Would iron supplements ever be suggested?


Ok people, talk to me about iron. My last iron panel, done a month ago was insane, after a 3 month bleed left me very depleted. Now from my reading here, it’s best to boost my iron with iron containing foods, increase mag & whole foods c? Would iron supplements ever be suggested? My iron was 2 (5-30), ferritin 28 (30-300) and trf sat 3% (10-45). My np has suggested a low dose iron bisglycinate with 18mg iron.

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  1. Id be interested in your free t3 and reverse t3. In the years I've been involved with Tis I've never seen a zero result. I'm betting thats not right. Whoever did it has not ensured each unit of measurement the same. They Are measured in completely different units and must be converted. Do you have your results to hand?

  2. I agree with Trish Tindal Davies

  3. rT3 303 pmol/ L and Free T3 5.1 pmol/L

  4. Miranda me too !

  5. Lyme, KimMarie?

  6. Your ratio is 16.8 Miranda Brash Brenan

  7. That's actually not too bad-as long as draw was at the same time – same blood:) considering iron is so

  8. Thanks Trish. Now of course I'm going to ask how you worked it out. Meant to be 20 so not sooo bad. Yup blood all at same time.

  9. Your free t3 has to be multiplied by 1000 and divided by your rt3:) I've done hundreds!! If you can improve your iron it night get to 20+ though your free t3 is still best at the very top
    Of the range or even just over:)

  10. Does turmeric help your iron levels? I thought in helped reduce inflamation.

  11. I had that happen to me 5 years ago – bled for 3+ months thought I was going to have a heart attack and/or die – went to the Dr and my hemoglobin was 4.9 I don't know how I walked to the Dr office. Had 4 blood transfusions and the Dr told me I needed to have a hysterectomy ( I was sad because I really didn't want to go that route though but I would have if it was the only option) SO guess what!? I fixed myself !!!!! and didn't have to get a hysterectomy and I'm 53 and am back on regular cycles! Here's what I did – I started eating like Blood type O should after reading the book Eating Right for Your Blood Type, started experimenting with various forms of magnesium ( I had learned I was low) and finally got the right Combo with the cofactors, started iodine(in the form of kelp) and Milk Thistle for my liver, started lifting weights stopped drinking coffee, decided I wasn't getting enough sun so I started tanning for increased Vit D still doing great – occasionally I go renegade and eat a few things that my blood type shouldn't but not often. I think Magnesium helped tremendously I'm glad I know how important it is for many aspects of maintaining our health!

  12. I second the liquid iron. After a labour hemorrhage I was very anemic. I got my levels up in a week or so.

  13. My health store guy recommended Hemaplex, says it's consistent in results in blood tests. I've given it to my husband and 2 friends and their weakness and low energy and dizziness upon standing all went away very quickly!
    Remember to avoid coffee and tea and pop!
    I've never heard of liquid iron.

  14. Wow Teresa, that's very encouraging. I am also Blood Type O – looked at the diet a few years but but didn't try ( I do much better with meat though which from memory was the cornerstone). I heard seaweed wasn't a well absorbed form but interesting it worked for you. I really need it but I hear of the massive detoxes people get & it scares me. Mag will be key for me. Still to test but am sure will be low. Testing d too – I have a gene that means I don't absorb vit d well. So that is proving a bit elusive to how to address.

  15. Tracey what liquid iron did you use? All the ones so far have something in them I can't take!

  16. Miranda- NO ONE absorbs Vit D well – it messes everything up in your body – sunlight (or tanning beds) and magnesium helps your body make the perfect amount of Activated Vit D from the cholesterol in your skin and turns it into cholecalciferol and stores it in your liver and kidneys until you need it!!! Cool huh?

    And KELP is highly beneficial for blood type O – which is probably one of the reasons why so many of us type Os have undiagnosed thyroid problems

  17. Turmeric lowers iron

  18. Yeah no go for liquid iron…and the ones i have come across here have gluten in them and too much other added ingedients…kelp isnt it to be wary of these days with so much radiation leaching into the sea from fukushima? ?

