Would you think it is the sea salt?


Random question but I’ve noticed that when I’m at the ocean on vacation that without even trying I run approx 1 minute per mile faster than I do at home (this is a significant amt for me and would never just happen at home). I’ve been fatigued for about 10 years now and the more I run, the slower I get. Frustrating! I’m so tired lately that I can hardly go on a walk let alone run. Was wondering if the ocean held the secret to what I am lacking/ what is wrong with me since I do so much better there. Would you think it is the sea salt??

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  1. Not as much pollutants in the air to hamper your breathing would be my first guess…the salt in the air would also be a good guess I would think. Our body needs salt but not the overly processed crap that's in our food supply so maybe that's it.

  2. Could be iodine inhalation too

  3. A number of health and exercise experts say running is one of the worst exercises for longevity, as it produces a lot of "free radicals

  4. Do you live at a higher altitude?

  5. Jonathan Black yes I run on the beach when at the ocean. Jennifer Highfield Castro no I don't live at a higher altitude. Thank you for all your input!

  6. there is something about salt water and beach that makes me feel better……….

  7. Well i want to run on the beach and I'm not even a runner. Personally, as much as anything i think it's the feeling of the great expanse + something about the sand. That could have as much to do with your faster time as anything else. Maybe even the way your body moves on sand instead of other surfaces. But for sure, whether, ions, iodine, cleaner air or whatever, there is something energizing about the beach

  8. The ocean is a portal and gives out energy, just like the Grand Canyon and Sedona Arizona.

  9. Last winter we spent a week on the beach in Cancun. I felt so much better that week. While I don't run (bad knees) I just love "wave hopping". I can spend hours in that water crashing over and thru the waves.

  10. A lot of these comments make sense to me.. I am fortunate enough to live half hour from Jax beach, and although I haven't had the energy to work out this year, I used to go there and run once a week. I never enjoyed running, and running on sand is challenging, but I always seemed to do better oceanside. I may need to start making the drive down just to walk and feel refreshed again.

  11. Sulfur. See Dr. Stephanie Seneff's work on sulfur deficiency. Groundbreaking.

  12. I ran in the damp sand that was neither too dry nor too wet…Makes me regret that I am mired in the Midwest.

    I enjoyed this book on the mechanics of human feet, and how our bodies were "meant" to run. Interesting that running shoes have gone back to more minimalist designs in recent years, as all the high- tech, thick-soled versions have not proven to be beneficial. I'd live to be able to jog barefoot on the beach again…

  13. I love the beach! I wanna live there. I can't convince my hubby to move. I breathe and feel so much better when I'm there.

  14. It's the negative ions (which are actually quite positive!)

  15. The crashing waves help me relax

  16. Run where there are sidewalks. The cracks in the sidewalks will give you referance. Try different technec's,. If they work you will know by the cracks in sidealk. Roll your outer toes out and get on the balls of your feet. IF NOT, run to a bar, I'm alway's faster that way

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