Would anyone have any natural treatment for CELLULITIS


Would anyone have any natural treatment for CELLULITIS. My wife is the patient, she’s had cellulitis for more than 6 months, she has had 4 courses of antibiotics which have not helped

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  1. Ozone therapy ! So powerful it can reverse the need to amputate. There are many ways it can be utilized. Go to http://www.oxygenhealingtherapies.com to find a doctor from there list that can do this. I am happy to help further guide you as well.

  2. Here's a very informative link with a lot of great suggestions. Tea tree oil, coconut oil, and garlic would be what I'd try first from this list, as well as the silver topically and taking internally 1tsp twice a day. It's all very powerful healing in these. Also, probiotics or legit yogurt/fermented foods to help boost your gut flora and boost your immune system. (you can also get the tea tree oil at the local healt store, and get the coconut oil from the baking aisle at the grocery store with other oils-olive oil would be an ok supplement till you got to the store)

  3. Hi my father suffers from this….best thing I can advise is to keep the area clean & try a good tea tree cream & lots of prohbiotic yoghurt to try & undo any damage to the gut from the antibiotics. Turmeric ( Curcumin) is a fabulous natural anti imflamatory, please join this fb group & ask about Golden Paste Turmeric User Group

  4. Thanks Rebecca Evans

  5. I was going to suggest colloidal silver as well. Tammi, if you're in the States, GNC and most health stores carry it for about $20/bottle. Amazon.com also carries it if you live overseas. Hope this helps!

  6. Ur welcome, same to you

  7. Thanks Tammi Clark for your response, hope u have better days ahead.

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  9. I've asked this question before in this group and got no help. My boyfriend has dissecting cellulitis of the scalp and it's rare so many people don't know about it. He was once on antibiotics. They did not help, made things worse, and his digestive system suffered for it.i haven't found a cure. But from what I've researched you can only manage it so this is tough. Things that have helped that we can afford has been him taking turmeric in water and trying to eat better. There's colloidal silver I mentioned to him but we haven't been able to buy any yet to try. I also read about an oil that's anti inflammatory but until we have more money times stay tough. Antibiotics sent the best I'd avoid them. Good luck wish I could help more. It's about controlling the inflammation.

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