters in trace amount."

  13. Is the store bought sauerkraut a good source of proboiotics?

  14. Did someone on this thread say they took m glycinate for anxiety? I took one, feel a tad better, wonder if I need another one?

  15. Does anyone know what to eat or take to counteract the mag chloride oil? I feel awful ?? It's been two days almost!! April Hubbard? My heart rate is higher than normal ?? TIA

  16. Usually magnesium creates a lot more calm rather than anxiety. I just can't use the oil – makes me itch.

  17. I'm still suffering from some side effects, too. I did drink a bunch of Gatorade abs feel a bit better. Lots of water and rest. I had a migraine this morning, complete with vomiting! Which is no fun with half a stomach. ..

  18. I know but I looked it up Dr. Sircus has warnings and one is people with hypothyroid should not take it!! I feel awful !!! I also have Hashimoto's and it's not under control yet??

  19. Same here not vomiting but almost

  20. MJ hamp you should google the people with hypothyroid should not be doing this! The adrenal cocktail I'm doing for weeks now?? Off to the doctor Monday so Ill

  21. I'm so sorry – hope you feel better Danielle.

  22. I was rare I guess? Eden Shakti-Bliss Skye I did terrible with all in this site and mag chloride oil?!?! I think it works but I'm too sick to do this have to heal my adrenals first I think!!

  23. Is there an alternative to OJ? My stomach can't handle it.

  24. Yes just take Vitamin C, April Johnson. I don't EVER drink OJ.

  25. Then what do i use in the cocktail?

  26. Oh I didn't know we were talking about the cocktail. I wouldn't drink that at all. Not the OJ nor the cream of tartar. So I guess I should not have commented. I wonder if there are other adrenal cocktails out there?

  27. I think coconut water helps too??

  28. April, there is a store bought form, and it is what I eat, but I wish I were brave enough to try to make my own. I eventually will, one day. Im just intimidated about making my own bacteria…
    Bubbies Sauerkraut has 360,000 colonies per 2 Oz serving. Their Dill pickles have (I think it is) 5 million per 1 Oz serving. I've seen tests where people make fermented foods many times stronger. The number seems small, but it would be compared to taking billions of colonies from a pill, because the food shields and keeps the good bacteria alive so that it reaches the gut. So, it is still good (better in strength) when compared to a pill, but we will still have to supplement some sort of pill form to get more strains. I believe the average of what reaches the gut (alive) from a pill is usually 1% of what it says on the label. I could dig up that article if needed.

  29. Are you taking care of your Adrenals? April Hubbard ?

  30. Not yet. They will be my focus, instead of my mag levels, since my RBC came back as 5.5.

  31. Brent I just wanted to say go for it!! I can't believe I was intimidated too and it took me so looooong to do something other than kombucha. I'm sorry now because I could have been enjoying more of my yummy probiotic ferments already.

  32. RBC Magnesium of 5.5 is still low.. I would focus on adrenals/trace minerals and then try magnesium again.

  33. Cathy Ostermayer Dickins I will if you don't mind me PM'ing you as I try it? 🙂 I really am Sooo intimidated. Id probably have my personal batches sent off an tested after fermentation to make sure I didn't grow a colony of fermented E. coli or something. Haha!
    Honest, I will try it if someone will help if I have questions. I really want to do it, but don't want to be a bother to anyone.

  34. Yes, by all means! I may even have some YouTube links for you to watch.

  35. Oh, Cathy Ostermayer Dickins, send me some of those YouTube videos! I want to try fermentation also and have been terrified. I had c. Difficile, so bacteria scares me.

  36. A little confusing here…I'm following this thread because it was about magnesium and adrenal cocktails, but somehow it's also about fermentation/probioitcs? Bubbies and homemade probiotics seems like a topic for a separate post, but please clue me in on the connection if that's part of this particular equation. I haven't read anything of that nature in the beginner's guide. I'm just getting started, awaiting first basic test results, so I guess I need a little more clarification. Thanks!

