Workout has made you feel soo much better?


Question. I’m actually strarting a workout program this week. I’m super fatigue always and don’t know how I would get thru it but I am. I’m actually worried about feeling worse after. I haven’t worked out in years. Do any of you feel that a workout has made you feel soo much better?

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  1. No. I always suffer after. Therefore I try to do it late in the day even though it’s hard I know I can lay down shortly after

  2. Gosh it’s hard. Sometimes I do well for several weeks with a workout program. Then I crash and I’m down for two. I think all we can do with Hashi’s is keep trying. The only thing I have managed to stick with successfully through the years is walking. But I love to exercise, piyo, weights, cycling, yoga, zumba, swimming, whatever. Don’t expect to follow the same guidelines on the program as everyone else. Listen to your body. If it says one rest day and you need two. Take two.

  3. Yes walking is all I can do anymore!

  4. Thanks. My plan was to do it in the morning. I get too tired later in the day. I wanna sleep. We will see ..

  5. I workout 5 days a week (military so I have no choice) and I think it helps (along with other things) reduce the frequency of my symptoms. Don’t get me wrong – there are days where I am sore or exhausted after the workout but overall I feel great. I recommend trying a variety of exercises to figure out what you can do without feeling worse. Once you do that, keep doing it, pushing through on the “bad” days. All we can ever do is keep trying. Good luck!

  6. If you have adrenal fatigue, cardio may not be the best for you. I would definitely start slow and see how you feel. Try yoga, strength training, lift weights, walking, etc. \nYou can work your way up to more strenuous activity by how you feel. If you feel worse and it takes a long time to recover, back off a bit. A little muscle soreness is not a bad thing, I’m talking about exhausting yourself and not being able to function the rest of the day. Best wishes!

  7. Thanks. I am starting slow. I might collapse lol.

  8. I started working out in Jan… 1-2 yoga classes a week then two days of 20-25 min cardio followed by weights. I never went to the gym before BUT it has helped a lot with my muscle aches! Fatigue well no luck there lol\nI go in the am too bc I’m tired by 1p

  9. Omg yes…..I’m at my worst when I dont work out….. I am super hero when im in the zone.

  10. Yes, each day is a different workout. 1/2 hour. One day is yoga too .. Thanks.

  11. I don’t have trouble working out, it makes me feel better, decreases inflammation for me but I actually lose weight and get a period when I barely exercise, so I think that tells me serious exercise is too taxing on my body or I have adrenal fatigue.

  12. You should check out I am doing my first challenge and her eating plan is right on target for us!! I have finally started to drop weight after battling this for 4 years (and I am a fitness instructor so it’s not like I hadn’t been doing anything)

  13. It makes me feel so much better during the workout but afterwards I get a headache, swollen lymph nodes, red & swollen throat. I basically feel like I’m getting a full on flu after working out. I get really emotional too. Have not figured out a cause or solution yet.

  14. I have felt better (healthier & am building muscle/toning up) by walking regularly and doing some conditioning (core building) exercises…been going to PT for the last two month due to arthritis in neck/knees, however I am now released and free to do what I want. I have felt very fatigued here lately, but continue to push through anyway.

  15. It took my a while even though I am a person who would rather be working than almost anything else. I started my supplements the docs dont tell you about and I started feeling a whole lot better! So now I do workout everyday. Something nice and gentle on the joints so they dont hurt more. Strenuous workouts still wear me out.

  16. I have been exercising for years. My endo insists on it since it regulates hormones and keeps diabetes, heart disease, etc away. When I joined the gym, they had me do the stationary bike and treadmill 15 minutes each 3xs a week. There were days I was too tired to go to gym, but went. I feel better afterwards most times. When I felt tired afterwards it is usually because I did not eat or sleep enough, skipped taking vitamins or thyroid med was too low. Sometimes I feel achy afterwards, which is normal since I am using muscles that I haven’t for long time. Take it slow and add more walking or other exercise when you feel up to it. I am a lap swimmer that usually swims for hour, but was only able to swim 15 minutes for week or two after illness or surgery. I let my body, not my mind dictate how much exercise I can do and work up to doing more.

  17. I would recommend to not exercise until you feel well enough. I tried to push myself when I was feeling terrible and it only made it worse. Concentrate on healing your body and it will tell you when it is the right time to exercise. I now workout 5 days a week. In the meanwhile, just do some stretching on your yoga mat.

  18. Don’t over do it. If you eat right you can do 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise. Try yoga. Lots of beginner videos on YouTube

  19. I am taking this. I feel so much better. I also cut out night shade vegies. A lady on here told me about them. I am so thankful for her!

  20. I work out 3/4 days a week!

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