Working on healing my gut because of Hashimotos


Hi I’m new to GF/DF. I’m working on healing my gut because of Hashimotos. I thought I’ve been doing well with a gluten free diet because I’ve cut out all wheat products but i just realized that gluten in in just about everything as a thickner. ?‍♀️ I’m so overwhelmed right now. so is it safe to say that if it doesn’t say gluten free on the label it’s not? What about things like oatmeal? I understand that the best thing to do is make your own meals and use Whole Foods. Any time-saving advice?

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  1. The hardest thing is figuring out what you react to. I don't have issues with carmel coloring, but some do. The laws are strict on labeling something gluten free. So, use that to start and the rest will come as you gain knowledge. I found the mouthwash I used had gluten, weird. It still frustrates me after 8 years gluten free, but does get easier. Trust your instincts for sure, when in doubt don't risk it. Eating out and at others homes are the hardest!

  2. Oats are not inherently a gluten grain but there is so much cross contamination in the fields and during processing that you need to assume oats have gluten unless they specifically are labelled and certified to be gluten free.

  3. I started with eating Whole Foods for three reasons. It was safe and therefore I felt amazing,cheaper than replacement foods and not complicated. Plain protein, veggie, and starch for me. I didn't add things until I verified they were gluten free. You are going to make mistakes, everyone does. At first it was one a day, then a week, then a month, now I can go months with no problems and when I do have them they are minor. Because the cross contact is so high you want oats that are marked gluten free. There are lots of foods that cross react or mimics the gluten reaction so if you find that you should remove for a month and try again. I had trouble with corn and soy but now in moderation is ok.

  4. Use a Gluten Free app on your phone. That can assist along with the GF label. Whole foods meat, veggie, fruits. Unfortunately, I discovered GF ice cream! Lol

  5. I also have hashimotos and GF/DF is just a start for me. The ultimate goal is an AIP diet which is hard so I'm doing it in steps. Basically you're safe with basic, Whole Foods. Fresh meats/proteins, veggies, fruits, nuts, etc.

  6. What's hashimotos.

  7. You will have to read all labels, wheat and gluten are in soooo many things. Things you wouldn't expect it in.

  8. I've been doing the gf thing for 8 yrs and still have to check labels. It's hard in the beginning but it gets much easier once u get used to it. This and other Facebook groups have helped me a lot!

  9. I have only be gf and dairy free for about 18 months and am also having a difficult time finding things I can have, especially when eating out.When grocery shopping I've been going only with foods that say gluten free. Items like soy sauce or ketchup which I thought were fine aren't so shopping now takes twice as long because I have to read every label. But I'm learning and there are many gluten free recipe sites on facebook which are very helpful

  10. The 4 bottom ones are helpful.

  11. I have the same thing- there is a book called the hashimotos cookbook and diet plan by Karen Frazier. It was the perfect way for me to start to change the way I eat. The recipes are delicious- I love the bacon wrapped chicken! For thickeners she suggests arrowroot – i think my beef stew tastes even better now! And after just one month – they came down on my dose of synthroid!

  12. I have that book it's amazing

  13. I use corn starch to make gravy. Super easy. Mix it with broth of choice and done! Oatmeal is not gluten free. I eat grits in the morning instead of oats.

  14. You can get gluten free oats

  15. Read read read. I dont trust it if it is not specified. Also……..oats, rye and barley in addition to wheat have gluten. I even tried gluten free oats…… No go! Got so sick.

  16. If oats say gluten free they should be gluten free. Surely they can't do false advertising.

  17. I use cornstarch or gluten free brown rice flour to thicken things and it works really well. Good rule to follow is that is has to say gluten free to truly be gluten free. I have a lot of easy recipes on my blog (all gluten free) if you are interested. Please reach out if you have any questions. It's a hard transition at first, but you can do it!! Hang in there!

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