  37. The gut brain connection is what happened, Barbara Myers and managing anxiety.

  38. Barbara Myers we are simply addressing this specific issue. Since this sounds like a gut flora issue (probably leaky gut), it would be wrong of us to walk away and not try to help the poster simply because it isn't only magnesium specific. With that said, it is a high probability things are leaking through the gut and not properly allowing the person to absorb magnesium if they were trying to orally build a plasma. In that case we may also mention "Glutamine" & "Collagen protein/Bone broth" to help some members repair the gut to absorb Magnesium, orally. It is confusing, but it is still targeted also at Magnesium. Magnesium is responsible for practically everything, even Vit D. B Vitamins play their roles (as well as other nutrients) in absorbing and storing Magnesium. The spectrum of a discussion when speaking of magnesium is very large, and everything plays a role. If the members gut is not absorbing all of the nutrients needed to make magnesium do its job, then they will still have a mag (or at least mag storage) deficiency. I am of course not fully educated, and I am new to The Magnesium Advocacy Group. It's pretty amazing (but overwhelming) trying to address magnesium, and it takes dissecting, understanding and looking at things from "all angles". Most of which Im still learning, and it can take an army of brains (people) to help someone quickly narrow an issue without spending months or years asking simply one Naturopath or Dr.

    It's DEEP. Haha!

  39. Brent A Turner I think this is well said ^. I do differ with you on one issue, however. It is actually meat stock that heals a leaky gut… it is much more easily digested than bone broth. Bone broth is an advanced food that is chock full of minerals (another appropriate discussion here) and very beneficial – if one's gut is healed and can absorb them. If leaky gut is at play, here, meat stock is what is needed to heal.

  40. Brent A Turner and Marilyn McDermott thank you for connecting the dots for me!

  41. Thank you for the correction! I have only for the very first time last week (in The Gut Health Protocol) been told anything about Collagen or broth, and I have leaky gut. So, genuinely, thank you.
    You're very welcome, Barbara! It really is all confusing. I barely even take in B6, and if I hadn't spoken with MJ Hamp, Id have no idea and would've never known "why" if my Mag tests come back low. MJ is a genuine expert on the matter and has pages made to show the connection for absorption and utilization.

  42. Deb Braun I live on bone broth what is meat stock!??

  43. I am very sick trying to Heal my gut?

  44. sodium (chloride) in general raises overall all BP…did you eat, drink, take prior to the bath that you can recall?

  45. Love this liquid vit c and has rosehip seed oil in it. Good for collagen and bones and skin and immunity boost.

  46. Danielle LaCour The "Meat Stock" "Bone Broth" issue is something that confuses so many people! Meat stock is made by cooking pieces of meat that have bone joints in them – such as turkey legs or thighs, a whole chicken cut up. or a beef or lamb shank – for a relatively short period of time (until the meat is tender). Bone broth is cooked much longer and uses bones – with or without meat. Making meat stock is making a meal. Further more, meat stock has a milder flavor than bone broth. They also differ in their amino acid profiles. In fact, bone broth has much more naturally occurring glutamicacid and free glutamates than Meat stock (which some people react to until they get their bodies regulated. Meat stock should be cooked at a low rolling boil. If there is too much water used, it will not gel as nicely. It is possible to make the meat stock, remove the meat and stock and then reuse the bones to make bone broth – actually, this is the traditional way of making it. Personally, I react to the glutamates in the bone broth, so I make both the stock and the broth and then mix according to my personal needs and recipes. That all being said, if someone has leaky gut, it is best to use meat stock primarily and supplement with the bone broth – rather than the other way around, because if we have leaky gut, we won't be able to absorb the wonderful minerals in the bone broth, well anyway.

  47. Thanks for that very important piece of information discerning meat stock from bone broth, Deb Braun!

  48. Oh, and don't forget about wonderful addition of chicken or turkey feet – I have even used lambs feed – wonderful collagen!

  49. April Hubbard, I was in therapy but they never suggested meds. The meds can make it worse especially when you come off them. I did TERRAP therapy which has been great.

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