Wondering what your take on Taurine is?


Morley Robbins, I know you are big into copper right now. Wondering what your take on Taurine is? I am posting an interesting quote from an article below and then posting the article itself and wondering what you think…or anyone else with experience with this might think….

“Mineral Balance– This is the BIG one- taurine is needed for proper regulation of the main minerals magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium. So for those using HTMA and have dysregulation among these minerals (especially if they are all low), taurine may be very important to balance them! Taurine is especially important for the sodium/potassium balance in the body.

Taurine is also important for hormonal balance, muscles, digestion and immune health. Taurine is also a critical nutrient for balancing copper- this is something I am still going to look into but it seems to be very important for making copper bioavailable as well as getting rid of excess unused copper.

Taurine: The Wonder Nutrient

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  1. I have read similar information regarding Taurine! Curious to hear Morley's opinion!!

  2. My main interest is in the claim of reducing fatty liver which I have and balancing sodium and potassium as my potassium is always a bit low and sodium is always on the high side. I take 2 99mg potassium pills daily but I eat a lot of Adkins foods which are high in sodium. I take Milk thistle and Burdock as well as Dandilion for my liver.

  3. He likes! Taurine is part of the ceruloplasmin protocol…

  4. I'm a fan of taurine. It also has a calming effect.

  5. I am taking Mag Taurate. Is this OK?

  6. Where do you buy Taurine at.

  7. Taurine is part of the Ceruloplasmin protocol that Morley Robbins recommends – have you seen the chart for this group for raising ceruloplasmin?

  8. Which mg taurate is best?

  9. So mag taurate is magnesium and taurine?

  10. I purchase from Life Extension-pure products. Knowledgeable employees.

  11. Been following the site just had my blood work done I will look into the files.

  12. Taurine is essential for cats. They are obligate carnivores. It is found in long muscles and is broken when meat is ground so cats have to be supplemented in addition to foods-even raw fed unless they are fed prey model diets(whole animal/bird/rodent) The heart is muscle. I started with magnesium taurate because the last half of my age suggests that must be a necessity. Put it in your alternating routine of magnesium blends.

  13. Is mag taurate sufficient taurine?

  14. Yikes. So many brands. 🙁

    Interested in taking the mag taurine as mag glycinate keeps me awake.
    What are your favorite brands? Approved brands? Cardiovascular research seems popular in Amazon.

  15. How many mg of taurine a day ?

  16. I use magnesium spray, 4-5 sprays on my chest daily. Supplements, B1, B6, Taurine,
    At night 3 sprays mag. on my feet before bed. I have more energy now.

  17. How do people get their bicarbonate pls?

  18. I was just searching for this answer. Says that taurine helps hold mag and pot in the cells!

  19. My heart is doing much better since I (next to diff. sorts of magnesium) discovered potassium (kalium). Good god, why do cardiologists not recommend this mineral. So essential (y) .. also for controlling blood-pressure.

  20. I have it ordered, waiting for it… but isn't Taurine an amino acid and not magnesium…??

  21. The mag I take (that seems to work the best for me) is a mix of mag, potassium, and taurine.

  22. I am not sure, but I think it makes me sleepy? Anybody else have this experience

  23. How much you take daily

  24. Eggs and meat are high in taurine

  25. Looking at buying the Now Foods Pure Taurine Powder. It says to use 1/4 teasp 1 to 2 times daily…preferably between meals. Anyone know Morley's recommendation for quantities?

  26. confusion…is magnesium taurate enough to cover the taurine requirement to support the 'stop-start' cp protocol?

  27. I take one dr best magnesium tablet with now brand 500mg taurine at night time.

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