Zinc makes me incredibly nauseous


Zinc makes me incredibly nauseous and I often actually do throw up. Is there any type of zinc or way for me to get zinc that won’t cause nausea?

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  1. Have you tried taking your zinc with food?

  2. Don't take it unless you get tested and see if actually need it.

  3. Are you taking after you've eaten? I have that reaction on an empty stomach, even the cough drops with zinc.

  4. I do need it. I have tried with food. It's better, but still some nausea.

  5. I figured out when it makes me nauseas I need copper with it. Even with food, if it's too much zinc, I get a specific queasy feeling.

  6. It's possible you might have excess copper in your system as zinc is antagonistic to copper and causes the body to dump any excess, there's a good article on the Weston A. Price website.


    Personally I wouldn't take the supps unless I was working with someone who has experience with this sort of thing. The body is complex and it's possible it could be something else as well.

  7. My company, Grown By Nature, offers an organic, wholefood nonGMO form of Zinc & Copper that will not cause nausea. Most often the case of nausea is related to the synthetic properties/chemical properties of the zinc, as is the case with most synthetic or isolated forms, as they are not the same type of zinc our bodies receive from food. Our form of zinc has also been shown not only to absorb better, but retain and be utilized within the body better as well

  8. I do have excess copper. Is it true that zinc is used to help correct that?

  9. But is it bioavailable? Adequate ceruloplasmin? You may need to start really low and slow and work on cp.

  10. This is a question for Morley Robbins.

  11. It is. I have to do my phone consult with morley. I'd like to figure out a way to record it though. I know I won't remember everything he tells me.

  12. Excess copper usually refers to heavy metal copper, which is also referred to as "unbound" copper. The copper I am speaking of is protein-bound, as you would find in a potato and almost every other plant sourced food on the planet.

  13. Lisa, I would still wait and ask Morley.

  14. Remember… there are two forms of Copper: Bound (the good stuff) and unbound (the other kind). So, just saying Copper doesn't tell the whole story.

  15. Zinc made me nauseous, too, when I took it. I would take it before bed and try to fall asleep before the nausea kicked in.

  16. TA Carmichael, I'm not sure if the bioavailability question was to me about our Zinc, but if it was, Yes! all of our nutrients are highly bioavailable. Here is a study performed on our Zinc, conducted at the University of Scranton by Department of Chemistry, Joseph A Vinson : http://gbn.grownbynature.com/zincbio.pdf

  17. Yes, I get the 2 kinds, but I'll have to read a little more info about them. And I'll definitely add it to my list of morley questions.

  18. Jason, no it wasn't but thanks for the information.

  19. Ok, your question came almost immediately after I posted. Most welcome

  20. Cooked oysters.

  21. Jacey Nash that is the best study I've read in forever u posted above. TY!

  22. You are welcome. 🙂

  23. Zinc makes you nauseous if you have a severe b6 deficiency. In that case, take it at night before bed. Once you get your b6 up, you will stop getting nauseous and can take anytime

  24. I've tried 3 different types of zinc and the Grown by Nature one is the only one that doesn't make me nauseous.

  25. Jyothi Crasto

  26. I take a lot of zinc citrate and take it after food.

  27. Take it during the meal not on an empty stomach.

  28. Zinc picolonate doesn't make me feel nauseous. I take zinc 15 by Pure encapsulations.

  29. From foods will not hurt your stomach

  30. I've been taking zinc for a while now. I've come to the discovery that if I take it with a grain free meal, no nausea. If I take it with grain, it's like the phytic acid makes a war against the zinc in my belly. Lol. I also split my dose between morning and night.

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