Will my endometriosis improve?


Hi everyone. I’m new here. Just found out I have hypothyroidism and most of my dad’s family also has it (though everyone failed to tell me…). I also have endometriosis. Yes, I’m a very lucky woman, I know. My question is, could they be related? If I get treatment for my thyroid, will my endometriosis improve?

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  1. That is my endocrinologist and endometriosis consultants hopes!! I’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis and suspected adenomyosis for more than 10 years. Hashis & hypothyroid for a year.

  2. I have Hashi’s and endometriosis. I also have several other auto-immune related health issues. I was diagnosed with and have been treating my thyroid for almost two years and I am dealing with my endo, as well. In my experience, they are separate issues that have their own treatment. What does your doctor say?

  3. I have adeno and hashis as well. Even with a suppressed tsh adeno caused heavy periods and clots and cramps. So to me they arent related.

  4. Ive read in various fb groups that those are both autoimmune disorders and autoimmune protocol diet helps all of them. So if you go on aip both of your issues should improve. Just thyroid meds cant help your endo unfortunatelly because they are adressing just one symptom – your thyroid malfunction – but not the root cause ie autoimmune attack. I dont have endo but aip helped my hashi and this is what i read in bunch of aip support groups. Good luck!

  5. Hashimoto is an autoimmune disorder that attacks thyroid among other things. Endo is very common with it as thyroid controls hormones. Do not know how old you are but if you are past having more children get the ablation. Simple easy painless low risk absolute cure for endo. Won’t aleviate tiredness you probably have associated with endo but stops the crime scene experience and cramps every few weeks

  6. Yes i have both.

  7. Your doctor treating your thyroid will not help your autoimmune disease/s. Try the A.I.P. Diet.

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