  19. Oh really that tumeric lowers iron? Is that 100% sure as was taking it from my naturopath and may explain my decline in health ?

  20. 100 % sure turmeric lowers iron

  21. Okay will tell him this…hmm

  22. Must take whole foods vit C for body to absorb iron from foods or sups

  23. I thought it was chili powder not turmeric that lowers iron ???

  24. Milk thistle will lower iron also

  25. I best read up on herbs again…

  26. I have learned the hard way!! If u have trouble absorbing iron !! Which we do !! I stopped tumeric and milk thistle took floradix liq

  27. Oops. And took vit c and finally got my ferritin up to 60

  28. Where as before I was taking iron supp from de for over a year with no improvement

  29. Iam speaking from experience

  30. Miranda Brash Brenan
    Pls be very careful sorting thru the many comments & opinions ^^^^…

    Caeruloplasmin status is a MUST to know how to proceed. And know that when your blood markers are showing LOW, there's a very good chance your Liver, Brain, Pancreas, Joints & Kidney have been STORING the Iron that is NOT getting into Transport & Storage proteins for LACK OF Cp! Again, ALL is not as it seems…

    Be very careful & be sure to focus on that wholefood Vit-C…

    A votre sante!

  31. Kathryn Dillon

  32. Ok another reason not to take turmeric!

  33. The oxalates in turmeric. That can impair iron absorption are easily degraded to a great extent by cooking. Making the paste cooked gently in oil and water will greatly reduce oxalate content.

  34. Turmeric is never supposed to be taken as it is in powder form. Cook with it or make curry paste using oil & black peppers that enhances its absorption too.
    No curcumin capsules either.

  35. There's a good chance your iron levels are affected by many things….

    Tumeric doesn't necessarily impair iron absorption….

    Tumeric enhances the effects of single thiols….single thiols move mercury around in the body without guaranteeing it's excretion.

    A mercury toxic body naturally keeps iron low to protect itself from oxidative stress.

    So…maybe it's mercury.

  36. Pull up and look at all of this from a much broader perspective….

  37. There are some great natural iron supplements, including spirulina, liver capsules ( if you can't eat it) and chlorella. Be careful of manufactured supplements. They can be poisonous.

  38. Well, I am taking spirulina.

  39. For those seeking to get past the glib banter of FB, please read the following:

    Ceruloplasmin & two other MCOs (Multi-Copper Oxidases) are KEY to proper absorption, transport & use of Iron in the body.

    Can Mercury gum these works?… Of course it can, but it seems to have its greatest impact in bodies that have LOW usable Copper AND HIGH unbound Iron. (These DUAL States are a function of LOW Liver production of Ceruloplasmin for many, many different reasons…) These dysyfunctional Cu/Fe bodies are the ones being created in a post-1984! Era with:
    o HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)
    o Glyphosate (RoundUp)
    o Increased Vaccine schedules
    o Modified Hg Amalgams (1982)
    o and likely others we've yet to learn…
    that ALL create LOW Liver Copper AND HIGH Liver Iron — a recipe for unchecked Oxidative Stress that CREATES chronic disease & is a dream setting for Hg atoms.

    This then begs the question: Do we "attack" the Guest (Hg) or "strengthen" the Host (Liver/Adrenals) to re-balance these vital transition minerals & enable optimal, natural biological function… There are choices in this world.

    A votre sante!

  40. I take tumeric circumin if I have cramps and it helps….? I should get rid of it?

  41. Fix digestion and the minerals will take care of themselves.

  42. Thanks all, great thread! Glad I asked the question. I understand way more now.

  43. My ferritin is low and I was going to start supplementing ferrous gluconate like my doctor recommended, but now I want to get my Ceruloplasmin checked and maybe copper. What's the best way to do this if I don't want to hit up my doctor?

  44. Elizabeth, in the US you have a few options: Canary Club or http://requestatest.com/

  45. The sugar is unprocessed & I don't feel any weird buzz from taking it. I tend to have tsps through the day, so spread out if you don't want a sugar hit.

  46. Thanks, Miranda Brash Brenan!

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