Would Stevia be a good?


Would Stevia be a good sweetener substitute for someone fighting cancer?

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  1. stay the hell away from any kind of sugar, it's like adding kerosene to a fire.

  2. Stevia is from the leaves of a plant from South America. it creates a sweet sensation at the taste buds, but has NO glycemic impact on the body -. Use very little to start (a grain or drop at a time) to reach your desired sweetness. Too much will taste bitter or licoricey. Avoid commercial brands that have been mixed with artificial sweeteners (which are poison to the body).

  3. Cancer can't use stevia it is fine! Just stay away from most of the others that are not plants And choose a stevia without fillers.

  4. Cancer loves sugars of ALL kinds.

  5. My condolences to both of U's

  6. SORRY, MINE TOO!!!!!

  7. I agree no sugar fruit etc.
    I tried to.keep sweets away from my
    Husband the more I did and less he got the more he craved it.
    Unfortunately he has gone home to our lord.

  8. I use stevia as a sweetner in my green tea every day. I had breast cancer, lost my left breast. However, I never took radiation or chemo. To learn what I do take, read my book "IT'S IN HIS HANDS. A video trailer can be viewed on godtube.com.

  9. a for sure Grammy Day — i amaze myself often taking care of my grands — i am glad the diaper stage is over tho. I have 7 and youngest is 5 — Your story brought back MANY memories —– You go Awesome Grandma !!!

  10. i think i read this somewhere you can also use this plant as a birth control.not 100% sure do your research

  11. I think I'm going to find a stevia plant online and use the leaves.

  12. Raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized honey is extremely healing as well as a wonderful sweetener

  13. I've never tried it to my knowledge I'll have to try it soon.

  14. I read some research on Stevia over twelve months ago. Having grown it,dried it and a user of stevia I'm not sure I would consume it if I had cancer. The research I read suggested more research needs to be done but what was discovered was that stevia possibly kills some good gut bacteria Causing an imbalance in gut flora. As a treat in a healthy person it probably would make little difference.

  15. Muscle test it and test them all

  16. I agree with Brenda Burey. Look up Dr. Robert Morse on youtube. 🙂

  17. Yes. Stevia is a good, healthy sweetener.

  18. Just grow your own stevia plant and harvest the leaves.

  19. Tomatoes

  20. I agree that the sugar from fruit (and also veggies-fruits like carrots and beets) are necessary and not bad like refined sugars. Otherwise, there would not be cures found in grapes, gravoila, sour soup, pinnapple, carrots, probably a lot more. Any other cancer fighting fruits out there?

  21. stevia from the plant may be helpful but it hard to find, the stuff found in the grocery stores is so refined it is like white sugar. for all cancer patients is it strongly advisable to avoid anything that has sugar or turns into sugar in the body including wheat,corn,soy,white sugar. they all feed cancer and will make it spread or come back. if a sweetener must be had , local raw honey unfiltered would be best as it has medicinal properties like antibiotic,antiviral,and so much more.

  22. If we don't correct what •metabolizes sugar were not doing what we must to help begin the freeing process.

    •Adrenal glands

  23. use only non processed sugars . you are right brenda eating fruits organic and also organic honey does no harm .it the processed sugar that are aliens in our bodies

  24. Sorry Brenda..WRONG!!…natural fruits and sugars all feed Cancer!…and fructose found in these is actually poisonous to the liver it cannot assimilate fructose!

  25. There is nothing wrong with real sugars of the earth, honey, maple syrup, blackstrap mollassas, and yes fruits, they are all simple sugars and do not harm the pancreas and liver…. Fruit sugars are carbons and we need carbons like we need oxygen…. Google Dr. Morse….

  26. Amorangi Tawahai – That was very rude & disrespectful! Be supportI've, caring & considerate, we all start from different places & have our own journeys!

  27. Everything you eat turns into glucose in the body 😉

  28. I'm not an expert but from what I have researched cancer loves sugar, fructose or sucrose it's all sugar so keep away from all of it. Even stevie.

  29. Amorangi Tawhai you are being inappropriate to this site. We keep this site supportive and respectful to each other. Your manners are not according to the standards we agree to.

  30. Stevia does not react to my body like sugars, or honey does. I have been told that it is okay.

  31. Sometimes they add erythritol as an ingredient to stevia. Erythritol is a man made chemical shitstorm. Make sure its raw organic stevia. But I agree with other comments.
    1)Cut out ALL sugars.
    2)Thoughts create reality.
    I don't believe in 'God', but I believe in the power of prayer. I've known a few people whose tumors have disappeared after having many caring folks pray for them.
    I am sending healing, positive thoughts your way.

  32. I was told any sugars whether it's fruit or raw honey that it's still sugar to the body. The body doesn't know the difference & it will still feed the cancer. This was told to me by a Nutritionist/Natrapath-Irodoloigist. She does dry & live blood tests as well. My son is off all sugars including fruits, raw honey etc for 12wks. It's feeding the parasites in his blood.

  33. Honey and fruit sugars also feed cancer – http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3fM9o72ykww

  34. Raw organic honey

  35. What about fruit? the sugar from that seems okay. I have cut out everything else except honey.

  36. Stevia does not send your body out of ketosis which is what you want to be in when fighting cancer. Any type of sugar including carbohydrates will feed cancer.

  37. Honey I'd best , and if you buy LOCAL HONEY ( at a fruit stand etc) it's pollinated by local bees so it helps build immunities to viruses etc going around. Helps anxiety too. Soo many countless pro's with local honey. Tastes GREAT in coffee and smoothies too.

  38. We use Honey……Usually Raw but if you are neurtorpenic, you have to use the processed honey.

  39. We use brown rice syrup for sweetner

  40. Any studies anybody's heard of done on sugar alcohols and cancer ? Like does cancer feed off alcohol sugars or are they too much and or beneficial to one with cancer.basically wines and tequila

  41. Agave should be ok though but probably with a catalyst to go with it like some other food or drink

  42. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the comments very much.

  43. Many bees are fed corn syrup in the winter, lots of honey out there isn't so great for you, even raw. I grow stevia in my backyard, its a plant, all natural. When it dries I put the leaves in a grinder to make powder. Voila!

  44. Is Stevia just from a plant? I am questioning because it is reading on the information that it isn't an artificial sugar substitute.

  45. The food industry has Jedi mind tricked us that sugar is bad well it's definitely one of our systems building blocks watermelon and other fruits have good sugars I believe the unprocessed foods with sugar are good in balance.raw sugar is bad plain and simple.but phenylalanine zero cal I sugar beverages and foods are absolutely poison phenylalanine causes brain cancer absolutely avoid any and all artificial sweeteners

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