Would these results be a case to donate blood?


Now I have accurate iron panel – would these results be a case to donate blood?
Ferritin – 155 μg/L;ng/mL (optimal 20-50)
S-Iron – 15 μmol/L (optimal 18)
TIBC – 53 μmol/L (optimal 51)
Transferrin saturation – 28%

This is the first time ferritin is so low – and still I have been supplementing with iron for the past couple of months (recommended by a nutritionist I’ve been to see)!? Really I cannot figure this out at all!
I have this nasty inflammation I have been trying to get rid of. Not succeeding. Its getting wrose so I thought my levels would have been MUCH vorse.

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  1. Supplementing with iron is totally not recommended here but I think you know that. Excess iron causes inflammation.

    You may eat 4 to 6 oz. of grass fed beef liver a week.

    Have you had the recommended blood work?

  2. Your ferritin is low at 155? What on earth was it before, hell Ive just got mine down to 78

  3. No I know about iron supplementation and my gut feeling was not to do it – but I wanted to give her a try, because I was "stuck" =/
    First time Ferritin was checked it was 361, last October 206.

  4. So its coming down, good, donating will help

  5. Is there a reason, in a disease like ALS(which I've been diagnosed with recently), that the body hangs on to iron? I mean, the body will do things to save life, like mount a fever. Most people suppress it, when fever is actually the body's way to heal. Of course, it can get out of hand if not attended to. Is there anything of the sort like that going on with iron, Morley Robbins? A symptom, in other words, and could venesection ever be a problem for some?

  6. My ferritin was 370

  7. Linda McKinney Baker
    You developed ALS as a RESULT OF Copperx3C>Iron Dysregulation…

    I can assure you that the Mineral Dysregulation PRECEDED this clinical sign of metabolic dysfunction LOOOONG before the diagnosis was made.

    Yes, the body does CREATE a fever under times of illness, but THAT is to destroy the enzymes that the Pathogens use to try to STEAL OUR IRON as they MUST have it to replicate and flourish…

    Hope that makes sense to you…

    A votre sante!

  8. And you would say that vitamin c IV 's will only make it worse?

  9. And since my body doesn't create fevers anymore, should I do near infrared saunas?

  10. I had an iv yesterday with 30 grams. I felt chilled , nauseous and anxious all night. Didn't sleep well. Some would argue that's a herx

  11. Ascorbic acid (synthetic C) is strongly discouraged and contributes to iron excess.

  12. I've asked this question before in this forum before and didn't get a satisfactory answer. What would Thomas Levy say in regards to the argument about vitamin c? The Riordan clinic, with which he is closely associated, does these IV's seemingly with great success….?

  13. Linda McKinney Baker
    You're asking wonderful questions that would form the basis of an engaging and important consultation…

    Practitioners that use HIGH dose Ascorbic Acid are relying on the increased acidity of that concoction. It make NO SENSE to me, but what do I know?… 😉 I would invite Robert Thompson, MD to lend his extraordinary expertise on this topic — for the upteenth time…

    A votre sante!

    P.S. I would STRONGLY encourage you to the get the FULL Monty Iron Panel to find out the TRUTH of your Copperx3C>Iron metabolism that I'm confident is out of kilter and needs dedicated correction…


  14. Yes- how does the body "get rid of" iron from blood?
    Its pushing it into the tissues?
    I can feel now, after eating 2 months iron supplementation (wich I should NOT have done) that my muscles are really stiff and I have lots what we call "lactic acid" in the big muscles groups. I can hardly move!!! =(

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