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Hi all: Newbie here. Working on balancing the Mag. with the calcium as was directed in one of the articles that was posted yesterday. I see that the RDA for Calcium is 1000mg and the RDA for Mag is 400. Do I decrease my calcium intake to match the magnesium or up the Mag to match the calcium? I already eat 2 eggs (40mg calcium) 8 oz. of Almond milk (180 mg calcium) Kale115 mg calcium) for breakfast daily, Leaving 66%, 645 mg of calcium to spread out throughout the day. Breakfast entails only about 42 mg of Mag. only about 11% of the RDA. Which way is the best way to go? I have a supplement that looks like this.:

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  1. This isn't a product that is recommended here. We avoid Vit D supplements and calcium supplements. Calcium should come from food only, and calcium supplements aren't absorbed well and lead to many problems. Most of us already have high calcium. Calcium knocks Mg out of cells. If you haven't yet read the pinned post, it's the best place to start.

  2. Thanks for responding. I read the article that was posted yesterday, which stated that the Calcium and Mag needed to be balanced as they work together.

  3. I saw how the Calcium works against the mg, but it said that they needed to be balanced. I don't think I could get 1000 mg of calcium just from food.

  4. You'd be surprised at how many foods contain calcium 🙂 broccoli, oranges…

  5. I was also told by my Dr. that I was low with Vitamin D and he gave me a prescription. I have to admit I felt MUCH better after completing the prescription.

  6. I live way north, so getting Vitamin D in the winter is pretty hopeless.

  7. Try cod liver oil to raise it.. Look in the files it'll explain why supplementing with d is a no no

  8. Ahhh….This may explain some pain that I am having. I think I will stop the vitamin D and see if it gets better.

  9. Does cod liver oil increase vitamin A levels?

  10. Low D = low magnesium. If you get your mag up, your D should also come up

  11. Mag and cal need to be balanced inside the body not from supplements
    Most people have 5x more calcium than magnesium in the body. We want a 1:1 ratio in the body
    Get your calcium from food. Get mag from food and supplements

  12. Agree with all the others. Cal depletes Mag. Despite the fact this product contains Mag, the 5:1 ratio of Cal/Mag will actually leave you with less Mag in the end.

  13. Rebecca Thomas, I second what Jennifer Meyer said. Here are the sources…, download "The Little Black Book of Magnesium," to start off with. While Dr.s advocate the advice given, they don't use the right tests to assess intracellular status of calcium/magnesium. The human diet should have a 1:2 ratio of calcium to magnesium, but modern diets, enriched foods, calcium/vitamim D supplements, have pushed the calcium/magnesium ratio to 5:1.

  14. Also type in vitamin d on gotmag to learn more about that…..there are many other avenues for learning, but I will leave it at those for starters.

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