Will my goiter go away?


Hi there, just looking for some advice..
I was told this morning I more than likely have hashimotos.
I’m about to be referred to an endocrinologist.. I also have a pretty bad case of goiter and almost always have a temperature.
My questions are; what to expect? Will I ever feel ‘normal’ again? Will my goiter go away? Also I feel so exhausted all the time I don’t feel well enough to work so should I claim pip? Thanks

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  1. Even though the meds don’t work well for everyone, they do work for most people. If you feel crappy and your docs won’t treat you. Try new docs. But, right now, feel positive and see what they say and do and give it a little bit of time to see if things work out. Educate yourself but be careful, there’s tons of bogus information out there. Lots of people trying to make a buck. If a site is selling something, I don’t rely on its info. I rely mostly on things I find on either .gov sites or long time well established research hospital sites.

  2. Are you on any sort of thyroid meds? PIP?

  3. I’m on levothyroxine 100mg so far, was only diagnosed in June and they don’t want to up the dosage too quickly. I have been feeling a great deal better but started feeling rough again which is why they increased the dosage. Things are going in the right direction but they say I have ‘inflammation’ so need to find out what’s causing it.
    PIP is like DLA.

  4. It’s really hard virtually unheard of to be able to claim pip for Hashimotos , I tried myself while I was feeling so unwell, they just don’t consider it debilitating enough, I was sleeping 20 hours a day and the hospital said my levels were extremely low.

  5. I think it’s unlikely the goiter will go away. You will most likely end up having surgery to have it removed. Hashimotos is a autoimmune disease and does not go away. But some people feel better after TT and with hormone replacement. Some also do well with gluten free. None of that has helped me. I still feel exhausted and like crap all the time. For me its important not to over due anything. And rest a lot. I pay for it if I try to be like a normal person. So I’ve just come to realize this is my life and I need to rest and recover a lot more then regular people. Its a tuff thing to realize. But I give my slef a lot more leeway now that I have realized this. I have not gone on disability yet. But I’ve come very close to it. Didntjey do any blood work yet? If your levels are off you could potentially feel better once they get you on meds. I would start reading about autoimmune diseases so you can have as much info as possible.

  6. I had a goiter originally, not really noticeable any more. I think once ur on meds it will settle Down.

  7. You need to get a great Endocrinologist, do research, do exactly what you are told. Diet, exercise, no stress, rest and following directions will make it easier, feeling normal, No but that doesn’t mean you will feel Bad!!!

  8. Everyone has a different world, no one person had the same hashimoto life.

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