With having to do GF, did you loose weight?


Morning! I’m “kinda” (my mom has celiac disease) new to this whole thing. I haven’t got the diagnosis yet, still waiting on results, altho doc is almost positive its gonna come back positive. I wanted to start preparing myself now, honestly I’m a little nervous. It’s a big change. I have a few questions that I’m hoping you can all help me with.
1) How long after you went GF did you start feeling better?
2) With having to do GF, did you loose weight?
3) How do you stay sane, especially around holidays?

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  1. I’m new at this, Ive been GF for a little over a week. I’ve actually been feeling pretty crummy, headaches and things. I’m detoxing from gluten I believe. I heard it gets better after the initial “detox” part.
    I’ve already lost 4 pounds.
    As for the holidays, I’m nervous. This will be my first.

  2. 1 – about a week ?.

    2 – yes. 10-12 pounds very quickly. Then more over time but slowly.

    3 – I can make almost anything I want gf. So if I want to eat something I make it ?. I don’t get emotional about food – so I don’t sulk if people around me are eating my poison & I can’t. When we go to family gatherings – my daughter & I serve ourselves first and we also bring something we can eat to share with everyone else.

  3. Some symptoms went away quickly, others took time.

    Nope. First thing I did was find out what kind of candy was gf. I’m a very picky eater so it limits my food options even more.

    Alcohol. And chocolate lol and a lot of patience.

  4. Well, before I went GF I was on home-bound from school. I had missed over a month of classes and I couldn’t eat without getting really, really sick. So pretty much as soon as I went GF things improved at least a little bit. I think it was one or two more weeks before I was able to go back to school though.
    I didn’t lose weight at the time because I was a scrawny 8th grader. But in college I stopped eating GF and gained weight like crazy. When I don’t eat wheat, I stay very lean, but when I do I bloat and put on weight very easily.
    Lol! My family is very supportive. My mom has several food allergies and is very good about reading labels and making dishes that are compliant for all. No nuts, fish, bananas, wheat… The list is extensive. But we still have a yummy turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, compliant stuffing, cranberry salad, regular salad, and good dessert options.

  5. I was very sick and lost over 50 lbs with going gluten free, But I also have IBS-D and that even limits or eliminates a lot of other foods. It is not easy, better if you have a good support group.

  6. Hey! My mom has celiac too and I dreaded my results. Over 10 years ago I didn’t know that it was hereditary and all that Jazz. I felt better in days no lie. I was walking around gray and lethargic for months prior to diagnosis. I did not loose weight I actually gained it from keeping food down finally. Holidays are rough no matter what. Just prepare yourself a good compromise for after you leave an event. If they had something I couldn’t I would make sure I had something bomb at home to make me feel less crummy! And I realized I felt so much better that missing out wasn’t too bad. Start getting yourself and your kitchen ready. You can make everything for the holidays GF and sometimes better than the original. Good luck!

  7. I went GF long before CD diagnosis because I have Hashimotos and read that cutting out gluten helps. I was having way too many bathroom energencies and that stopped as soon as I cut out gluten. Then – for grins- I asked to be tested. Low and behold here I am.
    Anyway – yes I lost weight but not just cause gluten – I also got my thyroid under control.
    I survive the holidays because I take control. I cook everything GF. I even provide rolls for the non GF people. I make a dessert I can eat and I buy a regular pumpkin pie or pecan pie for the others. It’s no big deal.

  8. 1. My symptoms went away quick. This might not be the norm though. \n2. No\n3. I cook all of the holiday meals for my family and take it to my parents house. I also serve everything so there is no cross contamination since my family also has their own rolls, etc placed separate from everything else.

  9. 1- I started to feel a lot better in month three
    2- I did lose weight while I was sick and then when I was GF as I was eating healthier and smaller portions
    3- I’m not sure I would call myself sane yet. I’m recently diagnosed and struggle with the social aspects of this disease

  10. It takes time to start feeling better. Plan your meals ahead of time. Holidays will always suck. Life will become a picnic, why because you will literally have to bring your own food everywhere you go.

  11. 1. I started feeling better more or less right away, like the next day.
    2. I have lost weight, but I think it’s mostly unrelated. Although the fact that I can’t eat out once or twice a day anymore is probably helping, but that’s not because of gluten itself.
    3. Just have to learn what you can and can’t eat and find some good substitutions for the things you already like. The worst parts for me were changing the entire way I cook and eat because I have to plan ahead and can’t just grab takeout 5x a week, and going through and throwing away my spices and baking ingredients and pasta and stuff like that from my pantries. As far as holidays, I am making Thanksgiving dinner and not going to any others, and for Christmas I just will eat before I go, and then eat again when I get home. It’s not really about the food anyway. It doesn’t bother me to watch other people eat, because I know it’ll make me sick. People apologize a lot for eating in front of me, but it’s honestly not a big deal, I can eat something later on, and if I’m DYING of hunger, I can always leave. But you have to not let what other people can eat get to you, just remember, gluten makes you sick, and it’s not worth it.

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  12. 1. A week
    2. I’ve lost a total of 40 lbs in 4 months since going GF but I don’t eat any of the prepackaged replacement foods.
    3. This is my first holiday season with celiac. We are doing an entirely GF thanksgiving.

  13. Oh my gosh, im so thankful for the abundance of answers/information. Thank you all so much.

  14. First full day. A lot more energy, brain fog was lifting and something I realised just last night, haven’t had a headache of any kind.

  15. I started instantly feeling better. It’s only been a week and I’ve lost 3 lbs so far. And when I’m craving something sweet that I can’t have, I just eat Reese’s since those are GF

  16. About a week or two!

    No, I lost 25lbs before we found out what was going on though cause I couldn’t keep anything down.

    Don’t overthink Gluten Free. That’s the biggest problem! I eat tacos all the time, nothing out of the normal from before, pasta you can use GF noodles or spaghetti squash (I prefer), and anything else there is an alternative! Meals should contain protein, veggies and fruit. Throw in oatmeal, nuts or potatoes too if you like for carbs! No reason to be eating bread with all meals anyways ?

    Also, I’ve made reallllly good quinoa stuffing for thanksgiving!!

  17. 1. 4 months
    2. No
    3. Still have to live through my first holiday season.

  18. Yes, I felt better immediately. No I did not lose weight. Mainly because I can still eat chocolate and bake with GF flours 😀

  19. I did not lose weight. Gluten free is not a weight loss diet. You might lose to start but, you still have to watch calories like everyone else. I felt better pretty fast. That said, when I was accidentally glutened, I felt worse than before I knew. Now, I have been gluten free for 12 years, so my reactions are less severe but, I still have to be very careful. When it comes to the holidays, I always work on taking care of myself. I have fun researching gluten free recipes, and try new things. I always bring a gluten free thing that I can share at parties. I don’t tell them, they never would know. There is so many gluten free products out there now, it is really very easy to eat gluten free anytime of year once you get the hang of it.

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