Zinc and magnesium time distance?


Ok folks. This question has possibly been asked before but I have searched the files and cannot find an answer.

What is a safe time distance apart to take zinc and magnesium safely. My hair and nails are growing very slowly and are in very poor condition. I am trying to improve with zinc. Any advice would be appreciated. I am not a scientist just a normal person after advice and I know how knowledgable you all are. Thanks

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  1. As does pumpkin seeds 🙂

  2. My first comment went missing…. Mother Nature provides the together in shell fish.

  3. My nails have improved since adding 250mg mag alone.
    Im amazed!

  4. I drink wine and my hair and nails grow like wild fire lol

  5. New to taking magnesium and all of this. Why can't but be taken at the same time as zinc?

  6. For effectiveness Zinc is often rec. alone at night with not too much food recent. I don't think it works against Mg.- more Copper levels.b

  7. Keep them 6 to 8 hours apart.

  8. How will that work Hemant if we drink mag water or remag throughout the day and maybe take a mag supplement to get to our mg of body weight per day?

  9. If you want sunshine to enter your house, you need to keep a window.

  10. That would mean you could only have one mag supp or zinc per day, you would have to wait 12-16 hours for another? Mag 4am zinc noon mag 8pm would be 8 hours apart?

  11. Yes. It has a good window period. Calcium too needs to be taken in this manner . But first, you need to get your hTMA test done Patsy Matheny and Works N Dirt.

  12. Yep just had my second consult with Morley about a month ago.

  13. I'm just curious because I have not seen anything saying to take them far apart, I take them together and kinda can't space them out that far if you do mag water and topical etc because your putting mag in all day. That's what I was told was to take each periodically through the day, every 4 ish hours.

  14. I take my zinc before I go to bed. So that would be about a couple hours after I have either taken a mag supp or finished mag water or remag

  15. I had been taking them together!

  16. Lol thanks folks. I'm still not very clear but will take zinc before bed and magnesium in morning afternoon and supper time. Using mag-a-hol Hermant also thank you and it works wonders. Just wanted to increase zinc without compromising maggie

  17. Don't forget if taking much Zinc [~50 mg/day] to get tested and include some copper if needed. [Cp needs referral for this]bbbbb

  18. No I'm only taking 10 a day and just started

  19. On that amount on average I drifted over -range. But we're all different lifestyles.b The biggest in my armoury is 20mg – & with Selenium.

  20. What you take 20mg with selenium. I have bile acid malabsorbtion, coeliac, b12 def and graves induced hypothyroidism. I'm trying to get all my levels up. I'm doing well but struggling with hair and nails. Nails just crack and split

  21. To do with Iodine protocol- but I'm high on both right now with inadequate tests available -so resting up a bit. i don't mind being a bit over as such. Standard range levels are so low and always drifting down.bbbbb with the state of ground depletions.bb i really need to work on adrenals before moving forward on HypoT, myself.

  22. I allow 2-4 hours between minerals.

    Bedtime is reserved for thyroid meds…that's what I'm most careful with.

  23. My thyroid are morning and afternoon. I don't convert T4 so on NDT. Just finished an adrenal support programme and inject b12 several times monthly for neuro symptoms. Must admit I'm on brain overload and living in Spain so the language barrier is stressful when it comes to meds. I'm just muddling along as best I can. Got some organic zinc 10mg tabs and don't want to waste absorption with other vitamins and minerals

  24. I take 50 mg of Zinc in the AM and Mg in afternoon and bed time.

  25. Weak nails is a sign of hydrochloric acid insufficiency in the stomach (which actually leads to a deficiency in all minerals, not just zinc). Try taking Betaine HCl with meals to help breakdown your proteins properly and ionize your minerals. Using real salt (Celtic, Himalayan) can help your body make more stomach acid. I've also found silica is great for nails. You can supplement with BioSil or diatomaceous earth.

  26. Thank you Katie. I use the Himalayan rock salt already. My minerals are almost rock bottom. I did use silica and boron but not been able to get more since we've been here. I did find a fabulous vitamin shop a few days ago so I will go check it out. What is diatomaceous earth though. Am off to do some reading and check out betaine HCI as well

  27. This wiki article doesn't really mention nutritional uses, however. Always use food grade DE. It is used against parasites (it shreds them) and as a source of silica, which is needed to make healthy tissues.

  28. Thank you. I think I just read the same article but it's good to know we found the same source. I will be trying in the new year happy New Year to you all and thanks for helping

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